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Why to declutter your life now: the many powers of spring

Do you feel happier also just because it feels like the cold and snow seem to be gone? I do for sure. It is difficult to explain how much the dullness and darkness can affect us. It does this in so many ways: I hear people engaging into comfort foods, some just sleep over or hibernate and some other try to do their best to accomplish something. I belong to these who try to accomplish something, but it is so tough. I have to put pressure on myself all the time during winter months.

Why so many New Year’s resolutions fail? The timing is simply bad because we still have in us the ancient need to save energy for the spring awakening. That is nature; these are genes and our personal clock which dictate that.

Spring arrival is in so many ways better than the New Year: we finally get to do things that were postponed due to the cold and nasty weather outdoors. That includes even such routine chores as throwing out garbage or things we will never need, but are keeping “just in case”. Decluttering only our living and work space is not enough. We definitely have to declutter our mental space and mind also.

That is the energetic power of spring!

Chives: green despite the snow we had just 2 days ago!

We can go ahead with all the health ideas we have, in particular, because we will be able to put on our table the greens and early veggies we have managed to start and accommodate in tiny, small or larger back yards, balconies, front yards and anywhere where we can plant something. It does not have to be big in order to give as a huge spring vitamin boost. NO synthetic supplements can ever replace the nutrition from real sprouts and baby greens.

Therefore, your spring greens will not only make you healthier, but also give plenty of pleasant emotions. While we watch the seed germination and sprouting we become so aware that something tiny can have an insane power. The growing power.

What are the easiest and fastest things to start with? Any herbs, any green onions, chives, radish, lettuce and similar plants. They practically require very little care: we have to only provide them with sunlight and water after planting or seeding.

Strong and bright green nettle leaves; in fact, they can be added to the spring mix

It is a huge relief when the weather forecast puts us in a better mood: birds are singing so gladly and loudly, the sun is painting shadows on tiny grass stems, and there is a promise of warmer days being here soon.

It is also time to reorganize everything from our attitude and blog to contents of our wardrobe and different garbage hiding spaces in our living space. Decluttering is such a big matter because stuff just grows around us and we need to make space for fresh air to get a brain functionality boost also indoors.

You might consider reading the blog posts of your fellow bloggers instead of just clicking on “like” from your READER this spring. That is a wonderful blogging habit, and it not only shows your respect and interest in others, but helps discover different opinions and views on the same subject. You’d be surprised how many more returns via blog traffic and personal friendships one can make just by being an attentive blogger and leaving a comment here and there. I would imagine most bloggers are like me: if you never comment on my blog, I most likely will not engage in the comment section of your blog either. Think about that: blogger community is a place where mutual interaction is appreciated.

This is the best time to start with physical activities also because there will be less side-effects and it will happen seamlessly. It feels very natural to walk more and work outdoors in spring.

This is the best time to engage in new eating habits and to get rid of our bad habits. The seasonal change to a better weather makes any swift changes easier tolerable.

This is the best time to start loving oneself because we can change our outfits, switch to nicer colors and use some lighter make-up.

Tulips are getting ready to go, as well

All inspiration we need is right before our eyes: squirrels and chipmunks running around like crazy, birds singing, plants budding and grasses sprouting. Daffodils, bluebells, crocuses, wild anemones and tulips are up. That is a genuinely new beginning. Do not miss that.

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  1. The dullness and darkness and cold weather can affect us, for sure. And I am speaking from my own perspective: In Buenos Aires it never snows (well: it did 10 years ago) 😀 the weather in this part of the country where I live is not as cold as yours in winter.
    But Still I feel myself more introspective, and stay home in my free time (which wouldnever do in summer or spring). I think Spring is such a beautiful season. Full of flowers, hope and new beginnings. You have well pointed that out… Besides, the photographs are lovely…
    Happy Spring from the other hemisphere (It is autumn here 😀 ) Much love dear Inese. ⭐


    April 9, 2017
    • Thanks! Isn’t that something? You are having fall. Well, I probably wouldn’t mind a very warm winter. Judging by what you are saying, it really does not matter what type of winter we have. We still lack energy and we want to just take our time and somehow spend the winter without engaging too much in difficult or energy-consuming activities. It is interesting to find out that people who have warm winter can also feel some very mild, I mean, it is probably really mild winter-induced laziness.
      Spring must be my most favorite season. It’s not only how I feel, it is everything: I think faster, I write better and faster. Spring works like an energy boosting drink for me. Thanks so much for stopping by!

      Liked by 1 person

      April 9, 2017
  2. The winter is tough. I spend most of January under a blanket. Very good point about New Year being a bad time for resolution because of the gloominess. I don’t make resolutions anymore, but I have a natural tendency to be motivated when the sun returns. Decluttering feels SO good.

    Love your comments about blogging etiquette. 😉 I love to discover blogs on all kinds of subjects. I’ve become less shy about leaving comments, and specific ones not “great post” or something vague. Liking a post is nice, but you never know if people read it or even look at the photos. Wishing you a glorious spring, Inese. 🌸🌷🐇🐿


    April 10, 2017
    • Thanks Julie! I never made any resolutions, but I noticed many were starting a new life on January 1st. As if.
      I am exactly the same: when the sun returns, body and mind are naturally more active and I can bet it is way better to engage in new things when we have such internal boost of new energy.
      Decluttering IS the best moment after the winter.
      Most bloggers like posts from the Reader, and no, they don’t read them.
      I noticed your comments were always insightful; and they are pleasure to read because there is a content, apart from “wonderful, beautiful, nice”, etc.
      I know many do not look at photos, too, it’s just the first picture, the featured one.
      I do believe it comes from viewing posts on the phone or not enough time.
      I hate when I send an e-mail and somebody receives it, does not read, but quickly comes back with the next question.
      It is a total lack of attention when it comes to all online stuff.
      Thanks for spring wishes! I hope you have a good and adventure-rich spring also!


      April 10, 2017
  3. I always Love Spring, and all the energies it brings Inese.. And it is a good time to de-clutter Spring cleaning out the things we have accumulated in our closets and draws… But this is my best time for de weeding the garden.. Preparing it for planting.. Its a time for rejuvenation..

    Have a wonderful Spring my friend.. Happy planting, gardening, painting and decluttering.. but most of all.. Wishing you well and continued Healing
    Love Sue ❤


    April 10, 2017
    • Thanks Sue! Garden work is definitely one of the best exercises ever: outdoors, fresh air, sunshine, birds singing. Hopefully the weather stays on the warmer side.
      Well, yes, that healing doesn’t happen as I hoped for. I’m waiting again for a doctor’s appointment already some month or so. This waiting always delays and destroys everything that was achieved before. Honestly, I’m soooo fed up with the totally insufficient free Canadian health care which is most often no care at all. You would not believe the dumb suggestions I have heard from some doctors or nurses. I feel sometimes that simply cannot be true. They must have gotten the education somehow, so why such nonsense?
      I will try to collect money somehow later (I have no clue how to organize that yet) and would there be nothing good to show for after a year post-surgery, I will have no choice, but to go to Latvia to get finished what they screwed up here.

      Liked by 1 person

      April 10, 2017
  4. Right now I am decluttering my garden of weeds. The rain we’ve had has given them reason to grow. It feels good to be out in nature and working to pretty my flower beds.


    April 10, 2017
    • It certainly feels very good. I think you have some nicer climate than we here. These are just the first days when it looks like spring. By Easter Monday it’s going to be only plus 8 degrees Celsius. That’s cool.


      April 10, 2017
  5. Thank you for the reminder about nettles. I have been meaning to get a patch of them started for years now.

    Dandelions are good plant friends to have too. They are a wonderful tonic and source of vitamins and minerals, and I love the bright cheery blooms. I think they are the sign of a healthy lawn. If only people would stop poisoning them.


    April 20, 2017
    • I believe it looks so nice when dandelions blossom, but it’s just probably because I love to paint scenes with wild flowers. I love landscapes out of town when lots of wild things are allowed to blossom. Bees love wild flowers, and they love tomato, potato, cucumber, blossoming tree blooms and any blossoming veggies and any garden flower blooms. I wish people stopped being so lazy and covering huge spots of land with simply grass. It’s just a tradition here which was much less noticeable in Latvia where everybody grows something, therefore, much smaller spots are only grass. However, it’s become fashionable over there, too.
      I remember my childhood when grandmother was always taking me with her and we were collecting different herbs and grasses for remedies. There was no drug store anywhere close by, so we survived very well on such home remedies.
      I am trying to use only clean stuff and anything from the grocery store isn’t clean.
      We are hearing stories how non-organic foods are labelled organic so that they would sell easier.
      Your farm must be wonderful at this time. Thanks for visit!

      Liked by 1 person

      April 20, 2017

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