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The soothing Sunday thoughts: late autumn midnight

Look how leaves are dancing and swirling around, and it is such a sad dance with wind whispers brushing our face and with colors fading away and making a room for the silence.

Autumn is here nature photography

The silence covers our daily struggles and doubts with weightless cloth of dusk as the darkness sets in to rescue us from the exhaustion. Or? Or to torture us with its deceptive softness and tranquility. Some of us cannot close our eyes and to say the prayer with hope that the next day is going to meet us with more enjoyable expectations.

The bare trees share our despair, but the cool sun tries to make everything looking better and more attractive. Or? Or our wrinkles are visible so well in the bright sunlight and there’s nothing else we can do about it. Not at this moment which takes so much away and leaves nothing instead.

I am finding that getting older has made me more moderate and more appreciative of half-tones; grey shades, soft shadows, fine lines and I can also see the entire autumn within just one leaf, I don’t need the whole tree anymore. Or? Or this is the experience reminding that nothing is here to keep. I am writing down this moment and splashing some paint over paper. Somebody might find it, and they would be speculating: who did this and why these colors are so strange and washed out?

Like a very late autumn day with just one leaf still not saying good-bye and not taking off the tree. Or my steps which get lost in the rustling layers of leaves. This is how the day walks away, too. So little done, no perfect memories remain, no bad pain, no huge achievements. Just small steps melting away in the rustling leaves. There is no one single color missing: the mosaic is complete.

Autumn is here nature photography

Soft and luminous

Autumn is here nature photography

Grey and soothing

Autumn is here nature photography

Tiny apples

Autumn is here nature photography

Late late autumn

Autumn is here nature photography


Garden is going to sleep

Autumn is here nature photography

Windy memories

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  1. A beautiful, interesting post, Inese.


    December 3, 2015
  2. Muted colors of November are captured in your photographs so beautifully. As you say, the mosaic is complete. Now, the silence of December follows.


    December 12, 2015
    • Thanks Inese! Such a beautiful comment! I’m getting ready to post something new, but unfortunately suffering from bad cold at the moment. Once I’m better, I will have a new post.


      December 12, 2015

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