Blooms of life

The early spring, blooming spring, rainy days and sunny days: they all have passed by so swiftly that it’s almost the first day of June. I stretched the non-publishing time for so long, I’m practically annoyed how I couldn’t find any free hour to quickly post something. Well, I’m somebody who needs to think everything over, and then I just type.

Wildflower fields in my park
And garden flowers

Every season carries something admirable and worth experiencing, but the blooms of spring, they are like a fresh breath from another world: quiet and peaceful world where nothing makes us think of wars and storms, approaching troubles and old age. Blooms of spring and blooms of life, they are the mysterious messengers of the view behind the bend and life beyond the visible and perceptible world. Colors? Absolutely breathtaking, pure, clean, bright.

A bit earlier in May
This view was from just a few days ago

When we moved over to this old house, we didn’t even suspect how big is the parkland which surrounds it and how many old trees are growing here. I have wildflower fields on my own for the time I will spend at this place, and even quite a few wild strawberry patches. Moving isn’t the best part of life, but then again –  every single day I’m discovering here something.

I also violets, all over the place

While park, plants, blooms and trees belong rather to a fairyland, life hasn’t been that easy. One task rushes the other, and the evening comes up with a total exhaustion. Getting fresh air isn’t bad and working in the garden or rather, digging soil daily to create a garden, assures I have lots of physical exercise. Too much at times. However, the seeds I not that long ago have put in the soil have started result in neat tiny seedlings and some have become almost teen plants.

Wild strawberries in front yard and deeper in the park

I couldn’t help myself again, it’s that Latvian urge to always have a garden, always plant and harvest something. I was well aware how tough it will be to dig a forest practically. Yet, the visible results are very promising and encouraging. I have also many private classes this season, therefore it happens so that I’m too tired to write down a line. I am adding a few pictures, but most are left out because the post would become too huge. These are the blooms of my current life. Nothing extreme, but certainly endlessly beautiful.

Pansies in fantastic blue
Pansies in fantastic blue color
And purple irises which I found under leaves when raking

I hope you are looking forward to a good summer. I know I am.

It’s not my regular posting time, but I know that I won’t have time during the day.

All the best and thanks for reading if you did!

8 thoughts on “Blooms of life

    1. Thank you!
      My private park is really impressive. While moving is difficult and troublesome, you can always hope to discover something amazing at the new place. We moved over in early March, so I had no idea what we had here.
      I’m really looking forward to picking wild strawberries, LOL. Lots of wildflowers, and the feel is like in a real countryside, yet, we are in the middle of town with traffic moving along all night long, but in the backyard, yes, it’s peaceful. Plants are starting to grow and everything is sorted out slowly.
      I hope your spring and summer are going well. It was nice to hear from you!

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      1. Yes, there definitely is. The fantastic taste, flavor and knowing that everything which helps them grow is clean and free of harsh chemicals.
        Well, these are like forest, wild strawberries which just grow on their own if conditions are right.
        Due to frequent moving, I cannot grow anything which takes more than a year to start producing.
        Anyway, nothing compares to our own vegetables. Some grow swiftly, so there’s always something ready to consume.

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  1. theburningheart

    I am glad you are living on beautiful surroundings, judging by your pictures, Inese, also having a new garden, and see things sprout, and bear flowers, and soon fruits.
    Over here weather turning into Summer, not too hot yet, fortunately living near the coast we have relatively mild summers with July and August getting somewhat hot, but Autumn coming on early September, although it’s a desert environment, dusty, and sand colored, with few trees, or greenery for lack of rains, that arrive mainly in Winter, and early Spring.
    Best wishes to you Inese.


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    1. Thanks very much Brigido!
      It’s been a while I’ve heard from you.
      Well, I haven’t been posting much due to everything else going on and all at once. I think I will post something on Thursday probably. It’s Latvian Midsummer again, my favorite, although, I don’t really do anything much, but enjoy the feeling that such day exists.
      The year has turned into summer here as well. My plants are not doing too well yet, it looks like the soil isn’t right, but I will improve it over time, assuming we stay here longer than just 2 years.
      Life is very tough at the moment, although I had quite a lot of private art classes, hence, I had enough time only for classes, new garden and household chores.
      It’s nice that you’re surrounded by greens in winter. Here it’s dead cold for so long.
      Well, climate isn’t an issue here yet, but too much living on the internet is. To be honest, even with all the benefits internet brings, it has made life very complicated. Everything should take us less time, but when I look back, without internet, I always got done twice as much, not to mention money was better also.
      I am glad to hear from you, in a while I will return the visit, who knows when exactly.
      All the best to you!


  2. It all looks lovely, the park, the flowers. The soil should be good and rich with all the fallen leaves. I am assuming you have seen good worm activity in the soil?

    I miss violets. There are none in my area. I think it is too dry in summer for them.

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    1. Thanks! Everything looks fine, this place came with lots of wildflowers and herbs as you could see in a forest meadow.
      However, there is no soil to speak off. We had to remove the leaves because there were truckloads, but underneath, there was a forest floor, with lots and lots of small and large roots. I’ve got a small patch where is grass and that I dug up, yet, the soil had to be brought in. They charged a lot for it, and it’s still not enough. Well, it’s been the most difficult digging. This place is very old, so all these trees have been here for at least 250 years or so I was told by somebody who researches the history of the village. Village is like inside a town, it has all old buildings.
      We had heat wave now, temperatures and humidity are extremely high. This place doesn’t have air conditioning. I was sick during the previous week and I couldn’t do a thing, hardly able to breath. I have to update my sites online, but no energy, just catching up today. With such heat, I cannot even paint because paint becomes sticky right after I apply it. It wasn’t a good week, in fact, it was quite terrible. Hopefully I can post some updates soon, but who knows. I’m still a bit off.
      Have a good weekend!

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