The soothing Sunday thoughts: peace, love and joy

I hope we are all at peace with each other

Since we are still sharing the candlelight

And a hug, a kiss and I love you

Whether you have just one slice

Of bread and a glass of wine

Whether you are in a castle

And you would never know

How much suffering is out there

I hope we are all at peace with the world

The fighter, the lover and the loser

The dreamer, the angry and the doubtful

The smart, the holy and the simple

I hope we are all at peace with our heartaches

Since we can still send our love

To those who are desperate, hungry and forgotten

I hope you can see some snowflakes

Dancing down and falling from the sky

The promise, the hope and the wisdom

Of someone who we all know

I hope you can see how snowflakes

Cover the graves, the streets and the cities

So that we all could have peace and joy

Like white, untouched and pure snow

At least in our thoughts

And the soft warmth of this calming candlelight

For I hope we are all at peace with ourselves and others tonight

Merry Christmas! Peace, love and joy to every home and family! Happy holidays blogging friends!

14 thoughts on “The soothing Sunday thoughts: peace, love and joy

    1. Are you kidding me? But I put up a tree, a small one. Added a lot of lights onto it. We ate something, and that was Christmas. All my family was at daughter’s place, in Latvia, they tried to talk via Facebook Messenger, but when so many people talk at once, conversation doesn’t happen.
      We do not make special arrangements for New Years, too. I miss the Latvian extra preparations, etc. The only time I had a decent birthday was in 2008 in Latvia. Last party I was at was daughter’s wedding in 2013. Inese, I’m not trying to exaggerate: there is nobody who really gives anything about me here. I have the husband, and he is an excellent, smart and interesting person, and that’s all and that’s it. The life, the social events, all friends and all interesting events I have left in Latvia as it appears.
      I hope this year will be ok, because it’s dog’s year and I am born in dog’s year.
      Happy, healthy and rich New Year to you!

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      1. Thank you Inese! Hope the things will turn to the better in 2018.
        I am not a social person, but I volunteer, and also I go to the theater often – as we always did in our homeland 🙂 This entertains me, and also the little trips I take now and then. When I had more money, I had more friends 😉 The same about ageing. When I was younger my life was more rewarding. Just have to live with what we have and partake of all the little beautiful things we can still afford :).

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      2. That sounds very realistic and true. However, I am in a wrong place. I feel it all the time because I never got used to this life here. I am different, my values are different and I hope some time when husband doesn’t have to work 24/7 we might move somewhere to Europe. I’m not saying that Latvia is some kind of a superb place, not at all, but I am seeing now that to root in in some other place is almost impossible. At least for me. I cannot compare how I was writing in Latvian and how I am writing in English, I cannot also compare the appreciation for creativity. In my case, I had lots of friends without any money, but that was in Latvia. I just met some this fall, it felt so good, they haven’t changed at all.
        Well, I’m not in a good mood today, it’s very cold, minus 23 or something, I got some terrible insulin resistance again. Keep taking more, waiting when it drops. Sometimes that is sooner, sometimes doesn’t happen. I will go and lay down because I feel very tired, too. Still have to do some things tonight. Have to, not sure if I will, but hope to. Well, the worst part which totally has upset me is that now these conditions have become incurable. There is no medication so far. Who knows how soon the genetic editing becomes available?
        Happy New Year!

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      3. It is amazing that your husband would be ready to leave his extended family, country and job and move to Europe with you. But I don’t know if it changes anything since in general, everything is the same everywhere. You have to grow new roots wherever you settle. Hope your trip to Latvia brings you comfort. I am waiting until my granddaughters grow up and are able to appreciate such a trip. Then we will go and see what is left of the Latvia I remember. On my last trip in 2013 there was little left to visit. The place where I grew up was leveled to the ground, the ancient forest cut down, and a golf course construction was in progress on the site. No more memories, no more connections. But I have the rest of the world and it is fine with me. Happy New Year!

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      4. My husband doesn’t have here any close family. His parents passed away long time ago, and he does not see sisters who live some 2000 miles away. Canada is huge. Well, we are getting older, he is also almost at retirement age, that’s what I mean. He doesn’t like it here, too, because he says some neighborhoods do not look or feel like Canada at all. Culture is really disappearing. We have extremely bad weather recently: extreme colds like right now and extreme heat in the summer, that makes it difficult. Also prices are abnormally high and food is very bad. Internet is $150 a month and TV is $200. Each phone is about the same, but I use it much less, so mine stays somewhere at $80-$100. Add power and heat, water and rent, and that’s $6000 a month. We do not own anything here, therefore, going anywhere isn’t an issue, we do not have a house. Prices for houses are around million. Something which needs complete renovation is around 600 000 to 800 000. Government speaks about affordable housing, but that’s offered only after one retires. That’s why we do not have a house. Too old to borrow money. I know the UK isn’t cheap either, but I do not think prices are as high. Plus, as you could read from my previous posts, situation with healthcare is bad. I haven’t had a family doctor for 5 years. I keep signing up and searching and they just keep sending letters that there is no doctor accepting new patients. That means I did not get any referrals when I needed, I haven’t had any checkups within 5 years. I was seeing two surgeons, one wound specialist and internal diseases specialist, but they never have time to look at the whole picture. I spend in waiting room some 2 hours and then the appointment is 2 minutes. They would just say: see you in month or 2 months. The most frequent phrase: it looks OK. Very scientific or medical. Well, right now I am not seeing any doctor. The first appointment would be on March 21. To meet her. After that in next appointment we could talk about treatment or referral to the orthopedic surgeon. I don’t know how until that. We have huge shortage of doctors and nurses. There is huge shortage of hospital beds, that’s why one has to go home after a surgery. That type of thing.
        There is very big gap between those who make normal money and those who survive just from one month to another. This gap is getting bigger and bigger, and one can afford just basics: pay bills and buy food. We cannot afford any concerts any longer with tickets $200 and $300 per person. We used to go to many concerts in Toronto. Traveling is done for us because we cannot any longer spend that type of money. Canada is insanely large country. Traveling was nice, but you need time and to be able to cover gas and food on the road, as well as some places to stay every night. That’s why husband is working all the time and I am having not much progress. He hates going to work on Sundays or Saturdays or at night, but that’s the only way he can mange it. It’s physically quite heavy work, therefore, I cannot help much, but I still do when the health is a bit better. I haven’t been out recently because it’s tough in winter: cannot get any boots on , but snow was like some 20 cm. It’s less today, so, I might go out for a small while, just in shoes.
        Therefore, it would be nice to spend some time in a nicer climate, anywhere in Spain where my colleague teacher from Latvia lives. She is retired for a long time, has a tiny mini house near to the beach and is inviting us to visit. We just didn’t manage to make that happen yet. I have to work hard because I might need to go to Latvia next fall again. My mom is 87. She wants to see me.
        So, there are reasons always why somebody wants something and doesn’t want something else. Happy New Year, Inese!


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