A ghost from the past, a real life story

He sat down on the steps of the stairs that did not lead to the second floor any more.

Silence and darkness felt so thick that it became difficult to breathe. Blind windows were looking out with their empty eyes, half-destroyed walls and heavily damaged floor. The stove was still where it used to be and it joined the big chimney which was connected to a large heating oven facing the other half of the half-ruined building.

It was easy to recall the wonderful times here. This place was booming with life just 3 decades ago. Such a short time, in fact.

He swiped from his eyelashes a spider net that had accidentally stuck to his hair and forehead. He felt taller than he could remember because his head had never been so close to the top of the door opening. Well, everything had as if shrunk in size. Or maybe his perception had gotten larger?

He could imagine hearing laughter from the former living room, and the memory of people dancing with soft dance music was very much alive. He could remember the delicious smell rising up from the cooking stove and spreading out like a tasty great treat promising cloud. He could remember fragrances of perfumes and polished people talking about nothing and everything.

They were never short of anything. That was a simple, but abundant life. They were diligently pursuing their shy and modest happiness. Life was easy and they were young. Everything was easy.

Then there was that terrible accident. Sudden, unexpected, interrupting and tragic. He blamed ambulance, doctors at the small hospital, lack of decent medications, lack of knowledge, his own stupidity and the entire planet. She had disappeared as if never being on the Earth.

He didn’t want to stay alone in the old house, so, it was wakening for quite a lot of years. Housing market was down, and nobody showed much interest in this place. The house just did not want to sell.

He left for another town, closer to his mother and he had pretty much forgotten about this old place until one day he received a call. The caller briefly described how somebody had set the place on fire and there were only outer walls left. Pretty much everything was burnt.

The same night he went to see the place. It was not that far after all, and some kind of decision had to be finally made.

It had started to get darker. Twilight was setting down and made the roofs and trees down the hill look like in a fog. Pale half-moon was visible above the big tree at the house gate. The gate amazingly looked as if nothing had happened. Ever.

He walked through the open door, and that was a really disastrous scene that opened to his eyes. He tried to set up the phone light, but the battery was getting really low, so, he decided just to have a quick look around. There was nothing much to do or see. That was all his beautiful past right here and it looked like ashes and debris. The light was fading swiftly and it was time to get going.

A bright moon beam showed up through the opening of the window that was in the former living room. The lowers steps of fallen down stairs were visible. He was aware there were no steps, but that certainly did not disturb her.

She was slowly stepping down, the very long light hair and the long foggy color dress was waving as if in the wind.

There was no wind. She came with her own breeze that seemed to be upholding her quite well.

He wanted to scream and take a deep breath, but his heart began beating so fast that he felt insanely dizzy all of a sudden. The dark burned out walls started to dance around him and the floor felt as if sinking under his feet. He realized that no sound had left his chest, so he started to grasp for air and tried to hold onto something to maintain his balance.

It didn’t seem something felt wrong to her. Majestically, as she always did, she came closer and closer one gracious step at a time. Sparklingly white in the dark room, the very long white hair dancing with some inaudible music. The dress appeared to be made of transparent airy fabric that lifted up every time she made another step.

She was incredibly beautiful, she was. That was the last thought he could remember when waking up at a hospital.

It appears he had gotten out on the street and then felt down because of abnormally fast heart rate. He had fainted because of a strong and sudden rise in blood pressure. People had found him unconscious and called the ambulance.

He came back to himself quite quickly. His mother was sitting next to his bed.

“Well, how are you feeling?” she asked.

His mouth was dry, and the answer came somewhat delayed: “Dizzy. Weak. Silly. I want to go home”

“Doctor said some tests were necessary, so they will be back with the results soon. Let’s just wait and I will call a cab and take you to my place.” Mother was so old, but she was very decisive and her voice was as strong as it used to be 30 years ago.

“Sure. What is this small stinky book over there on the night table? It smells like it has been burning or something. I’ve never seen this book before.” He had noticed the strangely looking book and the smell was somewhat very annoying.

“They brought it with you because when by-passers found you, you were holding this small book tightly in your hand.”

“I see” he only responded because it did not seem to have any importance at the moment.

He could not even remember later how this book got home with him.

The test results were satisfactory, but he was warned he could experience sudden episodes of fatigue for a while, so it was better not to leave the house alone. He promised to do so and they were free to leave the hospital.

He kept experiencing nightmares and bad scary dreams after this incident every night. He was at the brink of losing his mind when he woke up in the middle of the night in cold sweat and trembling. He had lost his sleep and started losing his weight rapidly.

He had seen numerous doctors since, and nobody could find a serious reason for his headache, nightmares, blood pressure swings and absurdly fast heart beats. This condition did not go away, although, it never bothered him during the day.

He got finally tired of spending so much time in doctors’ waiting rooms. He got the address of a spiritual healer, mind reader and a person who could understand ghosts.

After the women had carefully listened to what happened, burnt out a few candles from the holy place and used different manipulations and talked to someone invisible, she finally came up with the suggestion: “The cause of your troubles lies in the small book you received from the other world. You are not the person to keep this book because you do not understand what is says and you cannot read the ancient script either. The only way you can return to your normal is you take this book back where you got it from.”

He did not like the idea. He did not like even thinking about walking in the dark, burnt out place.

“I know you are not excited to return there, but you have to put yourself together and be brave and get this done. Prepare before you go. Ask somebody to wait outside. Whatever way you do it, you have to get this book back there. Unfortunately, you need to do this at night. I wish you strength, and remember: it is much better to move forward without carrying your past along,” she said putting out the candle lights with a special metal apparatus that looked like face of evil.

He had prepared. He did not want to bother any friends and he felt strong enough because he knew what to expect this time.

He had bought gasoline and poured it all around the corners and all across the place. He wanted to finish with this place for good. Get rid of it. Make it disappear. Forever. It had not given him anything good. She was the past. She was somewhere else. She was never to return to this place again.

So, he sat down on the steps of the stairs that did not lead to the second floor any more. He thought she might appear from above or somewhere behind him. It didn’t scare him this time.

Finally, it was dark enough and late enough. The pale half-moon was almost above the trees and weak light beam crossed the room from the window opening to the door in the distant wall. There she comes. The long white hair and the long airy dress waving in an invisible and inaudible breeze. Silence is thick and only his heart beat interrupts it. He glances one more last time at the white silhouette and ghostly creature and says loudly: I am leaving now and I advise you to go away, as well. Take back the book, here it is.”

The pale half-moon shines on the face that had eyes and life in it some 30 years ago. Dress and hair swirl around her. Her steps are majestic and she moves in a flying motion.

He places the book on the steps before she has gotten too close. Gets a lighter and throws it into the puddle of gasoline.

He is not weak. He gets out behind the gate just to see how the building flares up against the night sky.

He walks fast and a few shivery street lights show the way. He walks away. He is done with the past and it will not come after him ever again.

It is quite chilly and he walks rapidly towards the lights of the town, towards the future.

14 thoughts on “A ghost from the past, a real life story

    1. Thanks, Sue! I appreciate that, you’re the first one who read it.
      Well, I do not celebrate Halloween, it’s very distant from my Latvian perception, but I wrote this story yesterday.
      In reality, I saw this woman three times.
      I had her come into my dreams first. I was about 15 or so. This image was so bright that I drew a life-size very large drawing and put it on the wall. She looked exactly as I am describing. In dream, and in my drawing. I was always good with drawing and I drew quite a lot portraits and figures back then.
      She appeared in reality around Christmas time for the first time. I hardly managed to get out of my room and call for help. After the ambulance took me to hospital and sort of brought me back to life I was unable to practically stand on my feet for the next 2 weeks or so. I was just fainting all the time.
      Then I saw her in that room at springtime again, and then once before I went to study to the University. This house does not exist anymore, it was torn down, but the research and old birth registry suggests she lived there and took her own life at that big heating oven at a young age. So, I made a story out of this.

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      1. No, Sue, it felt bad. Even thinking about that feels bad.
        I can do a lot of things, including see what’s in the past and future assuming I want to because when I actively did during University times (I was doing palm reading and future telling and I had insane lineups at the door), bad things started to happen. This woman wasn’t there to protect anybody, she just couldn’t get out of there. Maybe now she’s away.
        Basically all these bad energies and curses and that type of things exist. Thankfully, I got to know about the book I was having (also I almost passed away that time) after I saw a dream. It was at a cemetery. It was some king of those old Russian cemeteries with high crosses, etc. I was standing at the grave and going through a book. I recognized it. I was given it by my University group mate. It was very old and it came from antiquity store.
        I burnt that book and everything returned to normal.
        I am very cautious about having things that belonged to somebody else, especially old things with lots of past energy. Very cautious.

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      2. I hope so.
        I need to also be more aware of people leaving behind their energies here.
        I have flowers at the entrance.
        Technically, the most difficult is when I give some class or speech to feel all their thoughts and energies. I sometimes think they don’t need to speak because I know exactly what each of those students wants or like or do not like.
        I see that you can understand energies, too. It is much more common in Europe, especially, the old part. Well, I believe everybody has experienced some encounters with something supernatural at some point.
        I have my grandma’s words for lots of things: against thieves, fire, disaster, etc. You know what is strange? I cannot help myself to take off any bad health issues. Maybe didn’t try too hard or did too less, I don’t know, but it seems it works on anybody else, except me myself.

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      3. Yes I understand energies.. and inherited my own gift from my Dads mother.. So totally understand you.. And maybe sometimes when we WANT something so much, the universe keeps us wanting.. I have learnt through experience that its when we let go of something,, Like for instance someone who WANTS to get pregnant and tries for years to have a child, They then give up the idea and the moment they do, they get caught pregnant… You are still in my own healing book I send out to as I hold the book with many names and send positive love and light to in my prayers.. xxx Love and Hugs xx


      4. Well, I totally am with you, however, it’s impossible to just let the health go, when I have to change the dressing every day or take the pills every day, test blood sugar many times a day, do injections quite frequently. I won’t be able to say, I just forget about it. I understand how we let go everything else: offence, feeling angry, envy, so on, but it’s impossible to say I don’t want to feel better today. I literally feel like it’s time to return to the better, well, I will see how it goes. I hope I won’t need more surgeries at least for now. I mean, I can see how it is possible to improve life and help everybody else, and I cannot see nothing about myself. Like nothing.

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      5. Thanks, Sue! Well, I am aware that I will be fine in a long run. I have the double life line which is present in people who keep learning all life and teaching all life which is an exchange of higher energies. It’s like an energetic backup. It’s also like a backup of life resources. I haven’t seen many people with this backup line, but I have it and it makes me calm. Like yo said: there must be some guardian angel, well, there are a few.


    1. Thanks! As an artist, I’m mostly seeing everything. I posted in previous comments how this was unfolding in my real life. The woman appeared about 3 times, and I suffered lots of issues after seeing her. The book was also real, and I had to eventually burn it because of different troubles. So, yes, that happened to me in reality, just wanted to make the story as a story for Halloween night.


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