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Life School

Some bloggers already know me from my Art School blog:

Life School is intended to be a twin blog dealing mostly with life problems, discoveries, trends, difficulties, pleasures and our ways to happiness.

I strictly believe that learning is something which we should never give up: there is always some unknown and mysterious side of familiar things. I never wanted to be a teacher, but I ended up teaching for many years in the country of my origin Latvia, and I still continue teaching in Canada.

I relocated to Canada in 2004. That was a completely new world for me. Living so far away from one’s native land has its advantages and disadvantages, however, that allowed me to make many conclusions based on the very distinctive experiences which I gained up to 46 years living in Latvia and for 12 years in Canada. Even though, there are lots of similarities, there are huge cultural diversities, as well.

Artist and teacher Inese Poga-Smith

I have quite a few passions in my life: art, painting, drawing and teaching art, sewing and designing fashionable outfits, gardening, cooking, interior design, basically I love who I am and I am trying to take good care of myself.

I am an explorer, I’ve always been curious about anything new and unusual, I’m always ready to travel to another side of the globe (just like I did in 2004)!

I’m somebody who is very realistic, standing strongly with both feet on the earth, I don’t like giving undeserved compliments, but I always value and support somebody else’s genuine efforts to implement a positive difference, to create more light, to make other people a little bit happier than they were yesterday.

I am trying hard not to get lost in my pain which is never stopping. That causes long depression periods. I cannot use any medications for treatment of depression, but I am copying thanks to herbal remedies and natural treatments. That is not easy. After numerous surgeries, I was became diabetic. That is not easy also. This is how my past is chasing me and never letting go: the accident happened in 1992 and I have to head for a surgery again.

We all come from our Past, and we are all heading to the Future, whatever it would have prepared for us. There is a small moment between the Past and the Future. That’s the Present Moment we exist in. I hope my posts would give you new reasons to make your life better and more rewarding every single day along the life path.


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  1. Hi!
    I am getting traffic from your site today. Thank you so much for the link and the exposure.


    October 15, 2015
    • Inese Poga Art plus Life #

      You’re welcome. I think you’d like some of my posts, as well. I mean, the main part of Life school, my secondary blog which doesn’t get too much exposure because my art blog is the primary one.


      October 16, 2015

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