Seasons of life and the forgotten knowledge we all have

If we want to feel like a magician and creator of our life we have to understand how everything is connected in the Universe. Time has a very relative meaning in different space locations or in different situations of life.

Age and aging is a relative thing, too: it literally depends on our attitude towards ourselves, the amount of love we give ourselves, the degree of devotion to life and living because not everybody is even interested in living or being alive: why would they do numerous destructive things to themselves if that is not the case?

Aging is a natural thing, and we can witness the seasonal cycle of life in nature every year. Aging scares many people, but we cannot escape it, therefore, we must find things that keep us young longer: physically, mentally and emotionally.

Just like anything in our life, our aging process reflects our values, personal attitude, fear towards aging or lack of it, or excessive obsession with measures that make one look younger. Outside does not always reflect inside. We can look splendid on the outside, be well dressed, well-behaved, but the inside tells a different story.

Fear, insecurity, feeling sorry or regretful, as well as having feelings, such as envy, grudge, inability to forgive, inability to let things go, inability to adapt to the current situation and habit of residing in the past when one was young, good-looking and full of energy, eats up some people from the inside.

Every person experiences seasons in their life, however, every person in particular can experience mostly spring, summer, fall and winter or have them in a mixed order: some children are very mature, and some adults never grow up.

My life has had a long spring, stormy fall and extra early winter which turns into summer when I am past 50, and this summer never ends. Amazing, right? To have my knowledge, insight and skills I have spent big part of my life studying, learning, researching and exploring, I do it every single day.

Childhood is innocence and curiosity. Youth has spark and flame that needs to be turned into useful energy. As much as I love spring, I also love the mature beauty of summer and the wisdom of women who have seen it all: the calm wisdom of an orchard which gives us fruits; the deep calm under the transparent September sky.

I can survive winter; I just do not want to stay in it for too long. We are all equipped with abilities which allow adjusting to many conditions, whether internal, or external.

Therefore, we not only create our destiny and life, but we should be actively managing it. Playing with it? Maybe even playing with it.

The less obsessed we are with not getting old and older, the better we’ll be aging. Fear alone is such a strong destructive force. We attract things that take over our mind and subconsciousness.

Whatever we worry about and do not want to happen, definitely will in case we cannot stop thinking about that. It is very difficult to abstract our controllable mind from worries and fears, but we can let the subconsciousness help. Will it? Yes, it will as soon as we will start thinking about things that we enjoy and which bring us closer to a good outcome and away from troubles.

Do you have any idea how many people convince themselves that they are sick? The illnesses can range from mental to physical and also include physical conditions when no doctor finds anything, but the person just isn’t well. If it did not depend of our deeply hidden mind to a great extent, there weren’t any placebo effect. However, there is a very well observed placebo effect frequently and in many situations, and it can be so powerful that people sometimes speak about miracles.

Theoretically, we know everything. We have the understanding of many things even if we never knew they existed. It is because this knowledge is hidden so deep that our normal state of mind always dominates, and we are trying to trust only decisions we have made consciously, not the ones which we see in a dream or perceive as vague notions.

I believe that having no doubts in ourselves and courageously doing our best is already an achievement. If you had to define yourself only by the amount of self-care and self-love, where would you stand?

I have discovered summer inside my deep hidden mind. It is there, and it takes nothing much to be in it.

It is new path I am taking, and it is quite controversial to everything I have been taught before, but, nevertheless, it feels promising and it already has results.

22 thoughts on “Seasons of life and the forgotten knowledge we all have

  1. theburningheart

    Such a beautiful post, Inese!

    You have described in simple, but elegant words, how to live life, specially when we hit, the Autumn’s golden years of our lives.

    By being positive, helthy, balance , and that wise attitude towards our uncertainties, and life worries, we can achieve peace, and happiness on our old age, and still live a fruitful life. 🙂

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    1. Yes, it is our choice. This theory of being the creator of our life also suggests that we can choose to be healthy and willing to live as opposed to using drugs and substances or being dependant on what others want us to be and what others want us to do. When somebody says: I would do anything to get this or that, we receive response. We generally receive what we are asking for: confirmation of our complaints or fulfillment of wishes, and it is very true that one has to be careful what he or she wishes for. So, the Universe helps with either choice we make: choice of life or choice of hibernating and never having a life.

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  2. Inese this is a beautiful inspiring post my friend.. And so true, the knowledge resides within each of us. Its just most have forgotten how to access it.. No longer do they sit in the quiet and go within themselves to listen… They are too busy with the noises and distractions of the outside world..

    Loved what you said here ” Fear, insecurity, feeling sorry or regretful, as well as having feelings, such as envy, grudge, inability to forgive, inability to let things go, inability to adapt to the current situation and habit of residing in the past when one was young, good-looking and full of energy, eats up some people from the inside.”,,,,

    Yes all of that people can not let go of, and so bitterness and regrets eats away, taking their ‘life-force’..
    When you begin to learn and let go of external trappings and the emotional baggage, it is a load, a burden cast aside that lifts us up and the shear relief and Joy one can find when you learn to love yourself and forgive yourself as you being to understand the weight you carried. When you let it go.. Years can fall away in seconds..

    So loved reading your post Inese… and found my way here via your profile photo links..
    I am following, Lets see if I see updates.. 🙂

    Love and Hugs .. Sue

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    1. Thanks so much, Sue!
      I was studying this new approach while I was in Latvia.
      I get so inspired always while I am over there, it is like some kind of other world and existence.
      The inspiration lasts for a few months, and then the Canadian reality kicks in.
      I will be be stronger this time and I will resist the upsetting parts of living in Canada.
      It is weird how different it can be in Europe and here, it always makes me wonder.
      I think the North American reality is based on greed and the only success people appreciate is financial. That takes away from all the most important parts of being a human and enjoying a mindful, mentally rich and fulfilled life. I wish there was more appreciation about arts, spirituality and mental fitness in Canada. Well, I am definitely working towards it.

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      1. Trust that you are meant to be where you are meant to be Inese and Yes I agree that focus today is on the material rather than the spiritual.. I feel you feel freer when in Latvia as the energies there are not as intense as in Canada. So your own creative thoughts flow much easier.. Sending love your way ❤

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      2. Thanks, Sue!
        Well, Latvia is simply very different, as different as night and day. That includes not only values, moral and goals, but also such things as food, traditions and beliefs. I have the feeling of my roots there which I definitely do not have in Canada. I arrived here at 46, that is a big stretch of life. The other side is that I do not feel needed or useful in Canada. I have no chance of getting a job even with my 4 Master’s degrees. I have been just freelancing for 14 years while here. Some people go to work as cleaners and junior sales personnel, but the physical issues certainly are a big limitation, so, I cannot do that.
        Working from home is ok, but one has to be fine with quite a lot of isolation and being alone practically all the time. I was very social in Latvia and still am when I arrive there. I managed to give workshops and classes even during my short stays. It’s so that I definitely feel more appreciated over there. I sometimes wonder whether it comes from the fact that I just cannot adjust myself to the material values of here. I am so happy to do all the creative things and the only drawback to that is when you do not market yourself nobody knows you exist. I’d need a promoter and advertising agent who did that for me. Well, at the moment, it has to be me doing everything.
        My only stage is actually WordPress, I think it was a very good idea to have a blog and a website. I have them since 2012. My only friends currently, too, are only on WordPress, except for those far away in Latvia. There are a lot of pluses of blogging. For one thing that is exchanging points of view and experiences with fantastic people like you. There are many great people in the blogging community and that levels off the efforts which go into creation of blog content.

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      3. I agree about the blogging community Inese, I have met some wonderful people here in blog.. And I can see the difficulties you would experience.. And yes lots of work goes into creating a site I agree…
        I am sure all the effort you are putting in will pay off once you get more established where you are.
        Sending thoughts your way for positive outcomes.. ❤

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      4. I have to do something. It is sort of silly to just sit around and hope things will happen. The advertising takes the most time, way too much really. I just placed slideshow on Facebook and a few ads on Kijiji and it pretty much took all morning with all resizing and watermarking. I wish there were results, I’ve advertising everywhere since September where it is free and that is not the best way of doing it, but still, better than nothing. The November session does not look good at the moment. I have a few days still, yes, let us hope I can have some Christmas, too. I will be posting pictures on the art website soon, maybe something sells which is like extra rare. In lucky years, I got at least 1 painting sold before Christmas, so, I could buy some gifts, too.

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      5. Yes, I made beautiful flyers. I loved them myself. Actually husband got them printed. There are not that many places as it appears where I can leave these flyers.
        It was weird, but most places where I went did not allow me to leave my flyer there. I walked around all the town one day and almost couldn’t walk afterwards. It was strange. The local library took 2 flyers and told they are going to give them to some representative for approval or something, so, I do not know what happened.
        I mean, it seems there are too many regulations and bylaws.
        I am located straight next door to a huge school. One might think the teen class would be crowded. Instead I have had zero applications. School also has a policy and every flyer need to be approved at the Durham School Board and Durham School Board will accept only flyers from government and health authorities, they said.
        Community message boards were a way to put up such flyers, but I could not find any. They used to be in every store or shopping plaza.
        Therefore, I just left some flyers, who knows for how long at some places where the owner or employee did not mind. I wonder what possible harm such art classes flyers would cause? I suppose, it isn’t in governments interest to allow small single person managed places to make anything.
        We even thought about distributing flyers to the neighbourhood via flyer service since I cannot really walk a lot. This service is $700 for printing and just the closest neighbourhood. I am not sure whether I want husband to borrow more money and spend it on classes and I have no idea whether I would get it ever back.

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    1. Thanks Lavinia! Happy New Year to you!
      Well, I definitely hope it will be better. I set up my show and everything and then had a slip and fall accident. Luckily, recovered more or less for New Year’s Eve. I haven’t posted recently, but I am just waiting when I am less dizzy. I hope to post something new soon, I have written some hundred posts in my thoughts.
      All the best to you and your family in 2019!

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      1. Germans have the saying: Ende gut, alles gut, meaning, everything is fine as long as it ends fine. I am glad, too, I had a nice New Year’s Eve. The task right now is to start living again and that includes posting and communicating.
        I have learned really a whole lot. It is a great perception and theory that we do see the world as a welcoming and well-wishing place and we do not have enemies, but only friends, good people and all the others who teach as something. We do not attempt to fight everything or impose our truth on others because they have the right to believe in their truth and whatever they want. It is a very balanced world with all things being friendly and nice to me. I don’t need to struggle or compete or see something as an obstacle because the universe wishes well, it is generous and there is space for anybody with their good intentions.

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