About Lifeschool and author Inese Poga

Some bloggers already know me from my Art School blog which is called Inese’s Creative Artspace: http://inesepogagallery.com/

Life School is intended to be a twin blog exploring many aspects of our life, and since I am over 60, this means exploring all ways of staying young for as long as we live.

Aging is a natural thing, and we can witness the seasonal cycle of life in nature every year. Aging scares many people, but we cannot escape it, therefore, we must find things that keep us young longer: physically, mentally and emotionally.

Every person’s life goes through seasons, however, every person in particular can experience mostly spring, summer, fall and winter or have them in mixed order: some children are very mature, and some adults never grow up.

My life has had a long spring, stormy fall and extra early winter which turns into summer when I am past 50, and this summer never ends. Amazing, right? To have my knowledge, insight and skills, I have spent big part of my life studying, learning, researching and exploring. I do it every single day. I learn every single day still.

Childhood is innocence and curiosity. Youth has spark and flame that needs to be turned into useful energy. As much as I love spring, I also love the mature beauty of summer and the wisdom of women who have seen it all: the all-embracing wisdom of orchard which gives us fruits; the deep calm under the transparent September sky. I can survive winter, I just do not want to live in it.

I relocated to Canada in 2004. That was a completely new world for me, a very different life in all its aspects. Living so far away from one’s native land has its advantages and disadvantages, however, that allowed me to make many conclusions based on the very distinctive experiences which I gained living in Latvia and in Canada. Even though, there are lots of similarities, there are huge cultural diversities, as well.

Since I feel I have lots of discoveries to share, I will try to convince you that some things are more worth doing and some should be just left out of our daily landscape.

Artist, writer and life sciences specialist Inese Poga-Smith

I have quite a few passions in my life: art, painting, drawing and teaching art, sewing and designing fashionable outfits, gardening, cooking, interior design, basically, I love who I am and I take good care of myself.

I am an explorer, I’ve always been curious about anything new and unusual.

I’m somebody who is very realistic, standing strongly with both feet on the earth. I don’t like giving undeserved compliments, but I always value and support somebody else’s genuine efforts to implement a positive difference, to create more light, to make other people a little bit happier than they were yesterday.

We all come from our Past, and we are all heading to the Future, whatever it has prepared for us. There is a small moment between the Past and the Future. That’s the Present Moment we exist in. I hope my posts would give you new reasons to make your life better and more rewarding every single day.

Thanks if you were reading! I appreciate comments.


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    1. Inese Poga Art plus Life

      You’re welcome. I think you’d like some of my posts, as well. I mean, the main part of Life school, my secondary blog which doesn’t get too much exposure because my art blog is the primary one.

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