Emotions and feelings in winter colors

We’ve been frequently mentioning how important it is to stay calm, relaxed and keep our mind clear. When things go our way and nothing bad shatters our daily routine, everybody is fine. Yet, life is always a mix of all kinds of events. That means, time to time, crisis is inevitable. Usually, the scale of crisis differs: it can range from personal and individual to global, as it has been for the last 2 years.

One good indicator of mental health is staying well and managing your life properly in good times and in bad times. All generations get to experience a crisis, whether personal, local, country-wide or global. There are no exceptions, however, severity of crisis might be at distinct levels. Severity of crisis is a mental assessment we create for ourselves. Therefore, our reaction could range from panic and feeling of being destructed to quiet planning of preventive measures and execution of them.

Older people generally would take on events in a calmer manner because of their previous experiences. When we are past 60, we’ve seen, heard and experienced a lot. We know that the world owes us nothing, this is us, who act, react and decide. Statistically, we could have an average person in every group of temperament and personal features, but in reality – reactions are as many as there are people on Earth.

Our thoughts are slower than our emotions hence emotions take their roots in subconscious experience and depth of brain and body system interactions. It’s quite impossible to calculate the exact chemical brain processes and the precise amounts of all countless neurotransmitters which accompany one or another emotion and do that for an exact level. As humans, we are either upset, depressed, exhausted or happy, satisfied and altogether fine.

Passion and engagement play a big role when it comes to turning our desires into reality. We use to say: to the bottom of my heart. That’s exactly what matters. If you wish for something just because you were told that repeating some affirmations is what takes you closer to achieving whatever you want, it’s unlikely to happen. This depends on the degree of your passion and whether you feel it, whether your emotional state is an exact match in intensity.

Curses and wishes come true not because of the words, they come true because the involved emotions hit sky-high intensity. Bad emotions, like rage, envy, anger, hate or good emotions like admiration, excitement, joy and elation, they all matter more than words. The deeper and stronger the emotion, the more impact on our life. The more we reside in one emotional state, the more it is going to affect us. Change is good, even when it doesn’t feel right and being the best one.

So, who is feeling better about the pandemic and who manages its impact better: a person who is in a total rage and hates masks and lockdowns to the bottom of their heart, or a person who believes it’s way easier for everybody to just increase their immune reaction via vaccines and stay out of social gatherings for the common good? Some people find it nothing extremely unpleasant or difficult, some – as the highest sacrifice. Sure, the frontline workers face the worst, but there are millions of personal situations, and everybody of us individually always has a choice. We make it for better, or for worse, but, indeed, there’s is a choice. If you say, you don’t have any, I don’t believe you. Depending on situation, we have less or more choices, but in the worst case – at least one.

My personal world has shrunk a lot during these more than two years. I haven’t been too active, and usually during the winter, I am not. It’s not even pandemic, it’s just me. It is my choice because I could have been doing a lot more, yet, my energetic storage feels empty and my motivation is at a low point at the moment. This all changes over the year and reaches the top during warm and sunny months. It’s a good time to contemplate, plan ahead, and here and there, take a few steps towards executing my plans.

To raise the energy levels, we really need to be outdoors more – get some clean and healing air, watch birds in sunny days, enjoy squirrels working and playing unstoppably. We had a bad storm last weekend, and the weather is very chilly, it reaches minus 20 Celsius. I hear kids screaming and playing outdoors, and this sounds very pleasant to me. As soon as the air temperature raises a bit, I will resume the outdoor walks.

The room plants are doing great this winter. Well, they have my full attention. It’s a pleasure too look at them, and I never stop admiring the winter blooms, the bright green of leaves and their wonderful, gracious shapes. Room plants feel like a great green oasis in almost every room. They certainly help with air and mood, as well.

Altogether, I think emotions affect life more than our thoughts and words. For observant people, that shouldn’t be any news. We do mask emotions often because nobody wants to appear harmful and destructive to others. However, in everybody’s life, we can see also moments when their emotions come through and they reveal their true nature. I hope you know people who simply make you feel good without saying a word. I hope you have met somebody whose closeness doesn’t require you to speak to feel comfortable and safe.

Whether we know it or not, the emotional aura walks ahead of us and signals to others who we are. It’s good if you are a magnet to good people and push away the dishonest and evil ones. On subconscious level, we do not make choices with our mind, but with who we are. The true selves. Thankfully, being honest and genuine is always rewarded. One can pretend behind a screen, hide under their online image, create absolutely stunning internet personality, but time comes and the true colors become visible. That’s the power of emotions. They break through the protective layers and reveal the truth.

Last night I got news, that we have to move again. So, it’s been moving and moving, and now – once more. I hope for April, but that remains to be seen.

All the best until I decide to write more!

35 thoughts on “Emotions and feelings in winter colors

      1. Understand what you mean. We have a proverb saying that moving is worse than burning. It’s a proverb, so it’s not literally true, but the essence is there.
        I moved only once – from my parents house after graduation. However I’m going to pack and clean out the parents house soon. Lots of old things are waiting for my execution. Because of delays in inheritance proceedings, I was given time to mentally prepare to it.
        But in your case, time is ticking fast. April comes soon. I believe you will find a beautiful place in middle of soothing nature, full of inspiration for your art and life. Cross my fingers for it!

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      2. That’s nice you moved just that one time, best what can happen!
        Assuming, they’ll wait till April, I just don’t know yet. It might be sooner, too.
        Our prices at the moment are very high for rent, at least a 1,000 more per month than when we got this place. It will be difficult because it’s either too expensive or too small, or too far, or no backyard, that type of thing. We will joggle through this.
        I’ve moved about 35 times. That includes from Europe to Canada across the ocean with 1 suitcase. All that I have created, is done here now. I didn’t have anything with me, and, LOL, I was almost 50, very close. So, you know, it’s kind of tricky. And moving is horrible, indeed, partly because of so much art, art supplies, books, room plants, lots of clothes because I’m a good fashion designer, too. Oh my!
        I will leave worries of packing for the moment when I have to cross that bridge.
        Thanks! Take care!

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      3. Your story just confirms my feeling that you are a very strong woman!
        After too many movings you have to hate it, but you also have to have useful tricks how to handle it. I believe, you will find a suitable compromise between your desire and possibilities of the market! Stay well and calm.

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      4. You got that right! LOL, I consider myself strong, I don’t want to mention the horrible experiences I’ve left behind and way in the past. Looking forward is a good thing, and never sticking to past pain, that’s even better.
        While unpleasant, moving is not the worst in life by far.
        You got this, too: suitable compromise is what we are really trying to find.
        Thank you very much and all the best!

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  1. A wonderful post, Inese I have found that winter slows me down and brings me into a sphere of reflection. I especially appreciated your words: “To raise the energy levels, we really need to be outdoors more – get some clean and healing air, watch birds in sunny days, enjoy squirrels working and playing unstoppably.” It seems that when we are in nature there is an energy that surrounds us. All the very best in your move. Take good care of yourself.

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    1. Thank you very much Rebecca!
      That’s true that nature possesses a unique way of covering up our worries and filling our heart with good feelings and emotions.
      Certainly, move is nothing pleasant to look forward to, yet, we will have to get it done. I was shocked yesterday when I got the news, somewhat recovering and starting to plant today.
      I hope your winter days still give you chance to enjoy and experience something good, cozy and pleasant! All the best!

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  2. It is a beautiful and wise post, Inese, and I agree we all have choices. Even not choosing or acting on something is a choice! The fresh air and green spaces are vital to wellbeing, too.

    I wish you the best in your move. May you land in beautiful, peaceful surroundings. I wish I was close by and could help!

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    1. Thanks Lavinia! That’s very nice of you to say so.
      It will be a while until we can find a place. We will look for something with a backyard, I just don’t know yet anything.
      The spring is usually what I’m looking for, but I wish the uncertainty decreased and I got at least some clarity about all this move. Our prices have skyrocketed during pandemic, so that’s one more minus. In some 3-4 months this will be over, but until then, I will have lots of unknown things coming our way.
      I, too, hope for the best.
      All the nest to you, as well!

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  3. I enjoyed your post. I truly love the pictures!

    I slow down in winter, too. My body wants to hibernate and move like a snail!

    I’m so sorry to hear about your having to move again. I know it’s a real pain.

    We’ve had a LOT going on it sometimes it really just messes with my mind.

    I’ll try to catch up with you again soon.

    Blessings, hugs and prayers, my friend~

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    1. Thanks Robbie! I appreciate you stopping by. I know you had a lot on your plate, and not everything is pleasant.
      Still packing, still sorting. At least, we found a place. Moving in winter is dreadful, though. I hope room plants survive the trip. Not moving them yet. We have to do this very gradually since my husband works very long hours and practically has no days off.
      It’s very good to hear from you and I hope you’re staying so well as possible!

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      1. Oh, Inese, you are very welcome!
        Moving is such a chore and in winter, too. I can’t imagine!
        I hope your plant survive. I lost some of mine in our last move. It’s always so sad.
        I hope your husband gets some relief from work soon.
        Blessings and hugs, my dear friend~

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      2. Thanks Robbie!
        It’s finally done, after 40 days of packing, moving and sorting.
        It took about 16 truckloads, and lots of things are still in boxes. Simply, there’s not enough space.
        My new post shows how I started to set up the studio.
        Next year, it will be easier. It’s an old, very old house with no central air and currently all broken down appliances. Hopefully, the corporation which owns the places fixes them.
        The best feature is my own private park or even forest. It is huge.
        Have a good weekend!

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      3. You’re welcome, Inese.

        Oh my, and I thought our 30 day move was long! So glad you got moved.

        I’m sorry there’s not enough room and your appliance’s and A/C don’t work. Praying they get fixed soon.

        I’m glad you’ve got your own forest. I can just imagine all the inspiration you will have for your beautiful pictures!!

        Blessings and prayers~🙏

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      4. Thanks Robbie!
        All March was pure horror, however, I got depressed already in February as soon as I got to know we have to move again.
        This place is an old building, probably getting close to 200 years. The corporation which own it has let it go into disrepair.
        There simply is no air conditioning, they never installed it.
        They replaced the broken dryer with some old GE, probably also some 40 years old, but nothing else.
        I can enjoy the outdoors, but no garden here. We could maybe add some raised boxes or something.
        At the moment, I’m trying to figure out how to arrange the art supplies. Paintings are in covers, stacked up in a small hall which is kind of out-of-the-way. I didn’t think about that, but I have very sparse hanging space, for some 4-6 paintings maybe. Well, just like always it all comes to money or lack of it. In my case, it’s a total lack of it, therefore, it’s going to be some more very tough years until there’s a decent solution for a living space. For now, it will be tight and fairly tough.
        Have a good week!

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      5. Thanks Robbie!
        I know raised gardens work well, however, the cost of anything is absurd right now in Ontario. I will see how it goes, but I don’t have any soil at the moment. Also, I will need a surgery at some point whenever it will be possible to get it scheduled and that will slow me down. It looks like I will have no garden this year. It depends on how much money comes in and how soon I get the surgery and can recover after it. Lots of variables. The last 3 years have been quite disastrous with moving in 2018, 2019 and now again. That doesn’t allow to establish any contacts or get ahead. I wrote more on art blog and in the newer post here on life school blog. Have a good Easter and make sure to consume some eggs!

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      6. Inese, I know what you mean. The cost of food here is unbelievable, too. We were going to do raised gardens to grow vegetables, but between the cost to set up and my physical limitations, we can’t.
        Surgery is always a pain, both literally and figuratively. I pray all goes smoothly and you heal quickly.
        Have a great Easter, too! The granddaughter is allergic to eggs so we’ll have prizes in plastic ones instead.
        Hugs, prayers and blessings~🤗🙏💐

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      7. I found out it’s a long waiting, like 8 months to surgery. They advised to to emergency if pain gets worse which I won’t do right now with COVID spiking again.
        In my case, it’s a rented place, and I cannot take any garden with me. I’ve started some 8 gardens from scratch and developed them to something great and then left to the new tenant or owner. I will have to think hard about it.
        Have a good weekend and great Easter! Well, I’m still sorting things, haven’t done much or anything for Easter.

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      8. Oh, Inese, I’m so sorry. I hope it doesn’t develop into a problem where you have to go the emergency way. (I have put off some of my surgeries because of COVID, too.)
        I understand about the garden. It is a LOT of work just to leave it for someone else.
        You have a great weekend, too, and a wonderful Easter!

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      9. Robbie, I didn’t have time. I was working to set up studio, lots of things still need to be sorted out, moved around in attempt to find any space. That means I take something and push around and after a while I need to push it back and start over. It’s cold, we have snow today and plants cannot go outside. So, just chores. That’s what happens when you move a very large house and studio into a very small house. I will publish something new soon, but there’s a newer post https://inesepogalifeschool.com/2022/03/31/our-new-place-charming-house-with-private-park/. I’m calling the place charming, but it requires abnormal lot of work, inside and out. I cannot do much before that surgery, but waiting will be long, probably half a year or longer.
        I know you had a good Easter! At least I hope. Let’ s take the comments to newer post. All the best!


      10. Inese, the studio looks nice. it is kind of quaint like I imagine studios to be. Sorry about the tough time you are having.
        (I know what it’s like to be depressed. Sometimes circumstances can really throw us for a loop.)

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      11. Thanks Robbie!
        I was so abnormally busy that I couldn’t even look at any of my blogs. The amount pf work around here is immense. I feel so tired most evenings that I just fall asleep while walking to my bedroom. I don’t see more free time in the near future. Hopefully when the summer brings heat, I will have a break.
        I intend to post something, though, not sure when yet.
        Have a good week!

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