It’s a brilliant day

Today, it is. The heat has decreased and the humidity torture is less depressing, as well. My blog posting gaps have increased, though, thanks to all kinds of unexpected issues. It is a time when I am aware of all things I still have to tackle and bring to some conclusion, yet, I don’t do anything here and there. The privilege of older age is that you can mentally sort through the urgent things and make a reasonable decision: there’s hardly anything that cannot wait for a bit longer. For instance, posting a new article which won’t be seen by that many anyway.

It’s a wrong decision from the point of being present on the internet, but a very beneficial from the view of general feeling-and being-well-aspect. Ever since we became billions on every social media site and every blogging platform, the importance of one single post lost its meaning. Life is not long enough whatever way you look at it. I’d prefer much longer stretch of feeling like in 35-50 period. I find that around 50 it was when I had still huge energy and motivation to fight every internet battle and to squeeze myself out like a lemon to grab attention. Over time, the need to be present everywhere has really lost its attraction.

Being present in moments which matter for me personally has become more important. Sooner or later, we all realize that there will be things which we aren’t destined to do, learn or pursue. Time limits our ability to perform everything at the same level of devotion and achieve the same level of success in all areas which appeal to us. It takes huge time to achieve adequate skills in any area nowadays. However, the abundant numbers of experts and people who do counselling means there’s too much advise about everything. 

Let’s talk about how-to posts. Mainly, there are 2 groups. The first group, usually, in technical aspects of using software, app, social media or blogging platforms, writing or drawing and painting tools are helpful. The second group is where the heading says “how-to”, but the article lists reasons why and immediately takes you to the button to purchase something. We already know why, if we are looking for the practical application of this new whatever it is. I’m really interested in finding examples of using a tool, a strategy, I want to see how it looks in reality, but that’s not possible. There are immediately ads and all kinds of offers to buy. Food takes very much space on the internet, as well, too much for me personally. I stick to the old and extra simple recipes, better yet, the ones which consist of a few ingredients. That’s also very beneficial for our digestive system.

Then there are the numbers articles: 10 things what to eat and 10 what not to, 7 ways to wear an outfit, 6 ways to relax, 5 ways to prepare a particular food and to exercise. Very often it is “how to be happy” in numerous ways. It’s usually a list of things which we all know, have or do not intend to have, do or do mind doing. It’s something which we are aware about, but we have a reason not to engage in it, or we are already mastering that aspect. This type of list provides with no discoveries. One advice can never suit all. The most interesting articles for me are about personal experiences, the diverse ways we live.

Today, it is a really brilliant day. Just with the right amount of heat and sunshine. With well-formed attractive clouds sailing the bright blue sky. With bees still working blooms and butterflies hurrying from one flower to another. With tomato branches almost touching the ground because of the heavy fruit. With fantastically orange and perfectly round pumpkins. I also saw hummingbird 2 times this year. That’s so cute for my location!

The summer has been too short as always. It was too hot, we had too much rain, it was too dry sometimes, too stormy here and there. And it will be definitely too cold in the winter. No perfect weather for us, and here I laugh a little. Our feeling of entitlement has spoiled us. I personally do not complain, I take summer over winter any time. The virus has had big impact on our life here in Ontario, as I suppose, in the place where you are at. We thought it will be a fairly swift battle and we would be done with it. Maybe you have lived as you wanted, but I here couldn’t. Restrictions are still all in place, except, there is no lockdown.

I have such insanely huge amounts of produce, I’m not sure what to do with it. We are giving away part of it to husband’s colleagues, sometimes to anybody who will take it. I am seeing all benefits of growing vegetables and flowers from my own seeds. These plants are very strong, they practically do not suffer from the regular plant diseases. It makes a lot of sense to take care of your own seeding material. Since I haven’t been anywhere, only at home (almost 2 years already!!!), I am attaching a few pictures of my garden. It can be enough, but dreams and memories take me to other places; where I have been, which I will visit and what I’m not going to see. Well, the Earth is small and big at the same time, just like this life: so uncomplicated and manageable one day, but absolutely stunning or overwhelming the next.

Have a good September which is just around the corner! Thanks for reading!

29 thoughts on “It’s a brilliant day

  1. The things that are truly important to us become apparent with age. For me, among them the garden, the sky and how it looks at certain times of day, a small flower underfoot, how friends and family feel, what can I do to help them. The Internet holds many good things, but can certainly drain one dry.

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    1. They do, they become the only things we sometimes care about.
      You know, I can see I couldn’t understand my parents fully when I was even 30. Age changes perception of everything.
      Thankfully, we do not have to change attitude towards our personal values.
      Internet definitely drains energy. I agree, the older we get, the more we appreciate the beauty of this world, especially, the tiny moments which touch us deeply.
      Thanks very much!
      I hope your fall season turns out well!

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  2. Yes, there is no one solution suits all template available. Everyone has their own likes and ways of seeking hapiness. I agree too that the article which convey something different are what generate interest.
    Stay blessed always.

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  3. Wow, your garden has exploded with beautiful, bountiful life! Isn’t that just incredible? How something so small can turn into such an incredible display of nature’s ability to provide for us. We should take more advantage of it and, while you do see more home gardens, more of us could benefit from our own.
    Your pumpkins and tomatoes look divine, by the way, you can tell from the photos that your plants are well tended and cared for. It’s amazing what a little love and some hard work can do!
    It is a shame that Covid is still creating so many problems for people.. The hope was to have more progress by now but, alas, it appears not. We just keep moving forward.
    Have a lovely week, Inese, I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying some more pleasant weather!
    Stay safe!

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    1. Thank you Sheri!
      You know, once everything is planted, it just sort of grows. I was thinking the other day that it’s more difficult to decide what to do with all produce. We’ve given away lots of it to anybody who was willing to take it. It’s amazing that not everybody wants organic vegetables. They say like: what am I going to do with all of this?
      Always something new.
      It is truly amazing how much and how big plants grow from one small seed. The mysterious plant DNA!
      I am more certain than ever that plants which I started from my own seeds, not store bought, are doing much better.
      That is one more thing most people doubted here.
      I find this all strange here in Ontario. Well, most people have only grass, what can you expect?
      Anyway, we are definitely enjoying the harvest and it usually lasts until the frost ends growing. Every single day something fresh and clean and definitely delicious!

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      1. My pleasure!
        I have noticed that they do that.. it’s a lot of work managing any plants that do produce. Our blackberries were ridiculous this year.. we gave away gallons and, I kid you not, still have more in our freezer and canned.
        It makes no sense to me how people can turn natural foods away, none, we’re literally polluting our bodies with processed foods, dyes, chemicals, additives, fake sugar.. And, yet, it’s somehow weird when you’d rather eat “rabbit food.” No sense.
        Congratulations on yours! You put so much into caring for them.. of course they’re going to respond!
        I expect that within the next ten years or so that growing your own food will be a lot more common.
        A lot of the produce here is ready after the first frost so, we’ve still got some more growth on the way but, with the way the weather has been effecting things.. who knows.
        I’m happy for you! The success of your garden is a direct result of how much time and love you give it, enjoy!

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      2. Thanks! It took me a very long time to find time to post something new
        and also to respond.
        Well, while I cannot complain about disasters, nothing is improving either here.
        Right now I am trying to stop my leg from hurting, wasp stung me, good that just one. It appears I accidentally touched their nest in the ground. I had no idea there was one.
        I hope you are doing fine. I real a lot every night late, but my usual stuff, crime and suspense. They help me take mind off of all pressing issues.
        I think the best age is between 40 and 50, but it’s already past. Time literally disappears and I sort of get done way less than I used to. Annoying.
        Best wishes to you and your book community!

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      3. It’s lovely to see you again, Inese, you were missed! I’m sorry to hear you were stung, we’ve been seeing a lot of wasps here as well.. they seem to be quite bad this year. I hope it heals quickly!
        I’m hanging in there, thank you, we’ve had a lot of changes happening in our household recently so.. we’re having to adjust.
        I’m a pretty big fan of those genres myself and, lucky for us, it’s the perfect time of year for them!
        I’m glad to see you back! Be well and Happy reading!

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      4. Thanks!
        In my thoughts I had posted about 100 articles, it was just so that with the art classes not filling and need to create new ads and pretty much useless work which took abnormally many hours, I didn’t seem to have enough time for both blogs.
        I hope the changes were not bad. In long term, some changes prove to be beneficial.
        When I don’t have what to read I write, it is as good as reading. However, I’m not fast enough with advertising and publishing anything.
        The leg is kind of painful and itchy, etc. I discovered these were multiple stings. I had no idea the wasp nest was where it was, they were really attacking very fiercely, I was lucky not to get more stings.
        Have a nice day!

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      5. There’s always something to get done, isn’t there? And, still, there is more to replace it. Any feeling of achievement is usually dampened by the realization that you’re never quite done.
        And change is change.. it’s stressful but, with time, you can adjust to almost anything. You just have to believe that it all happens for a reason.
        It really is a shame to hear you’re still having problems filling classes.. have there been any improvements since quarantine was released?
        I’ll be hoping you see a speedy recovery! My prayers and many good thoughts to you!

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      6. Very true. It feels like there are endless tasks and duties and they never end.
        I agree, humans are extremely flexible and we’ve adapted gradually to anything. Look how people live even in the areas where there’s no air to breath! We can live underground and high above the ground, and to be honest, that’s impacting health, too.
        It seems that once I moved away from Whitby, I lost any traction. Well, and then the pandemic started and it was extremely long lockdown here. So far, I haven’t filled any group classes, maybe later in the fall. It’s really weird, but absolutely nothing is happening. There are also numerous online classes. Everybody told they were so tired of Zoom, but they won’t come to the real classes either. It’s an old model, but I have no equipment to move instruction online. I checked the prices and they are very high. There is also shortage of everything and that has driven up prices.
        They key would be to get people to walk in, and that seems to be an impossible task. I think in the future, I will discontinue most social accounts. There’s no point. Every place wants me to pay them in order somebody saw what I publish. Facebook says, look what Walmart did and got results. Isn’t that hilarious? They make no distinction between huge companies and single person place.
        Thanks and have a good Sunday!


  4. theburningheart

    With age comes wrinkles, sickness, tiredness, and the end of life, but the compensation, if you applied yourself diligently, some never did, it’s a modicum of wisdom gained, to learn to enjoy what we have, rather than lament what we don’t, your words on this post bring that thought to my mind, it must be delightful for you, to enjoy working in your garden, and painting, and eating good old, and well tried recipes, with delight.
    Now retired for a few years, try to live a day at at time, I got up today early, and start almost immediately to work, usually do a cup of tea, but this morning forgot about it, and I am raving now for caffeine, and surprised, here is an hour and some minutes, past Noon!
    Time for me to prepare a late lunch, first I got to do some shopping near by, since I skip breakfast, our lives may be spent doing different things, in different place, but as you I enjoy doing my thing, through my window I can see a blue sky, and shiny day, and my thermometer says its 66F.
    Days seem to start getting cooler, after Summer.

    Enjoyable post Inese, and happy to find, you are doing well, and doing what you care for.

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    1. Wonderful comment!
      I think it’s not any more days which are disappearing, it’s entire weeks. I get up on Monday morning, so happy I still have all week to get done whatever I have intended, and next thing I know, it’s somehow already Sunday afternoon again.
      I also, just like you skip meals and not notice it it is way over the breakfast or lunch time. Food was never crazy important as long as there was some, especially when I was young. I’ve lived for the most part with 2 meals a day, I just don’t get the time. Thankfully, I’m not in snacks, so that means more time for meaningful things.
      You’re so right, when everything else declines and decreases, wisdom starts shining brighter. It’s nice one can rely on themselves and knowledge they have. Such a great thing!
      Here, too, September is a good month this year, warm, mild, sunny with a few showers, but certainly enjoyable.
      I was going to post something new, for maybe 2 weeks and I get carried away with the art things.
      Days are extremely short. Months could be double as long now, too. I wouldn’t mind stretching year as well, just minus pandemic.
      We are here to savor, enjoy and live. I hope I can do that all more.
      Thanks for the very interesting comment, just like a letter!
      I wish you all the best! Next post is coming soon.

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  5. theburningheart

    Yes, I keep myself busy, with whatever needs to be done, some my find hard to believe, but in order to go back to my business I had a very light lunch, and I am just finishing my day, and it seems I was just four hours had pass since I woke up, except that its 40 minutes before midnight!
    I am a little tired, but being busy keep me going, and doesn’t give me time to be idle, or feel alone, or in need of something else, that I may not have, do not worry, and live busy, but careless, at the same time, almost childlike when I played all day, and suddenly I will collapse, and fall sleep, just to next day play again all day long! Just today I call it work.
    Realize I have not even drink some liquid after my brief lunch, now over nine hours ago, and still have something to do for about an hour before getting ready to go to bed, time its really relative to when we are concentrated into doing something, whatever it is.

    Nice to hear from you Inese, I share your feeling also when you say :” I get up on Monday morning, so happy I still have all week to get done whatever I have intended, and next thing I know, it’s somehow already Sunday afternoon again.”
    I know the feeling.
    Best wishes, and take care Inese.

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    1. I think we all keep ourselves busy, well, people who are never bored.
      The days are getting shorter and it feels I can get done even less.
      Just posted an update, and a wasp stung me outdoors, I must admit it hurts. I usually go all summer without such troubles.
      Other things are ok I guess, except nothing much on art sale side.
      Stay well, it’s always great to hear from you!


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