The happy women come from a place called appreciation, respect and love

March 8th is my most favorite spring day and celebration. Not in a political and feminine rights way, but in the way which says that every woman has to experience some time how beautiful, loved and appreciated she is. Bring me tulips and daffodils; bring me wild anemones with their blue smiley faces, bring all the spring flowers so that I can be proud and happy once again that spring has arrived and I am so happy to be a woman! I always was, and I could imagine not being a woman ever.

I believe self-aware, self-confident, mentally strong and creative women come from families where the feminine side is greatly appreciated. Where helping with each step and idea is always supported by the masculine strength; where the stability and long-lasting genuine love is the basis of a relationship. I happen to have a fantastic family. My mom is always the soul and my dad always was the responsible and supporting part of our family. My husband is everything I could wish for: not only in what he says, but especially in what he does.

Real appreciation and love mean fixing one’s broken wings so that they can fly again, that means being a shelter in a rainy and stormy day since we rarely have only unshaded and undisturbed sun flowing over us. That might mean creating and giving someone completely new wings when the old ones are not any longer repairable.

Women can do everything, they can wear everything and they can be anything they want in 21stcentury. The only chains we put on ourselves are our inability to leave abusive workplace, abusive relationship and abusive partner.  We sometimes overdo with equality and that can harm us. The echo and the response are based on what we do and say. Allowing humiliating one means giving more power to the abuser.  It can be very tough at times to just pack and walk away since there is always hope that we can fix anything, and that is not true. There are people who will never change, never improve and never love anybody else, but themselves.

No money can buy genuine love, honest appreciation and respect. We have to earn respect and respectful attitude by being confident and persistent with our principles, choices and intentions.

I don’t see why in places like Canada women would need to march for their rights: we are entitled to have any job, any position, to live as and where we wish. We have rights to have and express our opinions. Women’s right are really well present here.

In soviet times, it was strongly emphasized that there should be no difference made between men and women, hence, that is discrimination. This was understood or rather misunderstood as women drinking Vodka from large 200 g glasses in line with men, women riding tractors and heavy machinery and smoking and swearing like the roughest men. Women construction workers with a Vodka bottle and hammer in their hands. That picture was sad, and I can recall some images of those so-called very masculine women who had drunk themselves to the bottom. Lots of that has changed by now, but alcoholism among women remains a big issue around the world since it often takes hidden forms. Some addictions are much more difficult to cure in women than in men, and medications do not actually work the same way, too.

Woman’s DNA is completely different, and the life-long program set by the female DNA and epigenetic factors result in many distinctive body and mind processes throughout the life. That does not mean only the genetic inheritance, but also includes all chemical reactions, hormone activity and inactivity periods; how and when genes are turned off and on. That shows in appearance, skin and bone structure, specific features of body systems, etc. There are lots and lots of physical distinctions which definitely have impact on mental processes, as well. However, it is well overdone nowadays just by making only the apparent distinctions important: woman is so much more than a dress, make-up and high heels.

Woman is the muse, the flight of thought, the germination of idea and the continuation of human race. Woman is a witch and a goddess, woman is a mother and a daughter, and woman is the one who keeps fairy-tales alive by telling them through thousands of years. Woman is the wise great-grandmother who has seen it all. Woman is the intuition and inspiration; she is the one who puts flowers in a vase while her husband takes home the daily bread. Old-fashioned point of view? Maybe, but it has proven to be working so well.

I wish every single woman experienced some time how appreciated and loved she is! I certainly have. I’m also very proud and happy to be a woman. Happy International Women’s Day!

22 thoughts on “The happy women come from a place called appreciation, respect and love

  1. This is an excellent reflection Inese, especially about us giving our power away in abusive relationships or in the work place.. I remember well a bombastic boss who would make me quiver.. She was a woman.. 🙂 Only when I stood my ground did she change…
    Wonderful insightful post..
    May we continue to share our Love and Understanding and mend each others wings.. xxxx


    1. Inese Poga Art plus Life

      Thanks Sue! I know how that is. I have had some abusive bosses, and yes, they were quite often women, too. My daughter has such a boss who totally abuses and exploits people. We were just talking about that on Facebook messenger, it’s like Skype where you can see everything. This Boss pays well, she is the owner of Mercedes Latvia, but makes my daughter work even Saturdays, Sundays, the highest management level has meetings every day, so she said she didn’t have time for all tasks she was supposed to get done. Regular work days is up to 9-10 pm and even after that she would text or message, etc. We are very strong mentally, however, and that is helpful because we don’t break. My daughter said she can feel what energetic vampire that woman is.
      Well, I hope we can contribute to the best side and the most beautiful side of humanity by spreading out the word of love and understanding, exactly as you said.

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      1. Energy Vampire sounds about right.. Goodness.. I bet your daughter is almost running her business by the sounds of it.. Sometimes something comes up to bite those boses.. I know about 7 years after I left her business went bankrupt.. An X employee who was a friend, said she met her doing an office job where my friend was over her.. That really must have rankled.. But they say what goes around comes around..
        Love and Hugs.. Enjoy your weekend to come..


      2. Inese Poga Art plus Life

        Thanks! I think it is very difficult to work with somebody chaotic. Maybe this boss has a split personality disorder, maybe some other mental issue, but she supports Dalai-Lama and goes to Nepal and India frequently as she says to clean herself. Daughter wants to come to see us in the fall, that would be great.
        Sometimes people are overloaded with tasks and no time is allowed to get them done decently. I am so much used to work on my own. I was just reading how the huge writing and translating company is going down because of law suits. They became cheaper and cheaper with every year, so I stopped working with them, but it’s interesting how I working up to 18 hours a day made nothing while their profits resulted in millions.
        Energetic vampires are common, we can recognize them by behavior. You are too nice of a person to work for a bad boss.
        I have to see the doctor today. Heading out soon.

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      3. Inese Poga Art plus Life

        Thanks! It’s not a GP, it’s surgical clinic and wound specialist. I want to find out the state of antibiotic resistance, too.

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      4. Inese Poga Art plus Life

        It was ok. This new doctor is again somewhat pushing her principles. She avoided straight answers. Oh well, it can be difficult with some decisions. I have a few tests to do. Nothing much out of the usual. My biggest hope is on the weather warm-up. To get more air, to get out in the air, I believe that will contribute to improvement.

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      5. Yes outdoors in the fresh warmer air will work wonders Inese.. I spent time this morning weeding and hoeing in the allotments with hubby.. I was tired, but felt so so much better for connecting again with Mother Earth.. I feel when we connect with her we feel much Better..
        Love and hugs and I hope the tests go ok.. Enjoy your weekend.. Hugs Sue xx


      6. Inese Poga Art plus Life

        I feel the same. The spring is still quite far away here, we were told, there will me more snow. It’s sunshine today and so far, but temperatures are in minuses, going lower at night. I suppose it’s going to be minus 14.
        There is nothing better than working in the garden, planting, digging, weeding. Whenever I can move, I go outside. I was watering my garden even with i/v infusion pump last year. So, yes, definitely waiting for warmer weather.

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    1. Inese Poga Art plus Life

      Definitely not. I simply would like us to allow men showing their respect and help us, it doesn’t mean we couldn’t do that if we had to, but it’s good to be taken care of.


    1. Inese Poga Art plus Life

      Yes, Lavinia, we do need some help here and there. I think it is very useful when a woman knows how to accept help because that doesn’t mean she is weak. It simply means allowing to help and appreciating it.


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