October is full of mysteries, secrets and wisdom. The October wisdom comes from centuries surviving the unpleasant silence of nature, from always winning the light back in spring. October is a month of poets and philosophers – what else can make us think so deeply about things which go away, but return again and again?  In the Northern hemisphere, October becomes our sunlight preserve, the last colorful warmth before we wake up with November chill.

October walk

We could be walking endlessly
In peaceful sunlight
Submerging ourselves
In the sparkling gold of falling leaves,
Breathing fall fragrance and colorful air.
We could be walking endlessly
In this stunning brightness
Under the transparent, distant sky.
Shadow obediently marching behind.
If it wasn’t for darkness and freezing nights.
If it wasn’t this place where we are now.

What about the garden?

It is going to sleep. Blooming plants are stuffed indoors, not that there’s enough space, but they will survive. About half a year is all it takes, but they’re resilient just like we must be. I still have tomatoes, parsley, dill, kale, green onions, chives, last sweet peppers and basil. When the temperature drops below zero Celsius, only parsley and kale will be available for a while. Nature needs a break, plants are done for now, and hopefully, the winter is mild.

What about us?

We wrap ourselves up and hide indoors, too. Thankfully, there are soothing days when the sun sends us warming rays. We pray there’s peace on the Earth. Is it likely? Probably not soon, but at some point, we must come to our senses. Even those who misuse power. The weather has become quite unpredictable, but we cannot complain too much. Most storms passed us so far. Candle time is coming, more self-exploration, more art creation, although, the light is not sufficient.


All is good enough for now. It can always be better; it can always be worse. It’s nice to be in the middle of the neutral grey, not giving in into black, not being obsessed with only white. Balance is about that: the neutral middle. Let’s hope we get more sunlight this October here, in the small town in Ontario. Frosts are ahead, but the colors will last for a while yet.

Thanks for reading if you did!

21 thoughts on “October

  1. Your October looks beautiful and restful. We do not get the same range of autumn colors here as we did in New England, and leaves tend to slowly lose color and slip away with the daylight hours. Places where non-native maples have been planted will sport the more orange and red hues, but for the most part, leaves go to bright yellow, or directly brown. Blueberry bushes go scarlet in autumn.

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    1. It was beautiful. Some years we get more color, and some years not that much, but altogether we had fantastic views.
      The weather was nice as we got into November, but, unfortunately, the amount of leaves was overwhelming. I managed to rake up some part and remove them from, like, entrances and the closest part of yard, but there are still truckloads left and I will have to deal with them next spring most likely. They said snow is coming, so, that’s about it.
      I sometimes wish they had here something which is more a European backyard and garden which usually has apple trees, cherry trees, plum and pear trees. You at least know why you’re doing all this raking and cleaning up. Here people have planted only such trees as maples, oaks, birch, willow, spruce, etc. which cause troubles over time. It seems nobody thought they would grow huge. At least in this very huge backyard or rather park, we have countless very big trees. They fall down in storm, heavy branches damage roof and other structures and so forth.
      It was beautiful to look at and take some pictures, but during the rest of the year, there are big problems from big trees. The landlord doesn’t seem to be willing to pay for trimming at least some, so, that’s what we have.
      When I get some time I will head over to your blog, but not today. Too many things to fix at this old house before the winter freeze rolls in.
      Take good care of yourself and try not to work too much and rather rest frequently. All in moderation, and probably you will feel better soon. All the best to you Lavinia!

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      1. Don’t worry about catching up with me, Inese, take your time. I will probably end up rolling autumn and winter into one post at the end of the year.

        I would love all your leaves for the gardens! Yes, big trees drop big limbs, and we get some terrific storms through here. We lost a van that way once. I watched as the wind spun around a big black locust tree and drop it across Rick’s van, crushing in the passenger and drivers side front seat area. He had only been home 30 minutes.

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      2. Well, days are just literally too short.
        There are many things which require daylight. We’ve got the first snow day. I will probably post something this week. I hope so.
        Huge tree limbs can cause bad damage, that’s for sure. Luckily, Rick was out of the van. Luck in bad muck. That happens, too.
        I suppose, we all have experienced situations when it could be a lot worse. However, we need now “It could be a lot better”. Realistically, it should.
        Take care and hopefully you’re feeling better!

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      3. Cardiac rehabilitation is going well, and I feel pretty good now. I am no longer hooked up to telemetry sending unit leads during supervised exercise under load. Heart seems to be working well enough and maintaining a steady rhythm. They will do another echocardiogram next week to measure the ejection fraction.

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  2. theburningheart

    I live on the left side of the screen towards the hills on the background beyond the marshes,and if there’s not a foggy day I can see Punta Banda, right straight away during my daily walkings, and even the ships comming or leaving the Bay.

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