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This is our only life: knowledge makes strong

People who have nothing, but money and properties show off what they eat, wear, drive, where they live and what they have bought. They need to prove themselves again and again that money makes them somewhat valuable. People who have skills, intelligence, knowledge and talents show what they have created. They need to prove nothing because their creations speak for them. The value of their existence is not in what belongs to them, but what they are. Big difference.

living life smartly

Being realistic is having a good understanding of value proportion. Nothing is black and nothing is white only. Grey is neutral and neutral makes a good base. A great support.

Say very definite “no” to obsession with food. Profit taking industries want to make you eat all the time and anywhere. Food is not a comforting tool. Food is not and should not be a luxury. We have to return back in time and simplify every single bite. Chemicals and toxins present in daily meals cause allergies, obesity, heart and blood vessel issues, metabolism disorders leading to brain toxicity, nervous conditions, anxiety, depression and birth defects. Anything which says “added”or “free” should not be on your table. These products contain much more chemicals which might be not even listed under ingredients. They undergo heavy processing. Innocent foods like chips, cookies, precooked dinners and snacks contain large amounts of cancer causing agents. Eventually, accumulation of these toxins make the person sick, there is lack of good energy and lack of life supporting essential substances. Taking multivitamins improves nothing. A 15 year long research in large numbers (many thousands) of people over 50 indicated there were no health benefits. Any purely chemical health boosting substances cause only harm because your DNA does not recognize the elements which are chemically altered. Your DNA is ancient, therefore we have cancer epidemics, obesity epidemics and abnormally high numbers of childhood disorders. The closer some food is to its natural state, the more benefits we are getting from it. Money we save on good food is spent later on medications. In fact, for 1 dollar we save on natural food, we will have to spend 10 for medications. Obesity exaggerates any condition and causes additional complications. Whatever you eat or do, keep your weight under control. That is a must number 1.

We have to eat home-cooked meals as often as possible. Nobody else will ever care about you if you do not. Any catering place is interested in profits. Some of them will put your health last as long as they are profiting from their sales. Do not be naive and believe everything you hear on TV and anything you read about on the internet. The only person who can help yourself is you.

Vegetables from the garden

Clean and home-grown is the answer.

Nutrition and fresh vegetables

Simple and easy to make from not altered ingredients is the key.

Good food 1

Our task was never to be happy and to have fun. Our task is to find fulfillment, discover, perfect, make better, explore, reach, achieve and pass on the experience to the next ones in line.

living life simply

It is sad that one has to spend their only life watching how others do that. We have to stand up, pick up ourselves from pieces, be intact as a crystal glass, have shine as a diamond and become unbreakable as an ancient oak tree.

Living life at the fullest

The sky seems to be endless when we look at it from the Earth. Our worries and heartaches do too when we treat them as a global disaster. Some people are not worth your tears. Period.

The sky is endless when we look at it from the Earth

Carpe diem: make use of the day; or I’d rather say: make a good use of every single day because in an average life of 80 years taking into account that 20 years will have 366 days there are ONLY 29,220 days.

Carpe diem!

That is not a big number, and an average person who sleeps 8 hours per night will spend 2920 hours sleeping in a year of 365 days which means we will sleep away 121.7 days a year or roughly 9,736 days from our 80 years long life . That leaves us with an average of 19,484 days for our activities assuming that we live for 80 years.



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