Joggling between light and darkness: sunlight energy preserves

Are you just like me, a person sensitive to the sunlight and lack of it? Well, the gold of falling leaves and frost-touched trees will still shine through the dullness of cool days, but more than ever we should be thinking about the preservation of some sunlight within us for the exhausting and energy draining winter.

There’s inspiration everywhere at the moment. Have you seen the vines recently? Yellowish, soft green, orange, light red, saturated red and purple: it is such a symphony of colors which burst out straight in our backyard. What do the bright orange and red ash-berries and rose hips tell you? Pick us for tea, pick us for jam, and pick us because we’re ready to celebrate the fall!

Herbal tea with a tiny bit of fresh ginger is an excellent warming and body cleaning drink. As you may know, moderate doses of any tea which you feel attracted to, will only do good for you. Fruits and vegetables have top nutrient value around their harvest time. Although, we can eat vegetables and fruits all year round nowadays, the naturally ripened and freshly harvested ones are the best choice for our taste buds and body, especially those ones grown in the area where we come from or reside in.

Autumn energy 3

The red rowan

Autumn energy 2Take a walk

The more sun and good weather a fruit or vegetable has enjoyed during its ripening, the more of good energy it will have. Indeed, I’m referring not only to the energy we are measuring in calories, but also to the universal energy which is present in everything either as positive, neutral or negative vibrations. This energy has also a direct value: it will result in pleasure, feeling of happiness and life energy, in a strong bad luck resisting force. This means: the same fruit or vegetable gives us double benefit when we consume it straight after its harvest while it is still full of life, has undamaged cells and is rich in flavor.

Autumn energy 5

Garden is full of treasures

Calorie counting makes people mean, small-minded, it upsets them, and they feel as if being punished for something which is not their fault. This is the time to enjoy any natural fruit and vegetable dishes, eat them free of guilt and with huge pleasure, therefore, our meals will result in great effects on our mind and health.

This is the time to take long walks, make our hearts and souls take off with leaves and dance in the wind! It’s way overrated that big physical loads in sweaty gyms make one feel good and healthy. Look at some people: how much struggle they go through to get their daily dose of physical exercise! Fresh air is absolutely free so far, and the best exercise everybody will benefit from is a simple walk. When the sun plays a shadow game in colorful leaves, it is also a pleasure for our eyes. This is exactly the way to achieve mindful experience of happiness right here and right now. Why not go for it?

Autumn energy 7

Did you know that brown shades of lipstick are really in for the fall? How about coffee with cream if you’re blonde like me?

Happy fall and lots of sun!

15 thoughts on “Joggling between light and darkness: sunlight energy preserves

  1. There really are such beautiful fall colours at this time of year and I agree it seems like everyone now… at least most of the younger generation all go to the gyms, instead of exercising or simply walking outside in the fresh air. Diane


    1. Inese Poga Art plus Life

      The recent research finds that people who don’t intend to set world records in sports are the best off simply walking because that’s fresh air, that’s beneficial for any age and physical condition and it’s also hard to overdo. Probably humans are the only creatures who are not ok when it’s already good, we always need better and more, and that can result in injuries and traumas.

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    1. Inese Poga Art plus Life

      Thanks Monica! The pictures are taken with my laptop, and that was extremely difficult, I’d say their quality isn’t perfect. I inserted them anyway since Latvia looks fantastic at the moment. I have so many ideas, but it’s sort of tough to post because I don’t have any picture taking device here with me.

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    1. Inese Poga Art plus Life

      Thanks! The sun has a huge meaning for me, too, and I don’t ever use black color in my paintings not because of artistic principles, but because I love light too much.

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      1. Inese Poga Art plus Life

        Thanks Inese! I believe so because lots of positive thoughts get implemented in them, and I am really trying to focus on light and warmth.

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    1. Inese Poga Art plus Life

      Thanks Wendy! I love all fall fruits. Well, I didn’t have any cameras and couldn’t upload pictures from the phone, so I used my laptop, not the best way to try taking still life or distance scenery pictures. I tried at least, and it’s very nice you noticed them and thought they were lovely. Blessings to you also!

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    1. Inese Poga Art plus Life

      Thanks Cynthia! I so much appreciate people who read posts! I’m having trouble with picture taking while traveling, but I’m going to be home soon!

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    1. Inese Poga Art plus Life

      Thanks! It’s nice to hear you liked it! I suppose you’d love some other pictures and posts, as well, since they cover a wide range of subjects. Thanks again for stopping by!

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