Time is a river

Time is a river, but once one is over 60, it feels like a waterfall. At least I experience time like that. Maybe it’s because everything takes longer to get done, maybe it’s because the flow of time has accelerated over the last years, but I’m very sure it feels as if the week consists of just a few hours. It was Monday, and all of a sudden – it’s already weekend. I was absent from this blog for quite a while.

Love the leaves and blooms!

I’m simply too busy catching up. The world has also changed with all major events rushing over us. The seasons have changed. We have fall season here in Ontario already, and I jumped over the summer completely. Half of the summer I was suffering from bad pain due to an accident and so I couldn’t do anything else, but read. As you know, I read only real books since I would love to spend no time online and no time staring at screens. I’m not addicted to devices and I use them only if absolutely necessary.

Cucumber blooms, delicate shape, beautiful color!

Nothing much has happened also during the last 3 months. I’m still just at home here, haven’t seen anybody, haven’t been anywhere. The garden I started in spring was doing ok, but we basically had no rain, none whatsoever all summer. Well, there were too many cucumbers and I have too many tomatoes at the moment. I don’t feel like making preserves this year and I also don’t have jars.

Summer colors

The internet and everything being online has made life extremely complicated. Dealing with paperwork isn’t easy and I plain and simple hate paperwork, just like many other people. However, I don’t think there are many people who didn’t get married because of paperwork. I managed that, back in Europe, and I was actually very happy later that I didn’t get married. It’s because the distance of time revealed the true face of that person.

Black-eyed beauties

The other thing I absolutely cannot take is meetings. It’s supposed to be great attending meetings, but I just dislike them so much that if you want to never see me again, just invite me to some meeting. This is because during the soviet times, up to 1991 while Latvia was in the USSR, we were always in meetings, preparing pointless and useless reports, plans and schedules. The paperwork was overwhelming and, I have to admit I have missed probably a lot of good opportunities since they required plenty of paperwork. I simply do not apply to shows, art associations, exhibitions and so on.

Middle of summer

Living is tight for most people nowadays. My ability to do numerous things on my own helps. Being a good cook helps, too. However, it’s been so much cooking while staying only at home that I’ve lost the spark for doing that. Thankfully, I’ve never changed my size or weight after 21, therefore, I have a wide choice of outfits. I am wearing pants I had sewn in 2004 when I just arrived in Canada, jackets and skirts from 90-s. I have sewn them myself, therefore, the fabric is excellent and doesn’t wear out or lose color like the readymade clothes.

More of flowers, more color

While I am on some social media sites, I really cannot stand them. Facebook is a necessity for art classes and other art events, but the most I can spend there is about 5 minutes a week. I just look at Facebook, and it takes no time at all to become nauseated. I think I was already too old when social media became a must for whatever we want to promote and put out there, so I never felt social media as an organic part of me. I lack that chatty style and I’m way too realistic and honest to spread lies shamelessly. I never engage in small talk either, also in real life. Or give out fake compliments. Or watch weird videos.

Hibiscus bloom

Nothing of that makes my life better, therefore, as I mentioned before, I rather read real books. Or some blogs, or my own blogs. The problem is that most people don’t have time to even look at the actual post. They click on “like” from Reader and then leave a comment – please, visit my site. While I have quite many followers, I know well those few who read my posts. I hope I will stay in touch and be more present during the upcoming months, but my art site and art blog definitely take priority since art is what I do, and I want it to stay that way. Making income with art is very tricky. It’s also time- and resource-consuming business. Well, time will show how I survive doing what most people would say is a futile effort.

Start and finish in bright yellow, it sure is going to brighten somebody’s day!

Meanwhile, I’d like to remind that time is a river, and it never gives us back anything. Float, swim or fight the flow – that’s up to each one of us. As long as we are above the water, we can do lots. Have a decent fall season!

4 thoughts on “Time is a river

  1. Thank you for always being transparent and real in your shares Inese. I really honor and respect that and I always love the photos and art that you share. I hope that you are feeling better after going through such pain from your accident. Like you I only ready real books, don’t like paperwork and meetings, and find social media a challenge…so I limit my time to only what’s necessary and find that with the change of seasons right now I’m feeling to make a bigger change in my life. Will be interesting to see how things evolve for each of us. Autumn Equinox wishes to you ❤

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    1. Thanks Tania Marie!
      Well, as I get older, I feel the need to be more direct. I was thinking yesterday that the best age for me was between 45 and 55. A great decade. Still lots of energy, everything happening. Now, 10 years later, I think I’d love to settle down, this moving from one place to another really gets in a way of so many things I do, including the garden which I obviously cannot take with me.
      The recovery has been very slow this time, but it’s gradually getting better. I managed to set up my show at the community centre, but it’s not what I had intended to. The injuries didn’t allow for that.
      It’s just a difficult time right now, not much space for dreaming. Too much work just to get by, and not that good outcomes. I’m afraid to think about the future, it’s scary.I haven’t seen my daughter and other relatives for almost 4 years now. We are very far from each other, with the Atlantic ocean in the middle.
      Well, time is standing still for a moment, except seasons have changed.
      All the best to you!

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  2. theburningheart

    For the last twenty-eight years I have lived alone by myself, and my books, now I live outside a town quite remote from downtown, it takes me fifty minutes driving in order to get there, I may go to town once, or twice a week, at most to take care of business, or see friends, or my son for cofee, and to pick up my mail from my PO Box.
    Since I retired and moved out from Los Angeles, I live on the left side of the screen on the background near the hills, I am sending you, this morning on my daily morning walk I could see across the bay what you can see in the video.

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    1. Good for you!
      The settings here are quite different. If I want to get somewhere, I’ve got to walk. Since I couldn’t walk for more than a month, I’m just staying in one place.
      The climate must be much nicer there. We go from abnormal heat to very cold, just like in 1 day. No more heat for us.
      It looks like. I really depend on the weather, I think many people do. Unfortunately, I never managed to live in a place where you can skip winter. And I would love so much to skip it. Since early childhood, all I wait for is spring and summer, and somehow get through the cold time, rather hibernate through it. Imagine all this lost time because one is under the weather, so to speak?
      Small towns are good for living, at least, we can stay closer to the ground. Being high up and detached from the earth, can cause numerous troubles, add to that all radiation, smog, pollution, vibrations and so on and you have the picture. Well, I’m extremely claustrophobic, too, and have been always afraid of heights.
      I remember when we travelled in California, I loved everything so much!
      I don’t think you’d like Ontario, there’s something too industrial about it. Well, the rural spots are quite nice, but that’s hours away from where we are.
      It was great to hear from you and see how you’re doing. All the best!


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