The new perception of prosperity and green living has become a must

Why do we think resources are endless?

Maybe you don’t think so or maybe I do not assume resources are endless, but there has been very little implementation of any resource-saving impactful actions regards our daily life. The richer somebody is, the more they believe they require thousands of outfits, thousands of pairs of shoes, many cars, so that every person can use one on their own, tens of rooms, so on. The rest follow the trend: the more, the better.

We humans are designed the way that we can be only at one place at a time, wear one outfit at a time and sleep only in one bed at a time. The first thing that has to change is the perception of prosperity. We have to stop buying things just to show-off what we have. In reality, you look at Facebook, and that’s all you see: people bragging about everything. The perception has to change so dramatically that kids growing up have rich imagination and creative approach and they understand how to live not harming natural resources and nature around us.

Advertising has huge power. Financially abnormally rich companies do not show any example in saving resources. The only aspect they decrease is the cost which goes into any service or product in order to gain larger profits.

We normally think that pollution over China is something that Chinese are responsible for and they have to deal with. We also think that the disappearing ice caps on poles are so far away that we don’t even feel any impacts. We think that floods in some distant places where they never happened before are just nature’s mood and an inevitable disaster. How about destroying any natural balance and creating unwanted and undesirable side effects? They manifest as natural disasters just about anywhere because the Earth has to return to balance.

The earth is one and everything is connected on it, above it and under the ground. Oceans are connected with the sky, and the land is connected with oceans, not to mention air; and humans, who are assuming we are technologically so advanced that we shouldn’t fear anything, are also in the same mutually connected air-water-land space.

We are very many. We all need food, air and shelter. We need medications, fashion and we require entertainment. The new perception should focus on essential things, on life enhancing things instead of mental garbage thrown at us in huge amounts and things that make the planet Earth safer and our life better and more enjoyable.

We know that so far all simple, good things are free: sunlight, air, beauty of nature, adorable views, and not privatized waters, rivers and ocean beaches. We can enjoy and create so many things not harming nature and ourselves. We simply must want that.

There must be a moment when one says: I do not need 10 fur coats because the winter in my area is short. I do not need 50 handbags because most of them I never use anyway. I do not need extremely big, but good-looking packaging that’s not biodegradable. I do not need and I will not use any drinks or foods that come in plastic. I will make my perfect shopping bags out of recycled material which is friendly to me and nature. I will not leave the water tap open and I will not leave power on in any rooms where I am not present. I will not buy food in large packs and later discard it as garbage. I am aware that garbage is burying us, and I will only use products in nature friendly packaging.

The new perception of prosperity starts with each one of us. Because we are so many. Because we can do a lot.

The attached natural forest pictures continue with wild mushrooms and leaves. Isn’t that amazing how poisonous, not edible mushrooms attract with much brighter appearance?

The next post will show the beauty in a fall garden, last blooms and many colours of garden plants.

5 thoughts on “The new perception of prosperity and green living has become a must

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  2. Figuring out one’s actual needs and priorities from the sheer amount of “things” available is a good start. I agree the Earth has finite resources available, and they are being used at an alarming rate. We are all responsible, to a degree.

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    1. Inese Poga Art plus Life

      Yes, Lavinia, we are responsible to a degree because we have no control about powers causing wars and the hugest pollution ever because of very localized industrial activity. Still, the small things we can do are not to go oh and ahh when somebody is demonstrating their belongings instead of their mental abilities and talents, and we can develop the perception of not living in a restricted mode, but having abundance of things that matter. Many people are confused; and under pressure and intrusive brain washing of social media, they get totally carried away with deals and purchases, and shopping because it always feels we are missing out on something and we need all of it what’s out there.


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