What it takes to switch from victim to creator of your life

Everybody would agree that they are a part of any situation in their life.

You got married because it was what you wanted, you took a job whether you liked it or it was necessity, you got yourself addicted whether that was your own idea or somebody helped you onto the path of addiction. You stayed in the same town for 50 years because you either felt scared of moving or getting into better life. You got sick because of your habits. You got into accident because the chain of events placed you in a wrong place at a wrong time.

Victim of life

If you are a victim, everything acts against you; you receive no fair treatment from world, weird and bad people come along, somebody steals from you, somebody offends or bullies you frequently and health is in hands of your doctors and the only help comes from procedures and medications. You desperately want to be happy and rich and possibly famous, and definitely healthy, and for some unknown reason, the universe is against it. It disagrees.

Everything that happens to us happens because of us. We become the subject.

We are always involved in things we want or do not want to happen in our life.

But how to become the one who orchestrates and manages situations and events which is our life?

How to make it depend on us, not somebody or something else?

We have created our life and we keep doing so

Many people will completely disagree that they have created every single situation and event in their life. It is because the conscious mind will quickly supply us with numerous examples which put us as a victim in one or another situation. The conscious mind will promptly give numerous excuses and opportunities to blame something or somebody why one or another thing happened or did not happen to you.

The famous saying about things you cannot change and things you can:

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

Well, that is a true guide into giving up and allowing somebody or something to victimize you, to run your life and to turn you into a victim.

To put you in a stream of events where you swirl around like a dry fallen leaf.

Things you cannot change, what are they?

What is that you cannot change? Time you are given for your conscious life. The place, time and family you are born in.

You cannot bring back to life people who are gone, but you can change the way you experience that. Change that 100%.

Practically everything else is a variable.

The subconscious mind knows that.

Why don’t we have access to the part of us which is so crucially important? To the subconscious mind which has access to the universal knowledge of everything in the universe and beyond because it has existed always and it does not expand or shrink, but it keeps gathering and exchanging energetically loaded information.

The lost key and how to open the door

The knowledge is there, the door is locked and we have lost the key.

Most people never think about their subconscious mind and don’t even try to open it because they don’t believe in it. If we do not believe in something, it still exists. Just as things we haven’t seen, haven’t heard about or are not aware of. They all exist somewhere and at some point in time.

We can gain access to our subconscious mind after fasting whether we do that intentionally or not when a person starts seeing, hearing or feeling things which do not exist in the visible word and cannot be perceived with our conscious mind. Quite many people report how they became aware of past and future events, as well as could give information about people they never were familiar with.

After fasting or starving some people started seeing global events and predicting future.

The door to the hidden resources can be opened by a massive or extremely strong physical or mental impact: which can literally be a lightning hitting somebody and after that experience they are resuscitated. Such experience removes all layers that hide our understanding about everything: universe, past, other dimensions, current situations and future, and the way we try to feel about and perceive us and our life.

Take the opportunity

You are not a dry mindless leaf in a stream of events taking you down waterfalls, throwing out on dry fruitless sand or freezing in an ice cube.

You have all the resources of the universe at your hand and the universal mind gives you what you have prepared yourself for. It also gives us the right situations to pursue our goals. The only thing is: do we want to do that?

Lupus in fabula

I am sure that most people know what “lupus in fabula” in Latin means. I have seen that English rephrases it as “Speak of the devil or talk of the devil”. My native Latvian language has a very close translation to Latin which is widely used also “If you mention the wolf, it will show up”. It is not always referred to as something bad or evil. It can be as talking about a particular person and that person shows up or in the widest sense of meaning” it is understood as “whatever you talk (or think) about will happen, come along or be received”.

That is a very close explanation of subconsciously managing events or situations in our life.

We frequently speak or think about bad things with the aim they would never happen to us and we could avoid them.

We bother a lot about lack of something, especially money, or we describe ourselves in a condemning way as dumb, stupid, loser, idiot, fat, ugly, fool and so on. Let’s just say, we cannot do that unless we strictly believe we are the way we have described ourselves.

Bad things we call for

Thinking about tiredness, lack of energy, feeling or being sick, exhausted and even more so when declaring this fact very many times a day makes it a statement under which you become what you declare.

I am so tired.

I am so sick.

I am helpless.

Whenever you make it sound like your most important statement, you are literally talking about the Devil which will show up and not leave. You have convinced yourself that you want to follow the program: I am so tired, so sick, so helpless and exhausted. Day after day, after day.

Will just plainly saying or thinking about things you are not convinced about and believing in make them happen? No. But it might a tiny step to better vibrations you emit, therefore, attracting the situation you want to find yourself in.

It is done unto you as you believe

Most people who are familiar with Bible and its interpretations have repeated numerous times and been aware of words in Matthew 9:29 – It is done unto you as you believe.

We are not talking about the Bible or belief and faith this time.

I would like to simply point out that this approach has been known probably ever since humans existed.

If you completely and without any smallest doubt believe in something or if you are convinced down to the bottom of your heart about something, it will happen and become reality.

Do you believe that you are the boss of your life?

Do you believe that the Universe puts you every time in the best scenario that it can put together for you based on your actions, words, thoughts and belief?

Do you believe and are sure that you can change absolutely everything?

Do you believe that it is you who runs and manages your life? That there are no things which happen to you without your participation and without you being the conductor of all events in your life orchestra?

Once you become aware and start fully realizing that this life of us is what we create together with the universe, God, other people and nature for us, you will see that changes are possible.

The things you thought you could not change might disappear without your direct action, but you will notice them go away.

Switch from victim to boss

The only thing is that you have to make an insane switch.

You have to forget about things that you cannot change.

You have to put the focus on being the boss, creator and manager of your own life.

You go from: I cannot do anything about numerous situations and things in my life, to

I can create everything and steer it towards my goals and I can move mountains if they are in the way.

So, you can be a victim of unfair treatment, bad attitude, lack of many things and bad coincidences or you can switch to being 100% in charge of your life.

By doing so, you have to forget that somebody or something else is to blame for things that you didn’t want to happen to you.

It is all you: who you attract, who you meet, where you go from there and what it results in.

It depends only on you whether you sail through bad situation or get stuck in it.

We have created every single situation in our life.

We have led us to the point where we are.

We are usually not aware of that, and it might take time to see how the chain of events was put together. It is also so that our own life does not always start with the day we are born.

I have intended to explain about signals and vibrations we send out and how that attracts and places people in our life in some of next posts.

16 thoughts on “What it takes to switch from victim to creator of your life

    1. Thanks, Lavinia! We can be in charge, yet, we are seeing so often: you cannot do it on your own and so on. The truth is we can do absolutely everything on our own, small and big.
      The model of feeling as a victim of everything is very limiting and keeps a person in vicious circle. The model of becoming the one who creates and rules their own life is very different. It is a dramatic change, and we learn how to make it.
      We learn how important purpose of us and what we do is.
      Every person we meet, every situation we are in is about to tell us who we are. If we don’t like the person or situation, we have to understand that we lead us there and attracted that.
      If we pay attention and turn to subconscious mind for suggestions, we can figure out what the person and situation wants to teach and tell us. It is a very broad subject, and it will take very many articles to present it.
      The very material and quantitative world we live in at the moment does not allow to become mentally wise because everything is tied to money and material values. Even at school here in Canada, they gear everything towards sports, physical shape, coding, programming, robotics, replacing human intelligence with artificial intelligence and very technical subjects. Things like art, dance, music, creative writing and being creative are practically non-existent. It is good for me because I have lots of students, but it is bad for young people because their balance is off and the mental and creative side is left underdeveloped.


  1. Great post, great reminders, too.
    I pray all is going well with you. I’ve not been blogging much, and for a time, I didn’t blog at all.
    I’m now trying to catch up, or at the very least check-in with my blogging friends.
    Have a wonderful summer.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Robbie! I am fine. I just have to move my studio and house again which I am doing right now. It is not that difficult because we can do this over 10 days at least. The new place is nicer, has better features and so on. I have been blogging very little, too.
      It took me 3 months to get get over my mom’s passing. It felt like so sudden. Well, I think we never stop missing somebody who was very dear to us.
      I was about to post a new post on art blog because I don’t know how and when I am posting next. We will need to transfer internet, etc after moving all things. I have so many paintings that they will take at least 2 rides. I also have very many plants and flowers which I am taking with me. That is quite tricky.
      Anyway, I am fine and ok and everything is good.
      You did not tell anything about yourself, but I suppose I will get to know that when the time is right.
      I wish you great summer, too!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m glad you are doing fine. We have a lot going on right now. Waiting on tests, etc, so I’m waiting for several things before I say anything.
        I know what you mean about losing a loved one. It took me a long, long time to get over my baby brother’s death a few years ago. (Plus, I’d already lost my Mom, and then my Dad just 1 year before my baby brother.)
        Ounds like a much better place for you! I’m glad you found it. Sorry, about having to move, but at least it won’t be so rushed.
        WOW, that’s a lot of paintings and flowers!!
        I hope you are able to get yourself and everything settled in soon!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. No pleasure going through tests. The current treatments are also such a terrible thing. There are new treatments with much less side effects, but I don’ t think they’ re available to everybody just yet.
        I am so tired of these moves, but there is nothing I can do at the moment. I think I will keep more art packed up because it is easier that way.
        I might come to the point when I won’ t be interested in unpacking anything. This all makes me think we have too much stuff. Well, I cannot live without books and art.
        I hope your family gets some good news. Lots of things are difficult. We live through them and we recover. Well, hope is always there. Thanks for blessings and sending you more because you need support and your family, too!


    1. Thanks! It’s an entire theory. I got a chance to touch up some aspects. Quite a few of previous articles also explain the same theory which is that we as a part, although, extra tiny part, of universe have the knowledge of everything, but the key to this knowledge is hidden in our subconscious mind. We can find access to this key and unlock the important information using some exercises and a new approach to us and everything else.
      I just moved and I had a lot of work with setting up the new studio, not to mention all 8 rooms and so on. I also did seeding and planting. All this week was teens’ art, the entire week every day, therefore, I could not get to blogging. Hopefully, I can continue soon, but I need some rest first, like a rest doing absolutely nothing for a small while.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. theburningheart

    I like the English saying: “Life is what you make it.”

    Simple enough.

    But also like:

    “Life’s like a play: it’s not the length, but the excellence of the acting that matters.”

    Lucius Annaeus Seneca

    “Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking.”

    Marcus Aurelius

    “Its not what happens to you, but how you react to it.”


    Nice post Inese. 🙂


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