Steps to good life

Keeping up with necessities

Everything happens at once during the spring: it was white snow and grey view just yesterday, but the sun is out today, and it starts feel like the winter is over. Time flow has such acceleration these days that keeping up with everything is quite impossible. We literally run through days in order to catch the feeling of fulfillment and awareness of our own worthiness. We are looking for proof to justify our existence. Each day is a test – how well did you manage?

Nothing happens on its own

Work is an inevitable part of life. I would add to that – physical work, sometimes tedious physical work, and mental engagement and tiring mental work, nobody cancelled that. We all hope for the good life when everything is passed to us on a tray and we effortlessly enjoy the smooth ride. It’s great, I won’t deny that because when you do not fight for the basics, you can do something meaningful, important and fulfilling. Yet, for most of us, it’s work, work and more work and hardly any weekends. By far, that’s not the worst which can happen.

It’s your decision

It’s not fate or God. We stand behind every decision we ever made consciously or subconsciously. The path we took or avoided has led us whenever we happen to be. It sounds very harsh and, in many cases, it also is. The simple way to be satisfied with the life you have is having understanding that we are responsible for the past, today and the future. We do what we have to do and don’t dive into self-pity. It’s easy to feel sorry for ourselves and we all have done that at some point in life.

Worth pursuing

I do work a lot. I’m not a workaholic, but I am very aware of my responsibilities and duties. Let’s face it – having no physical work to accomplish can be worse than skipping your gym visit. Humans are built to engage in daily physical activities, and they have always done so. We have now numerous devices, gadgets and helping hands to avoid doing anything physical. However, there’s direct, very visible, tangible and enjoyable result with chores and outdoor work. Organized shelves, clean and tidy rooms, happy house plants and neat outdoors – such a pleasure not only for eyes. Physical work is essential for our wellbeing.

The key is to enjoy

I enjoy physical work as much as mental work. Thankfully, I am always busy and I cannot recall any time when I had to complain about boredom. You know what happens to idle minds. I also very much prefer garden work, cleaning and other such necessary tasks to the gym. To be honest, after the life-changing accident 30 years ago, any idea of exercising was out of question. I’m in a good shape, never had any extra weight and feel quite well. Thanks to work.

Work or entertainment?

Is endless work the answer to having a meaningful life? Definitely not since having rest is as important as being busy. However, entertainment isn’t an answer either. Entertainment doesn’t defeat boredom, being upset and unhappy. Variety of tasks, responsibility and self-awareness is much better answer. We do not live only on bread and entertainment. We do live to achieve the best outcome for our current situation. The mental discomfort starts when there’s nothing to do. Aimless analyzing leads to no result. Being busy is good as opposed to wasting time just watching how others live.

Getting things done

So, welcome spring! So much to do. And we should feel grateful for each day which comes with new challenges and new accomplishments. Roll up your sleeves! Eyes can get scared by seeing all the overwhelming amount of work, but hands get it done. No better time than now. Spring starts a brand-new cycle, why not to enjoy the physical tasks and efforts? They might feel tiresome and tedious at first, but every accomplishment brings more satisfaction.

Pictures are not that bright this time, well, it’s quite grey outdoors. They show what’s happening in my park right now.

Thanks for reading and I wish you not too much hard work and lots of nature’s hugs and kisses!

10 thoughts on “Steps to good life

  1. theburningheart

    That’s right, work is an integral part of our lives, even though I’m retired, my day is full of work, including preparing my daily food, it represents work, from going to buy food, preparing it, cooking it and washing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen, the house, wash dirty clothes, take care of the garden, etc.
    Not to mention having an eight or ten hour job, even when I’m retired I remember starting my day before six in the morning, ending my day around eleven at night.

    There is no doubt that life is a constant struggle, which requires all of our time.
    We will rest when dead. As my mother used to say. 😉

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    1. Thanks!
      My dad used to say exactly the same.
      I also cannot or won’t delegate lots of work to somebody else.
      Nowadays, it’s like if you want to have it done right, better do it yourself.
      In addition to all chores you mentioned, I do also gardening and outdoor cleaning, plus, I do sew my own clothing.
      When we buy ready made outfits, it can be bad fabric, strange or unfitting model, color we don’t like and so forth. Sewing my own garments means they all fit perfectly. Since I haven’t changed my small size like ever, I still wear clothing items which I had sewn 30 years ago. The fabric is great, I am a neat person.
      I suppose if you have to wash the floor, wash the dishes, clean everything, you are not going to leave a mess anywhere. When we keep everything well-organized and garbage thrown out when it happens, there’s no need for major cleaning. That saves time.
      Great to hear from you! There’s a very appealing moment with doing the daily chores – cleanliness and neatness guarantees satisfaction.


  2. You are quite right on all counts, Inese, and especially “The key is to enjoy”. Finding joy in work, wherever possible, is good for body and soul.

    WP is giving me some problems with the reader these days, but I am here.

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    1. Thanks Lavinia!
      Work is good indeed. I personally believe that the global mental crisis which they talk about relates to lack of purely physical work, especially outdoors. Billions of people live in the cities, high up, in the middle of wires, magnetic waves, electric currents, pollution and radiation. There’s no connection to the Earth. Anybody who’s been digging soil can tell that such activity releases happiness hormones, provides with immediate result and simply allows getting rid of heaviness and stress. Just being in the middle of a field or on forest path fills heart with relaxing pleasure.
      We depended on physical work for many thousands of years, and it cannot be just coincidence that once people started to live in devices their mental wellbeing went down the pipe.
      I suppose we all enjoy help with really heavy house chores, like how difficult it was doing all laundry manually?
      However, the balance between useful physical work, heavy mental engagement and time spent living online should be balanced out.
      I hope your health isn’t giving you trouble and you’re looking forward to spring, even the unpleasant tasks in the garden.


      1. The left ventricle heart damage seems to be minimal, and may possibly improve with time. I will know that next time another ECG is done, probably in late autumn. I have been able to get off the blood thinner drug which did had side effects. All good things. Now time, good food, exercise and green spaces will do the rest.

        The hardest thing here right now is cutting up the old plum tree that came down. Most of it has been cut up except for the main trunk now. The wood is dense and cuts slowly. I am thinking of getting a bigger bow saw for that.

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    1. Thanks very much!
      Well, I suppose as we get older, meaning become seniors, we have at least something in abundance – experience, ability to to observe and make conclusions. It simply seems that the easier life becomes, the more mental issues people endure. Most of that is simply lacking balance and focusing on only one side of life. For many that means succeeding regardless of means, as well as inflated sense of entitlement. Social media takes care of that and puts lots of us in mental distress.
      All the best to you!


  3. Loved your words here Inese.. And indeed Spring consists of hard work, in clearing digging and planting for the gardeners of Life..
    I agree also… Each choice leads us to our now moment of circumstance, yet so many still point the finger of blame in every other direction except the Mirror..
    Loved your update.. and I have clicked to be informed hopefully in my notifications of future posts…
    Sending LOVE and Blessings your way Inese..
    Much love ❤ Sue x

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