All the gold of the fall

The only fair, honest and true thing that we have left at our disposal is the nature. That is why I am turning to it.

The only place where the true and real justice manifests is also the nature. I highly respect the nature for that. For being natural.

The only true value can be still found in the nature: natural food, natural remedies, natural breathing space … Well, they are taking it away step by step, but it is still available so far.

Everything else is valued nowadays by what it seems and looks or by what it sells for.

It will vanish with natural disasters which we are causing by creating the sale value.

I cannot travel a lot, therefore, I have become more attentive and observant and I notice wonderful and incredible things happening or surprising me straight at my doorstep.

That is not that little.

All the gold of the fall. Almost like all the gold of the world. Right here.

I am sharing it with you since I am a generous person.

The best of the golden fall.

golden fall photos

Maple at my entrance

photos of golden fall trees

They are growing at the end of my yard

squirrel and fall leaves
Fall leaves photography, with squirrel
fall trees photography
Going with the wind, gold of maples
Photos of fall trees
Red gold of maple leaves


Photos of golden leaves
The golden energy of the fall

So much of it

golden trees at fall
Lots and lots of fall gold

…. and finally the distant view

Beauty of the fall to dive in


43 thoughts on “All the gold of the fall

    1. Thanks so much! I should actually wish you happy Thanksgiving because I am more a Latvian (I’m originally from Latvia, just 14 years in Canada)) and we do not have exactly such celebration. Canadian Thanksgiving was a while ago, I cannot recall when exactly.
      I know America has Thanksgiving this weekend, so, enjoy the delicious treats and friends and family! Thanks for being a great WordPress friend!

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      1. I didn’t realize that, Inese. That is so interesting. I knew Canad had their Thanksgiving last month.
        I sometimes wish ours was in September or October, it would make the rest of the holidays less frenetic, I think!


      2. That’s completely fine, there’s nothing wrong with wishing an extra happy Thanksgiving!
        I have no family here, only my husband, so, we sort of do not celebrate. We hardly celebrate anything because a few people from his family are very far away, my daughter, mother, sister, grandchildren are across the ocean. Well, I arrived here when I was already 46, I’m almost 60 now. Not a good age to make new friendships. People are very busy here, nobody ever has time, it feels, that would be a disturbance to ask somebody to come over, that type of thing. I was very social back in Latvia because I worked at high schools and colleges, at publishing houses as an editor and similar stuff. I was always surrounded by hundreds and even thousands of people. Schools are very large in Latvia’s capital city Riga. I miss that. I have no real job here with all my 3 Master’s degrees. It’s been very difficult actually and still is. I intend to describe what it feels being an immigrant at older age, it’s not the same what when somebody is 16 or 20.
        You definitely have lots of holidays one after another. Well, everything has good and bad sides to it. Happy Thanksgiving!

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      3. WOW, I can only imagine how hard that must be. It’s hard to make friends at any age, but to be moving to a new country and trying to make friends must be difficult.
        I’m sorry you are having a hard time finding a job, too.
        It’s true there are good and bad to all things. You seem to have a good outlook on things, which I’m sure helps a lot.


      4. I suppose, moving to another part of the world which is that far away is challenging. Everything is very different in Canada and in the States. I’ve been traveling some 10-6 years ago when money situation wasn’t that bad across the States, I have stayed or visited all parts of the USA. It was soooo interesting.
        I never got any job here at all, that’s why I’m trying to be self-employed. Not much luck, though, I somehow do not fit in. I have to pray my husband stays strong and is able to work for a while yet, he is 60 already, I am a few months younger. I never thought it would turn out like this, I speak 4 languages, too, at a native level, all kinds of things, plus, obviously all painting and art. I regret there is so little interest in art and creativity here, that’s very different from Latvia. Never expected to live without income.
        Well, I do get very upset, as well. It’s scary to be totally out of the loop. Very scary. I haven’t sent even Christmas cards to Latvia yet. I have to sell something first. Trying, trying and crying here and there.
        Anyway, you must have all these nice thoughts right now, saying thanks. Waiting for a celebration is often way better than the celebration itself. The feast of waiting, so to speak, is one of the most wonderful moments. I’m going to rest now.
        Have a wonderful weekend! It was very nice to exchange some thoughts.

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      5. Oh, Inese, I’m so sorry you are encountering such difficulties. I will say a prayer for you!
        It must be hard having family so far away. My Mom, Dad, baby brother and numerous relatives have all passed away, so there is just my immediate family to celebrate with. However, my oldest and youngest don’t get to come for the holidays because of their work schedules.


      6. Thanks! Well, there are moments when I would definitely love to talk with them in person. My daughter is 38 and she always helped me a lot. She was such a strong kid who realistically made me walk after that terrible accident and she is an extremely strong and brave young lady. She works as a head of personnel management at an international company. My grandsons are 18 and 14, quite adult, too. I talk with them all using Facebook Messenger, rarely Skype because with Messenger you just call as if from a normal phone.
        I’m so sorry to hear you’ve lost so many of relatives! That must be very tough. I think we all want to live long and lose nobody along the way.
        My dad passed away in 2005, but my mom is 87 and still works in the garden, does some sewing, takes care about the house stuff, so on. I am always trying to stay and be strong, I believe that is our family’s main feature: strong, honest, reliable and trustworthy.
        I am frequently thinking: why cannot people just normally, quietly and happily live and why do we need all these absurd discussions and news are like there is a need for some fight at any moment? I find there is very little tolerance towards somebody else’s opinion, but we are all entitled to have one. I think also the online attacks on people who think differently make us so much worse. People should be honest and once we know what the issue is we can deal with it.
        I liked USA so much when I was visiting, but I feel like I’d be quite afraid to go there now. We have actually shooting, as well. It is so far from what I think life should be that it is simply difficult to grasp and believe.

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      7. Inese, I know what you mean, it is really sad how our country and the world has become. I don’t understand the intolerance, either.
        I’m impressed by all your Mom can still do, that’s great!
        I bet you are proud of your daughter, and it’s neat you can talk t your grandsons frequently.
        I miss my family. However, though the pain never leaves, each year it is a little easier.
        I like your family’s features, everyone should hold to those principles.
        I will be praying for you!


      8. Thanks, Robbie! I apologize if I am writing your name incorrectly. I tried to research, but there was no clear indication.
        Yes, every Christmas that passes by without somebody dear to us is always sad. Lots and lots of memories, and I do speak to myself here and there because I am alone for the most part. That doesn’t bother me at all. I feel strange that this location, Whitby, Ontario, is so ignorant. I can have the open sign on or not have it, it’s practically useless to expect somebody to drop in and check out what I have. People are so taken away by online sales that we will have soon only Wallmart and Amazon. That’s it. It is going in such a wrong direction. We should care about small bakeries, small stores, small eating places, cafes and craft stores because they bring something unique to us. Lack of quality is something that made me stop going to the store. Well, also the income totally dropped. I used to sew all my outfits and I have to return to that again. I cannot buy anything decent my size because I am slim, tall and almost 60. I go to H&M sometimes, but it’s pretty much for young folks. All adult clothes are too big. Shoes and boots are also very tough to find, I mean, wearable things. I have always regretted I don’t know how to make shoes because everything else I can.
        Ok, I have a lot of online work to do, but I am so mad at the doctor I am seeing at the moment. I do not get the bad health care here at all. I better not think about it. It isn’t a health care. It is a slow killing without any attention to issues.
        Have a great week!

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      9. Inese, you are not spelling my name wrong. I switched everything to RobbyeFaye when I discovered someone with my real name was a porn star! Anytime anyone searched for me or my blog found her instead. Changing the i in my first name to y, and adding my middle name avoided that problem.
        I know what you mean about the holidays.
        I’m sorry you are having problems with selling your art. It’s hard to be self-employed in today’s market. I miss the small bakeries, store, cafes, etc in the local downtown areas.There are a few places that still have the quaint downtown areas, but not many.
        I am sorry to hear about your problems with healthcare. It seems everyone, everywhere has major problems getting good quality healthcare anymore. I will pray for you.
        Have a great week, too!


      10. That is interesting!Robbie isn’t even the most frequently used name! I understand your frustration. We have to change whatever is required. It looks good, the adjusted name, I mean.
        Art market is totally over flooded with everything that one might ask: why would you paint? There are things that one can do and some others which we cannot.
        Healthcare is something else. I could fix this in Europe, Latvia, in no time at all. They even 3D print in Switzerland new tissue, bone parts, joints, etc. based on somebody’s DNA. Unfortunately, that costs money. I hoped to collect it, I even placed the donation widget on the art website. Oh well, that was probably stupid because it is going nowhere. It is strange how most doctors here should look for another job. Maybe that’s the education? Lack of experience? No idea, but it doesn’t help me.

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      11. I’m so sorry! It must really be frustrating. I know for me and my situation, it is very frustrating when the Dr doesn’t listen and it seems all I say falls on deaf ears. Then, because of them not listening, I have to have a major surgery! It could have all been prevented if they had just listened!
        Very interesting about Switzerland, wow! I wasn’t aware 3D printing had advanced so far!
        Not sure what cause a Dr, or Drs. to be that way.
        Hope you have a nice day!


      12. Exactly the same here. It could be prevented if doctor listened or at least paid attention. I believe, my medical education is actually better quite frequently, although, I do not have any licence or certification here, obviously. Yes, nobody listens and does terrible things and patient gets into complications that last for very long. That is very sad: it could be prevented and we are aware of that. I’m not sure, too, it feels some think they know everything, even how patient should or should not feel. It is an impersonal approach, they go by statistically most often reported issues or potential benefits, but every patient is different.

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      13. I know what you mean, both on feeling your education is better and that they don’t listen. Plus, I feel like you do sometimes, in that, the Dr thinks he knows how I should feel. Frustrating to say the least!


      14. I’m sorry you are having so many problems, I pray they can help you.
        Our insurance (mine is probably different from others) requires we go to a walk-in clinic for anything that is wrong. Then, if they think it is necessary they make a referral. Referrals, even if the problem is long term, have to be renewed constantly. It makes no sense to me. Why not one referral for as long as is necessary for that Dr.? A lot of times they won’t give you one, or the referral has run out and you have to start the process all over again. They make a lot on co-pays by requiring you to go to them for everything first. Then the Dr. you are referred to gets a co-pay, too.
        Anyway, I can understand and empathize with you as I get very frustrated with our insurance, too. It’s very difficult to change from where they say you have to go, it too can take months.
        I pray you will feel better and the Dr will truly listen to you.


      15. That sounds even more complicated than here. Basically, everything is very wrong about these multilevel referral systems. I also start to think that doctors just stretch out my as if treatment because is just an observation and make more appointments just to cash in from insurance and government. Some of my appointments are hilarious. He runs in, looks at my leg, says: it’s quite ok, either prescribes something or doesn’t prescribe and runs out. Can you call this a treatment? You cannot. I am in a real frustration. I hope I get a chance to at least say something.
        It’s been 4 years suffering in Canada and I could go to Latvia for a surgery, but I do not have insurance and it is going to cost. I was thinking if I sold quite a lot of paintings at $100 each, I could make that amount for a surgery. I have soooo many paintings. Abnormally many. Who wants them? Hardly anybody. I should make some campaign or something. I just haven’t had enough energy to do anything recently.
        Thanks, I hope to Dr. listens!

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      16. I’m so sorry. I’ll pray for your appointment and for you to be able to sell some paintings. The ones you have posted on your blog are beautiful. If I had the money there are several I would love to have.
        Have a nice evening, and I’m praying for you!


      17. Thanks, Robbie! Once I get less pain, etc. I will try Facebook (although the visibility is poor without promoting and boosting) and some other places. They do sidewalk construction at my place, it’s quite inaccessible right now, but I will still try to do something.
        Well, active bloggers are the smartest and nicest community which only can be, but very many, just like me, have no money to spend on anything. I am completely aware of that. I sometimes think the nicest people are nice because they have chosen some great goals, but as we know being honest, smart, excellent at writing or arts, crafting and similar does not come with lots of profits. Miracles happen, but very very very rare. 1 in a 1 000 000 000 000 or even less cases.
        Thanks for your good words and prayers!

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      18. Inese, Facebook may help, I will pray that it does and that your pain will go away.
        I, too, have met some of the nicest people that blog. However, you are right, a lot of us don’t have a lot of money, either.
        We’ll pray for a miracle for you!


      19. Inese, when I lived back east and knew a Russian family, I learned one of the older aunts was able to find work with the State Department as an interpreter. I wish you good luck at finding work, or some source of income.

        You are right, the culture here runs at such a fast rate, no one has time for anyone, not even themselves. I find myself too busy, and need to slow down.


    1. Thanks, Lavinia! I have been a medical writer and translator for 35 years. I am one of the best among many thousands. However, that market has totally decreased, too. There is practically no need for a Latvian into English or vice versa interpreter in Canada. Well, and one needs to be native in the target language which is Latvian for me. I do get works into English, as well, but very few now. Since India and China joined in, everything became hilariously cheap and really bad quality.
      My health worsened again and I just feel like I have no idea how do I fix this condition. The fact is that all care in Canada is slow observation and nobody does absolutely nothing until the condition totally deteriorates. 4 years already, and if it was a real care, it wouldn’t take even 2 months. The situation with doctors is very bad in Canada. I’ve been waiting for a family doctor since 2013, and I am on waiting lists and on some whatever government searches, but still no doctor. The guy who I am seeing about the injury is also somewhat strange. Honestly, I have never seen such a terrible health care. Never ever. I could write a book about nonsense what somebody who is assumed a medical specialist has told and advised. It feels like the general care is 50 years behind any European country. I am in a desperation. There is no place even to find any answers. Ontario Health Ministry told they were not responsible for doctors or staffing. If you get a doctor whose clinical decisions are wrong or do not work it takes years to get to another specialist. Meanwhile, the condition obviously does what it does. If somebody told me this before I moved here, I would never believe that.

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      1. I am sorry to hear this about Canada’s system of health care. Our own system here in the U.S. has many problems. Seems like things could stand to be better almost everywhere. You are in my thoughts and prayers.


      2. It is as if free, although, some meds cost fortune, but tests are free and bad doctors, too. I mean, it is so that most doctors who were any good have left for the States to make more money.
        I would need 25 K and I could go to Latvia, to replace everything I need. I will wait still for a bit, but it has been 4 long years. No improvement. I don’t know, maybe to insist on one more surgery. They just look and go: it’s not too bad. It isn’t good either. I do feel lost, and there is no place to get a decent treatment.


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