My Angel’s Day

May 18, usually a fantastic and very pleasant day of spring is my Angel’s Day or my name’s day. This day for many Latvians is almost more important than their birthday. It also is one more day to celebrate something beautiful, and we are honoring the person and their name on this day. Russians refer to this day as Angel’s Day, and I have to admit it sounds so poetic, therefore, I love using this description a lot.

Latvians got their name attach to particular dates since late 18th century. The church calendar probably gave the idea, and it became an extremely popular way to congratulate people who we love.

Statistics tell us that there are currently 12,713 Ineses residing in Latvia. Many Latvians have relocated to other countries, so there are definitely more ladies and girls whose name is Inese out there if we take into account the entire world’s population. It has been one of the most popular names for at least 5 decades in Latvia. I am proud I have this beautiful name and I am happy my parents chose this name for me since it suits me so well.

Angel's Day Angel

The small angel was given to me by my mom. She always gives me very thoughtful greeting cards and very interesting gifts. This small angel sits on the shelf very close to my desk to watch over me, to protect me and to always remind me about my mom.

Angel's Day Love

I don’t know how lilac does this, but lilac is always blooming on my Angel’s Day wherever I am. My angel sits on my right shoulder and we are both extremely happy because it is spring, because there are flowers and because all summer is still ahead. That means, gorgeous time to look forward to.

Inese’s song

We have a song which was composed by a very famous Latvian composer Raimonds Pauls. It was written for a musical play, but it became so popular that it is always played on the radio and on the TV on May 18 when numerous Ineses will welcome their guests with rich dinner and wonderful party. The most usual gift for name’ s day is flowers. One doesn’t need anything special, not even invitation. So everybody can make happy everybody else. Happy Angel’s Day dear Ineses all around the world!

11 thoughts on “My Angel’s Day

    1. Inese Poga Art plus Life

      Thank you so much! I have, we had a really nice dinner. I appreciate such a great comment about my pictures from such a good photographer.

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    1. Inese Poga Art plus Life

      Thank you Cynthia! I feel great every year on this day. It is also a time when I first received a huge bouquet of roses from my husband (at that moment he still wasn’t). These roses were sent using over the internet delivery. Lots and lots of memories about this day.

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      1. Inese Poga Art plus Life

        It always was. It’s nice my husband understands how important it is for a Latvian to have their name’s day celebrated. So, he goes for it, although, most Canadians do not pay any attention. I mean, don’t know about that.

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    1. Inese Poga Art plus Life

      Thanks! Yes, it was great. I’m so much enjoying the weather right now, believe or not: it starts getting a bit warmer only now.


  1. I hope that you had a beautiful Angel’s or Name´s Day, dear Inese…I love the story nehind your latvian name and the lilacs which usually blossom by that date over there… I also liked the little angel your mother gave you… I also have angels in my room, for protection… My grandmother firmly believes in them so she always give me angel gifts too… Very nice post. Thanks for sharing. Sending love and wishing you a nice weekend ahead. Aquileana 😉


    1. Inese Poga Art plus Life

      Thanks Aquileana! My mom also strongly believes in power of our guardian angels, and I really love this small angel sitting above my desk. It feels great and it always reminds about my mom. On May 18, lilacs have always been in bloom in Latvia and in Canada, Ontario. It is strange, and I thought: no way this year it is going to be in bloom, we had snow just a few weeks ago. It was just starting to open buds, but still. Lilac made it.

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