Life isn’t what we think about it

Life is all the things what it does to us.

We are never in the same place. Ever.

As we stroll through the sky which is actually alive

With the speed that is not approachable even in sleep, even in dream

We do not know what is going to happen the next minute.

How would we know about the next year?

This is an endless flight which might end abruptly at the destiny’s door.

Between grasps of air some face reminds you that there actually was something.

Long ago. Far away.

Was that you setting up the alarm which never went off?

And so, we are flying without the warning system.

Without suggestions. Without instructions.

This flight has no stops.

We literally circle the sky until somebody gets moody or tired.

That’s when the next flood or ice age starts.

It would be unfair to just circle in the sky without ever learning anything.

So, what’s the lesson my dear?

Life isn’t what we think about it

Life is all the things what it does to us.


After extremely tough weeks of all kinds of health concerns and issues, after some sleepless nights and a very disturbing feeling of hopelessness, I am returning with a summary of thoughts about things which did not want to leave me alone.

I would love you to also stop at the art website:

I started an initiative to raise some money, but it got interrupted by different matters, including the lack of internet when construction workers cut off our cable. I’m not thrilled knowing that the next year might start off on the wrong foot with some delayed treatment. I haven’t had any chance to really try or sell anything this year, so, hopefully, you can help spread the word. I do appreciate any purchase of any creation on the art website.

16 thoughts on “Life

    1. Thanks, Irene! Well, it all depends on health. It’s been 4 years. 4 years of all the same. I am cautious about 2018, but I certainly hope to solve my problems. Like I said, I thought I could raise some money for a normal treatment in Latvia, but it doesn’t seem to be possible. I will wait until December 22, and I will have a clearer picture after that appointment. My treatments have been extremely inconsistent. That is why this has stretched over such a long period of time.

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      1. It is never easy, when it is about our health, I do know. I do also await, what will happen with me in the coming year. I just decided not to worry about it now, I can’t change it anyway, so why waste my time now.
        Wish you all good luck.


      2. True. I don’t worry, but I am very tired of all the same issues. Medications cause all kinds of bad feelings from nausea to tiredness and fatigue. It’s been so long and I never thought this would take 4 years, and that is not the end yet. I should have tried harder and done this in Latvia where they performed 9 surgeries and everything was great and there were no complications. The same doctor who put me together is still working. Well, I thought, what is the big deal because this was supposed to be just 1 surgery. I never imagined the health care being so bad here. I have no idea how they get their medical certifications. You would not believe the medical nonsense I have experience within these 4 years. Well, I just want a normal life. It’s such a long time I haven’t done so many things. Like going to a party or doing simple walking. The last time I was ok was in 2013. This started in December 2013. It was a small scratch on the previously grafted part of skin. It is unbelievable. Thanks for wishing good luck! I certainly need it since I am lacking everything else at the moment.

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      3. It sure is. Well, Latvians use all kinds of alternative treatments. The medical history of these injuries would make up volumes. The accident was bad, and thanks to extremely great care at a trauma hospital in Riga in 1992, I survived. It was lengthy cure, I stayed at this hospital for almost a year and went to surgeries like other people go to work. The first one was 8 hours. I had so many fractures and injuries that it would only take the smallest infection to become septic. They told that was the case with one other woman who did not survive that wide and that many injuries. So, the after-effects returned 25 years later, and I did not have the brilliant doctor on my side this time. He is the manager of the trauma hospital, professor, has many titles and is assumed one of the best trauma surgeons in Europe. I should have tried to arrange things so that I could have this treatment in Latvia, but money is always the issue. I do not have insurance and the Latvian passport was expired, too. One needs a passport there for any activity over there, not like in Canada when I only need the passport for traveling.I clearly made a wrong decision, but the situation was bad last year and I could not put it off for long. The surgery here was ok, but the doctor had no idea about precautions and left the surgery unfinished. That in turn caused 1.5 years long complications. That is why I am doubting the efficacy of any of these procedures here because nobody treats the patient as an individual, specific case, but they go by general assumptions.

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