The rainy July, uncertainty and assumptions

Summer never disappoints, even when there’s more rain than in the fall or more heat than in Mexico. Just knowing, that the days are long, and light stays on longer is so satisfying. Recurring certainty gives a feeling of stability, but we are not yet 100% there in Ontario. We are fairly uncertain also about the length of vaccine efficiency and what happens next and so forth. Questions which will clarify themselves as time passes by.

The last 2 years have been a huge test: they have tested our patience, endurance, tolerance and self-efficiency. I am usually aiming for predictability and certain order of upcoming events, just like in nature: summer comes after spring, and then there’s fall, and winter. Clarity, simple sequence of events. During this period, it’s been knowing nothing about what to expect, misinformation, lies, doubts and promises which often didn’t turn into actions.

Time doesn’t take into account whether we like being in this mess created by virus or not: it just runs away and, in some cases, – out. This time period will stay in our memory for quite a while. Is the pandemic over yet? In some places and countries, it seems we are winning, and then, a new variant occurs, and we start losing. It looks like this is not the end of pandemic yet. I wish it were, though.

Are you also so much used to wearing a mask that it will seem strange leaving house without it? Or disinfecting surfaces and washing hands for hundred times? I’ve heard that people are having more anxiety attacks, more upsetting days, spending more time doubting themselves and the future. I’d say that is normal taking into account the circumstances. We feel very much entitled to many things and we often take them for granted.

Maybe this is a time when we simply allow the flow to take us? I’ve been always against the flow, against the rules, against demands, commands and external control. However, I find that most current requirements make sense and I comply with them. There is a lot of scientific evidence on how we survive. I’m happy that after spending more than a full month on a computer and on the phone, we finally got both vaccine doses. It’s three weeks now. It is a relief. Some feeling of order? I’m not saying that I feel very safe now, but it’s somewhat reassuring that, most likely, nothing bad is going to happen.

We are not back to any normal yet, although, we’re trying to pretend everything is ok. It will never be the same as it was pre-pandemic. Globalization has its plusses and minuses. One of the biggest troubles: any disaster affecting health becomes global in no time. Unfortunately, global trade is fine, global pandemic – not at all because it is handled inefficiently and as bad as only possible. Do two doses of vaccine ensure you’re done with the virus? Probably not. We’ve already heard Pfizer saying they detected the immunity was weaker after 6 months.

Depending on where you are, you might be fine or not at all. We in Ontario are trying to return to life without virus. I hoped people would love to attend the outdoor art classes now, after almost two years of everything online. It doesn’t seem so. Not much response because there’s also no place where to get attention, not even one specific place. Facebook just wants me to spend more money so that they would show to somebody what I publish. Well, Facebook, it’s been two very tough years, so nothing goes to you. I won’t even mention other media sites. If you’re not an influencer, post whatever you want, hardly anybody will see it. The problem is also that everybody is selling something, and buying happens mostly from the huge global outlets, go outcompete those.

I was reading how a marketing expert said she just made a million giving advice. Have you also noticed that teaching somebody to make money always results in high profits? Everybody is attracted to read about “make-money-quick”, or watch it, or listen to it. Unfortunately, it will always depend on your location, digitalization level, type of thing you do, demand for what you do and the basic mindset of your potential customers. However, it will mostly depend on how much you can invest in what you do, how much you can spend on advertising, help and specialists and creation of your product. Do you think I’d had any problem if I could run my ads every hour on numerous TV channels or have them everywhere sneak up on you on the internet?

The presence and visibility are the biggest problem.

When I started writing this blog and created the other blog and art website, I thought it would result in some extra attention. I’ve got blog friends, nice people to talk to online, that’s true. I spend a lot of time posting, returning likes and answering to comments. For art blog, a post usually takes about 2 weeks in making because I usually have to paint what I’d like to show, then take photos (what a hassle!) and then, putting it up is easy, but, altogether – very, very time-consuming. Basically, I’ve spent abnormal hours dealing with both blogs, and return is great when it comes to online following and friendships, but financially, it’s practically nothing to show for. It still makes sense compared to spending many hours on social media and not getting any traction. Well, it is like this: whatever you do, be influencer and famous, and then even dumb things you say or publish will get lots of publicity.

Global pandemic, global competition, global trade, global profits or losses, – but the effects of all that are very personal, very individual, very painful frequently. I do sometimes long for the time when somebody just drops in, they are happy with what I have to offer, they do not run around to 100 other places before making decision, and life is so simple because everything is in balance, everything happens. I am just wondering how could life become so complex? Getting a simple “yes” or “no” is practically impossible. It takes numerous emails, text messages, back and forth, numerous explanations and waste of time, and then you still don’t know whether you achieved what you wanted.

As always, I will post this very delayed article with a few pictures from my garden. Just like summer, garden never disappoints. Even when I don’t have time, plants just do their thing: they bloom, grow and bring fruit. Compared to everything else, it’s such a winning and rewarding effort. I do take great care of my pictures, but I suppose since I’m not emphasizing the photography aspect, they go unnoticed. As you know, I used to post more frequently, but cannot right now: life is too complex. I am re-opening the studio, moving art classes outdoors, preparing materials, and that takes about 10 hours a day or more.

Wishing you to recharge and rest during the summer! Thanks for reading if you did!

37 thoughts on “The rainy July, uncertainty and assumptions

  1. I can relate to so many of your thoughts and feelings, Inese! Our Covid numbers have spiked in July, so I really don’t feel like anything has changed, still wearing my mask when near people, avoiding all unnecessary outings. Thank goodness for my art and blogging to keeping me distracted! 😊

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    1. Thanks Tiffany! We are required to wear masks still in Ontario.
      I don’t go out much, just setting up the outside studio for next week’s classes.
      Blog definitely makes one feel as if life goes on since it’s like it used to be: all blog friends are right here as always.
      I think we cannot be sure about what happens next. The numbers in many countries are scary. maybe we are in for a long haul, who knows.
      Have a nice Sunday evening!

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  2. You have given me much to think about, Inese. I agree, the world has shifted and things will never be the same again. Pandora’s box has been opened and we no longer can claim that we are unaware of what is happening around us. The earth groans under the weight of humanity and we now face the specter of climate change. Even the most skeptical now recognizes that we must respond to the challenges ahead. Our June heat wave in British Columbia was a tipping point for many. Knowing that the permafrost in the Northwest Territories is melting is a sign of what is to come. But as I view the photos for your garden, I feel a sense of hope and resilience that comes from creativity – art, poetry, dance, writing, music. It is the artists that hold the key to renewal – it has always been so….

    I find the proliferation of “marketing” ads that promise outlandishly positive results to be a reminder that being consistent, connecting with kindred spirits and staying true to our creative endeavours will lead to profound outcomes and a sense of well-being. I love your posts and the follow-up conversations.

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    1. Much of effort to save Earth and nature is a just talk, and that’s why we need to do something about it. One individual is a water drop in the ocean, but still, when we buy less things which we do not need, when we grow whatever we can (and so many can), when we do not pollute, but rather clean, we contribute to the global wellbeing, although, the things we do won’t be noticed as huge success, but eventually, they bring results.
      Lots is done for politics and for show-off and just to make it look like there’s an attempt to work in the right direction.
      Thankfully, we do not experience a terrible heat this season and there are no wildfires where I live. I see on news how horrible these disasters have become. Wildfires used to be the forest cleaning service, but when they rage out of control and push people out of their homes, it’s just too much. How do we hold the huge corporations accountable? How do we put pressure on local governments to start seeing human future beyond profits? Economy as important as it is has become enemy No. 1 because whatever way you look, so much is sacrificed for profit. You are saying, heat wave was a tipping point, and it’s lucky that most of us survive whatever nature disaster comes our way. For how long, though?
      It’s not only ads, unfortunately, it’s a big portion of internet space, not surprisingly such blogs get extra high number of hits.
      I simply am done with competing for something at any price. I am only doing now what I like, but that comes at a price: no financial gains, yet, bills are extra high, rent is absurd and medical expenses keep me thinking: how can that be?
      Have a good Sunday evening!

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      1. I’m with you on the idea of competition as well as water drops. Organic growth may be slow but it has marvelous results. I want to be a drop that adds to all of the other drops! Thank you for an excellent discussion.

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  3. Congratulations on moving your art back outside and re-opening the classes! Best of luck with moving forward from here on!
    So much has changed over the last two years. In all our waiting, with the lack of any noticeable progress in many aspects of life.. routine, structure, stability. All of these things have come in to question. Still. We have started to adapt.
    And we, like your beautiful garden, will continue to grow and flourish in our own ways.
    Be well!

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    1. Thanks very much Sheri!
      Garden is the one thing which is doing great.
      Moving the classes outside is a good idea, especially, taking into account how picturesque it looks out here. It was a lot of work, like really day after day for many hours. Now, I can finally return to painting since there was no chance to do that while I moved everything around and adjusted.
      Currently, the response is very weak. I will see what happens later. I gets quite cold in October, so basically, I have 2 months.
      It would be nice we could put the struggles behind us, but we will have to see how about that.
      Have a good week!

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      1. You’re always so welcome, Inese!
        I bet it’s such a wonderful setting to tap into your creativity from, especially surrounded by so much life and growth, it has to be much more comfortable than being stuck inside.
        I’m so glad you’ll get time to paint! Best of luck with it and I can’t wait to see what you come up with next!
        And two months can go by pretty quickly but.. perhaps this autumn will be mild and you can enjoy more time outside.
        Soon this will be yesterday’s problem.. we’ll find some sort of balance.
        Thank you, you too, and stay safe!

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      2. Thanks Sheri!
        I liked the idea and also the fact that it is much safer outdoors. However, 1 week was great, then it was rainy and now it’s an absurd heat wave, so not much use of it. Garden is suffering a bit, too, but they promised Friday we are back in a normal temperature zone.
        I certainly hope for a mild fall weather. last year we had the first frost on Nov 5. I felt so sorry about plants. Most of them would have gone even longer.
        We have to be very careful, as it appears being fully vaccinated doesn’t prevent from getting the virus.
        Well, hope for the best and you know what they say.
        I hope you’re careful and all things are good at your place!

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      3. You’re welcome!
        The weather has been all over the place these last couple of years, hopefully we’ll see it find a good balance soon, everything is suffering from it.
        I know a hurricane is expected our way next week so we’ll be seeing a lot of rain and temperature fluctuations.
        Agreed! I am right there with you in hoping this winter is milder. I’m shocked you were able to keep anything alive after what the northern areas faced last year.
        The issues with the vaccine, sadly, don’t surprise me.. it takes more time than anyone’s had to create something like that. It would have been nice had it worked like they thought but, man, viruses are ruthless.
        I really appreciate the consideration, that’s so kind of you, and I hope you’re staying safe too!

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      4. The weather and climate impact gets more serious by day, unfortunately. Cannot rely on any forecasts, as well.
        It’s amazing it was possible to develop any vaccines for corona virus. Before, it was always an unsuccessful attempt. Well, it will be around since it’s utopic to expect 100% of everybody on Earth to be vaccinated and by some certain point of time.
        Masks and care and being cautious help, but it’s really been a long time now since we’ve used that and no end in sight yet.
        I’m very busy and tired, as well. Too much to do.
        Stay safe!

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      5. I fear the changes we’ve been seeing in the natural world are only the beginning. I can see the plant shaking, like a dog with fleas, and we’re the fleas.
        I’m sure they put a lot of hours in trying to come up with some solution as quickly as they could. It had to be a virus, too, which are notorious for being uncontrollable. Even with their efforts.. it’s unlikely we’ll see it gone any time soon.
        My husband and I do still wear masks.. our area has had an uptick in cases and it’s just better to be safe than sorry.
        I’ll be sure to, thank you, I hope you are as well!

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      6. Wearing masks here in Ontario is mandatory. We comply, no point in being upset about that.
        The earth shutting down, it has started. It said it begins with these fires, more and more of them, floods, uninhabitable climate until there’s the ninth wave and it swipes everything away and the earthquakes eat up the rest, but the tiny part which is undamaged cannot feed or support those who have escaped. There was a really good simulation on history channel?, cannot recall, what happens at each raise of temperature, not only of air, but also of the ocean waters, etc.
        I hope I won’t see that happening, it would be too horrible. And we humans did that. However, it’s greed and unreasonable production of things we never needed at all which causes absurd pollution of every possible space. We simply took everything we could, we wanted the nature to be a slave, and it just won’t do that because the balance is gone. And it’s still not enough for these big corporations, but the rich guys will take off to wherever they can, even Mars, or whatever, and the rest will just disappear. The advantage taking has gone way out of line. Is this still stoppable? Might be too late already.
        Well, we live while we can.
        Have a good day!

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      7. Masks aren’t mandatory in our area at the moment, which I think is a little unfortunate, our area has had a uptick in confirmed cases. If we could all just get through this without turning every.single.thing into an us or them situation, it would be a lot more helpful.
        I’ll have to see if I can find that on the History Channel, I would be interested in that, but.. it’s completely likely that the planet is either sick of our crap or has began the next phase in it’s “life cycle,” “development,” “growth?”
        Whatever it is.. we’re in for a lot of change. It’s never a good idea to underestimate mother nature.
        Better to live!
        You, too, be well! 🌹

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      8. It was a very good documentary. Unfortunately, I did not pay too much attention to channel and title.
        I think when it comes to preventive and safety measures, we have always the choice to do what is the best for us in that situation. It’s like also debating the vaccination passports, endlessly. Why couldn’t people who want them be allowed to get them, and if somebody doesn’t like it, let them.
        Everything needs to be turned into abnormally complex issues. Everything.
        The most common life situations are now something that complex that we need counseling, experts, guidance and instructions. At some point, too much information becomes bothersome. Along with all that, the absurd brainwashing and internet does its best to keep that going.
        Have a good Sunday!

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      9. Well, that’s a little disappointing, I was going to ask if you did remember.. but, oh well. There are so many interesting shows on the planet, science, nature, the universe.. It’s one benefit of technology I really enjoy, the ability to learn more about.. everything.
        The problem is the argument that having the choice on wearing masks, passports, traveling.. in a situations like this, is putting others at risk. It’s not as simple as let them because now, hundreds/more? of potentially infected people will continue to spread the virus.
        Honestly, I agree that it’s been overly complicated by too many factors.. Sadly, there’s nothing we can do but try our best to stay healthy and pray that it runs it’s course.
        I did, thank you, and I hope you enjoyed your weekend!

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      10. I’m sorry I didn’t get to say thanks for the comment and respond. I’ve been updating the art website, it takes enormous time, and all the other things. This results in a complete exhaustion every night and even earlier.
        We can learn virtually everything, and that is fantastic. It’s just so that many of us don’t.
        I do wonder frequently why is that when everything is within reach of just a click, there not that much wisdom out there.
        Ok, I’m just tired again, so much work in all fronts, and I am dissatisfied with too less results. That’s all. Takes eternity.
        I hope you are fine!

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      11. It’s alright, it happens! I do appreciate you letting me know, although.. I’m truly sorry to hear it’s been taking so much out of you.
        It’s a lot of work keeping up with posts and follows, Inese, and with all the responsibilities of regular life.. it’s very draining. Take care of yourself first. The rest of us, and this, will all be here when you’re ready.
        Best of luck.. I know it’s discouraging, your work is exceptional, and it doesn’t seem right that it not be more appreciated.
        And thank you for asking, I’m hanging in there! I hope you’re safe and well!

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      12. Thanks Sheri!
        I’m a very realistic person, and something is always priority and something else must be for later.
        At the moment, I am prioritizing the art website. When there’s less garden work, tons of produce, which must go somewhere, less other work about the house, I can spend more time with what I prefer. We give lots of produce to my husband’s colleagues, I haven’t started with preserves yet, but that will also require quite a lot of time.
        All updates, all blogs, all social media profiles, everything needs update.
        For instance, yesterday I had to do laundry, a lot of it. Garden work took also big part of the day, then cleaning and cooking and what’s left for other things? Tiredness. We cannot avoid doing everything unless we have a maid, gardener and a web editor plus social media manager. For regular people, it is one person for everything, and it’s very difficult. Even 10 years ago, I was competing only with other local art venues. Now, I have to compete globally. It’s kind of impossible.
        No point in whining about that, it’s simply what it is.
        Well, we are still always in control of what we do and what we don’t. Basically, it’s my own choice to take on too much and maybe have problems with managing everything. However, I’ve always liked being busy. I cannot say that even once in my entire life I had to say: I have nothing to do and I am bored.
        I wish I was more productive, though. There’s a reason why people after 65 retire. The energy levels decrease, it’s that simple.
        All the best to you, Sheri!

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      13. You certainly have a lot on your plate! I don’t know how you keep up with it but, you focus on what’s necessary, put one foot in front of the other.. and just keep moving forward. It sounds overwhelming. You’re doing an admirable job juggling it all, though.
        And life does have a tendency to throw the unexpected our way so.. that adds more responsibility onto an already full plate.
        It’s good to stay busy, keeps idle hands from finding trouble but, it’s nice to have those peaceful moments between the chaos of everyday.
        No matter the amount we accomplish, it never does seem to make the to-do list any shorter, does it?
        Thank you! Wishing you the best, as well, Inese!

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    1. Thanks! When I have time I check other posts here and there, right now, it’s too much work.
      Well, I do not usually read any advice blogs since I’m like way up there.
      As a medical writer and researcher for more than 35 years and artist for more than 45 years, with special interest in human psychology and physiological brain function, I’ve spent numerous hours analyzing my observations, as well as shared what I’ve learned from these. I’ve got also the advantage of comparing the European side with the North American side and respective mental and other health related issues and how some particular way of living can affect them.
      All in due time!


  4. theburningheart

    Nothing like getting old to see plenty of thinks as the old proverb says: “You live and learn” in Spanish we have: “Vivir para ver” “Live and you will see” Sort like just wait to live a long life, and you will see so many strange things, that you will never expected to do so, I guess it comes from the Romans or the Greeks, who knows, all I could find was: Origin of the word: ancient expression registered in the Dictionary of the Castilian Language of 1783.

    I admit that during my youth, the World looked a lot simpler than today, and to be a witness to too many things, I rather wish not to. In our particular case we also have the advantage of traveling and living on a foreign country “Los viajes ilustran.” “Travels illustrate.”

    And the pandemic was a new one to me, and to most of us Worldwide, and yes, already I had enough of it.

    So your words:

    “Global pandemic, global competition, global trade, global profits or losses, – but the effects of all that are very personal, very individual, very painful frequently. I do sometimes long for the time when somebody just drops in, they are happy with what I have to offer, they do not run around to 100 other places before making decision, and life is so simple because everything is in balance, everything happens. I am just wondering how could life become so complex? Getting a simple “yes” or “no” is practically impossible. It takes numerous emails, text messages, back and forth, numerous explanations and waste of time, and then you still don’t know whether you achieved what you wanted.”

    Resonate in me like a never ending echo, specially not being in a good mood of lately, for a personal reason, that you may understand later.

    Best wishes to you Inese.

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    1. Thank you very much for the great comment!
      I notice it last night, but I was so exhausted, I couldn’t even type a rely.
      Well, days just disappear into the bottomless abyss we call daily routine.
      I have to admit, I sometimes have not a good mood also, it can last for a while. It certainly depends on what’s happening to us. In my case, I still haven’t been anywhere, I see on the local news people on the beach, people going somewhere, well, I am in the backyard in abnormal heat which has been hitting Ontario for more than 2 weeks now. Then, I get back inside, do some art planning, couldn’t get to any painting because the art website needs update.
      So I work on some 5 things at once because they are all urgent, and it’s truly exhausting and can be very upsetting, too. The main thing: I do this all for nothing.
      I even wrote a fairly good poem: Nothing, because that’s what is achieved some days.
      I hope your mood and concerns are not about health. All other things are more or less easily fixable.
      What I said in that post is true. We have so many devices doing things like laundry or dishes (I do them manually, though, because of chemicals), floors and even lots of help with cooking. No need to drive somewhere, you can see all online, etc. Yet, I am wondering why there isn’t any time left over because these things take much less time?
      I’m simply comparing and coming to conclusion that without all these devices I got done much more. Paradox, really.
      Unless, it’s because an older person does everything much slower.
      It must be the entire system which scatters our attention and causes countless disruptions.
      I also wish all the best to you! I will check out what you’ve written in a while, don’t know how soon. Your comment is much appreciated. And, look, I’m still in July, ha, ha. Long overdue, the new publication.


  5. Covid number have gone up here, too, and a new mask mandate went into effect a few weeks ago. The last bit of news I received indicated we will be needing booster shots later this year, probably December, possibly earlier.

    I don’t listen to the news much these days, just enough to know in general what is going on. Too much bad news all the time is bad for health.

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      1. We are in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains. Plenty of forests around the area. There are a lot of trees nearby, but where we are is more pastureland. Still enough trees to make us worry. We are getting rain now, the last two days, and I have never been happier to see rain.

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