Celebrating feminine power: International Women’s Day 2019

March opens the gate for spring so that we can walk through it with the first spring flowers and honor the uniqueness of every woman, their mission and awareness of the feminine power.

Flowers open to the sun as if in spite the still cool air and soil, and breezy, chilly winds. They’ve come long ways and survived the lack of light and warmth in winter.

Much longer days and the bright and daring sun beams allow seeing everything in fresh and strong colors.

We give birth to new plans, nurture brave ideas and get excited with fresh thoughts.

It is so wonderful to head out looking for unexpected success and brave solutions! Nothing compares to the feeling when we take ourselves by hand, get outdoors and join the dance of sunlight patches on the sidewalk!

Spring is in the air, and March comes with a firm promise: “Soon, very soon, every path will take you straight to the blossoming gardens and sprouting grasses and blooms!” You cannot even miss it!

We should appreciate every gift we receive from the spring.

Let us feel young and daring once again! Let us enjoy the blossoming season and walk fearlessly and with determination towards our new goals!

It is no coincidence we celebrate International Women’s Day in March, as soon as our boldest and bravest dreams wake up after the long sleepy winter. Who else, if not women dare everything?

This day has been always my most favorite spring celebration. I’m very happy to be in Latvia at this moment. We do not associate this day that much with political issues in Latvian families, and we do simply celebrate women for all the great qualities they have and for all the great things women achieve.

I can leave all the sad issues in the past and look forward to a new beginning. Love never dies, not even when the person we loved has gone.

These flowers tell me about the future. Tulips in my vase are from my daughter and her husband. Exactly in the red color I adore.

We do not need much to feel loved and respected, especially, if our heart is confident that love never ends and big part of it dwells in our soul.

Flowers in pictures are my room plants. They, too, feel love and care. The more I care, the more beautiful their blossoms regardless of any obstacles and setbacks.

It’s time to blossom, ladies.

Happy International Women’s Day!

6 thoughts on “Celebrating feminine power: International Women’s Day 2019

    1. Thanks! Well, I could narrate a documentary about how respected and loved I have felt as a woman all 60 years. After the fear anxiety and worries before and the devastation that followed my mom’s passing away, I finally got energy and even took some pleasure writing this post because that’s exactly how I felt.
      I’m mentioning that March 8 is my most favorite early spring celebration, just because spring is close, we honor women, any women whether mothers or young girls, whether successful or not, whether famous or not, women who come from every walk of life. I have been writing an article about this day every year, too, sometimes more uplifting, sometimes more associated with history. Thy are published on this blog.
      I felt good after so many days of desperation and grief. I also received a bouquet of pink-red tulips. Fantastic day! I paint a lot of flowers and many are published on my other blog which is all about art.
      Too bad, nobody has offered me so far to write text for a documentary, but, thankfully, I have managed to write lots of poems in my native Latvian language, in German and in English. I do write stories here and there, but most often my written texts are related to clinical research, health and natural treatments. I’ve spent 4 decades just exploring a part of that.
      I did feel great expressing how fantastic I feel as a woman and how happy I am about other women.


  1. theburningheart

    ¨I can leave all the sad issues in the past and look forward to a new beginning. Love never dies, not even when the person we loved has gone.¨

    I am glad you feel this way. 🙂

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  2. theburningheart

    Truthful saying, just last night I had a dream connecting me to my parents, and to one of the houses I live there, as a child, both, many years gone…

    Best wishes, and blessings. 🙂

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