Living green means simplifying and enhancing life

So far, we have been taught that more is always better. We have known for decades that having more than anybody else is the best.

It is fairly obvious, however, that it is better to have a few good things than very many useless ones. We have to educate ourselves every single day, and do that not based on what somebody else believes, but on facts, our and others experience and tested, proven truth. The campaigns which claim to provide us with miracle products are just an advertising trick because the real miracle of life is our ability to change our life and destiny. We always have a choice, would that be food or place to live.

We love excuses, we can justify any laziness or idleness of mind and body. There are diseases, there are accidents, many of which wouldn’t happen if we paid more attention and had implemented some preventive measures. Accidents and diseases are quite often caused by things which we didn’t want to do since we felt too tired or too exhausted to do.

Prevention is the best protection, both against diseases and accidents. Having everything safely placed at home and in the outdoor space prevents plenty of childhood accidents. It is not that difficult to never place hot or boiling substance close to the table rim. It is not that difficult to fence in open water on a property. One ambulance worker said: if people didn’t try so hard to show off how brave or strong they are, many accidents wouldn’t happen.

Choosing simple things over expensive equipment and gym isn’t any worse sporting activity. In fact, we are aware now, that moderate physical activities are the best. That means people, who already have some illness or disorder, have to be careful and choose activities which won’t harm them more.

Everybody who can, should take walks. The added bonus is doing that in tree-rich area, parks, forests, taking a path away from busy traffic routes. When we compare walk in the forest and workout in the gym, it is almost like comparing a decent organic meal and dining at a fast food restaurant.

Appearances take huge place in any area of our life. I mean people do so much stuff not for themselves, but to show off their extra success to somebody who is “everybody”. I have noticed how TV uses “everybody”: everybody eats this and everybody watches that; everybody wears that outfit or color and everybody exercises like that. Well, everybody is actually nobody.

Thankfully, we are also all different as our DNA proves. There are no 100% identical people on the planet because even twins develop distinctive lifestyles or get different diseases in their lifetime due to epigenetic factors and environmental influence. Epigenetic factors have strong influence, therefore, we are not only determined by our genetic potential or some genetic disorder.

The best way to keep ourselves healthy is to always stay close to nature and natural products and environment.

We can learn a lot from the garden: how to start fresh every year, how to bloom regardless of bad weather and how to get through tough winter peacefully and being ready for the new blossoming. Therefore, we can impact our destiny and genetic predisposition by returning to nature: fresh air, unpolluted water, undisturbed sunlight and clean soil. We can live very well putting basic natural products, greens and herbs on our table. The beauty and tranquility of a garden is the best environment to recharge and reset one’s energy.

It was late fall, and some flowers were still blossoming. Sunflowers are beauties with a strength and surviving power of a warrior. Colors of leaves make us wonder every fall: how can the nature have so many colors and shapes? It is such a talented artist creating beauty effortlessly. Enjoy the picture gallery!

26 thoughts on “Living green means simplifying and enhancing life

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  2. Dear Inese, thank you for reminding us these articulations and obvious advices. Your words are full of wisdom and are an invitation to authenticity face to purselves. You are right, about the necessity to live close from nature. I had ancestors who live hardly with the soil, but seldom fell ill and had a long life. The challenge pf our tome consists in finding the equivalent of a life close by nature in our cities, where more and more people live.

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    1. Inese Poga Art plus Life

      Thanks Philippe! That is a challenge, but we have always a choice. The soul does not care whether we drive the last model car or wear outfit which is the latest fashion trend. The soul cares that it can reside in a well-maintained body, so it can fulfill its tasks on the Earth. Nature can provide us practically with everything, therefore, we have to be aware that its treasures are not unlimited. Wasting and harming the source of our survival opportunities is simply dumb and there is no excuse for doing so.


    1. Inese Poga Art plus Life

      Thanks so much! I was just thinking: this blog goes rarely noticed because it is secondary blog in my account. I think WordPress doesn’t treat this fair: every blog should be an independent one. Therefore, I am very happy when somebody notices my photos. I wasn’t at home when posting all the last 3 articles and pictures, and I am still visiting in Latvia, but I tried to show how natural and beautiful things are here. They also fight much stronger against plastic packaging and plastic bottles, save water, electricity and do similar things since clean food and environment matter a lot.


  3. Hi Inese – I agree about the messages in our culture about more and bigger – and you are right with your different angles here. Especially agree with nature and the healing therapy found within – and walking!

    And the garden analogies are dear to my heart because I actually have many accumulating – and so much to glean – like flowers don’t bloom all year and so our productivity can have slower, dormant periods.
    Oh – and just one tidbit – I personally would not say gym workouts are the same as fast food – outdoors is better – but some gym workouts are hearty and efficient and effective – in my view 😉

    Happy fall to you

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    1. Inese Poga Art plus Life

      Thanks so much! I am just really influenced by the Latvian attitude and how they fight the poisonous packaging and promote just normal and moderate natural everything without going overboard.
      I know, gym is the only way to get moving for many people. However, fresh air is always better, and the recent research shows clearly that exercising has to be kept at a moderate level, too, since that’s the most beneficial. It’s certainly different for sportsmen.
      I don’t think I have seen here many really overweight people, if any at all. That scene is profoundly different from North America. It is 100% obvious that food is EVERYTHING. I just like these guys always use only butter, never the insanely chemical margarine, we never choose low fat products because that means more processing. My friends, family, even my Canadian native husband always follows my suggestions and we don’t have any weight problems, we never had them and we are both almost 60.
      Thanks for wishing me happy fall! I’m soon returning home in Canada, and I hope to catch some sunny days before the winter sets in.

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      1. I agree with so much of your view – esp the butter and the healthy fats!!
        Oh what a shame to see people eat dead food that pulls from life!

        And the HFCS has been shown to scar the liver and well – it is everywhere – inese- I think we could go on and on with this topic!

        Oh and another thing I have been enjoying more this year are “seeds” – all kinds – ground or sprinkled or toasted – hmmm
        Esp chia
        And then found some hemp hearts…
        Ok – wishing you a nice week and happy healthy eating!

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      2. Inese Poga Art plus Life

        Thanks! I enjoy a good meal, but all in all, I’m not a big eater, I sometimes wish I had better appetite, but it’s at least easy. Seeds are certainly good, I am not that much in these because I love foods which I grew up with, and I think my DNA has a special attitude to that stuff. I mean, I am simple and cook simple, but tasty meals. I use imagination and intuition, therefore, no need for recipes. Our home favorite is beet soup and borshch (I saw it written borsch and borscht, but Russian spelling is closer to the way I spell it) which is slightly different from beet soup. My husband has actually fallen in love with plenty of East European foods. We have thousands of soups and salads, not to mention extremely simple and delicious deserts. There is a lot of stuff which doesn’t have English name, and sometimes products or vegetables are not available in Canada. I don’t think I will ever change the way I’m eating because we are generally healthy and live up to 97 to slightly over 100 years, like my great grandma.
        The problem is the Canadian products. It is so difficult to find something good and clean. Dairy is terribly bad, bread is very bad, vegetables quite often totally tasteless (must be GMOs), so I’m growing a little bit on my own. Especially first years were very tough in Canada, I just never got used to much of these foods.
        I wish you good second half of this week, and I always enjoy your nice comments!!!

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      3. The beet and borsch (sp?) sounds so good – I take powdered beers (in water) a few times a week – and a barley greens powder sometimes and turmeric -I had to supplement because the food here in the States is also anemic of vital nutrients.
        And wow – longevity runs in a your bloodline – 😉
        And I enjoy our comment chats too – and one thing I have noticed that is a plus is there is this store called Aldi’s and st first I did. Not like them – but now love them!
        They sell a lot of German foods and this week had sale in jars of purple cabbage with apples. Mmmm and they have some awesome sauerkraut for under a dollar. I would like to make my own stuff (my brother gardens and he showed me some stuff) but don’t have the time (or desire really) and so this store has been amazing – they have awesome bread too – I agree most bread is like eating a napkin – but they have seed bread – or a dark pumpernickel rye. But I don’t eat it everyday 😉
        Anyhow – the way you cook with no recipe and feeling it sounds like a natural talent 🍲🍝

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      4. Inese Poga Art plus Life

        Good for you! You have found a store which sells slightly different stuff. When in Canada, we sometimes go to so-called Russian store, it’ s simply located in such a neighbourhood, but they have Lithuanian dark rye bread, fish and the real caviar, sauerkraut and all kinds of mushrooms, fairly good diary products, like good quality kefir which is nothing new for anybody who lives in Eastern Europe, it’s been around for ages, specific sorts of vegetables, e. g. black radish, however, I don’t think it’s really a correct name for it, lots and lots of things which are not that usual in a regular grocery store. That’ s why I love this place, it feels like small bit of home. Along with German and my native Latvian, I still speak absolutely fluently Russian, so I can talk with them and get exactly what I love.
        It isn’t difficult to prepare sauerkraut, but as you said: it takes time. What we get in Canada is something very sauer, feels like vinegary something, it’ s also very salty, no similarity to real sauerkraut. We used to make it and all kinds of other vegetable preserves in soviet times when there was nothing at a store.
        I am happy you are enjoying your food because that’s a big part of nutrition: people who eat and are not happy with taste or other features of their food, never get as much nutrition out of it. Therefore, being slightly hungry before meal is a very good thing, too. Bon appetite! Talk to you later since I have to do something about my lunch, grandchildren are already back from college and school.

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      5. Inese Poga Art plus Life

        Isn’t that amazing? Well, we get some tip which works for us along the way. I do the same: pay attention to what people have found works for them and check out to see how about me. I am having 3 more days here and then there’s a long flight with 1 stop, and I am soon home. Would love to be at home already.

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  4. I agree with you about the ridiculous omnipotence of appearances. If I am trying to do anything in my own way the first reaction of the society is repulsive. “Everbody does so, don’t you want to belong to us? ” It is hard to resist the temptation to shift with the mainstream, isn’t it?

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    1. Well, it can be. I come originally from Latvia, and I am somebody who is always skeptic about a lot of things, it’s just the Latvian history. Growing up in a soviet society with lies on each step made me to carefully weigh out what I agree with. I mean, I’d first analyze and make my own decision based on my experience and whatever facts there exist, and if I find that wrong, that is what I’m saying: this is wrong. I don’t really care too much what the global opinion is because it has lead us to insane disasters. I will soon (as soon as I feel a bit better) post what I have written about obsession with health products, how smart the marketing of such products is and how wrong decisions one can make if they follow these generally accepted assumptions.


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