From the past to the future

We all come from our past and we are all going to our future. The small while in between is our present where memories and dreams meet. That is also the short, sparkling moment when the art is born, poem is written and story told.

Our creative potential is huge and very often extremely neglected. It is quite often that people leave their artistic intentions to the moment when house will be paid off, kids have gone to study, garden is planted, retirement has started, recovery has happened and so on. It is supposed that only these things that cost a lot of money or pay a lot of money are worth doing and everything else can wait.

How many of you have advised your kids and your spouses or parents to pick a pencil or brush and pursue something simple and rewarding like drawing or sketching? Even if you have, how many of you have helped them with suitable and supportive environment for creativity to blossom? Kitchen table isn’t the place when the best art is done. In order to return to drawing and painting, art requires a specifically designed space. Basement is a bad choice if there is no daylight. Drawing and painting needs daylight, bright and undisturbed, just as we do.

I have seen the statistics for the recent years: the potential of keeping memory flexible and brain active is not in favor of most people, especially these over 50.

While everybody knows all the risk factors for absolutely any disease which there only exists: overweight and obesity, heart and blood vessel damage, high blood pressure, diabetes (these are all body stressors), lack of exercise or any movement, bad, highly chemical or modified food, especially if it has been already processed, artificial food, food with added or removed ingredients, GMO sources of food, contaminated water and air, alcohol and drug use, smoking either tobacco or cannabis because of toxins that occur in burning process, abnormal stress levels with zero coping ability, long-term stress without a rescue plan and social isolation and self-removal from any social activities and mental states that involve huge anxiety, severe depression and severe, systemic disorders, very few people ever pay any attention to the brain fitness and brain cell exercising. Meditation is fine, but it is supposed to make one rather stress-free than activate the brain to the impossibly high activity level. We are talking about an active brain involvement, the state when we would say: the brain is steaming.

If you are doing everything right, but you rather think it is better not to worry about learning and studying or scientific research after you are out of school, you are so wrong. Only very active brain which is used to  tackle challenges and make thousands of decisions, as well as resolve problems is able to create new brain cells, at any age actually.

In one of my previous articles I wrote about the trial that compared physical exercise group, group which did crosswords and similar brain games, and the group that started doing drawing, although, students did not even seem to like or be interesting in drawing from reality. The drawing group excelled and outdid both other groups in all target indicators.

Why is that? It is because when we look at some object and try to recreate it with all dimensions on a flat paper or canvas we use all of the brain. We use all kinds of mechanisms and synaptic pathways to get the job done. While it is something meditative and pleasurable, it is also very challenging and a very active process. If you do it in a group, you add socializing to this activity.

Healthy brain

We all come from the past and we are all heading to the future. This is done much better by maintaining our cognitive abilities, memory and brain flexibility. The one thing that means a lot more than all the money and power on the Earth is our brain. Losing our brain, we lose everything. Therefore, let us do something useful and keep it flexible, sharp and well-performing. You do not know how to get started? Please find all kinds of advice on my art website which is solely devoted to art, creativity and learning drawing, sketching and painting:

10 thoughts on “From the past to the future

    1. I certainly cannot complain about not having enough to do. 24 hours a day are too less frequently. I do stay young and I intend to write more about staying young despite the age. I think it is how we are seeing the age. While I do not support beauty surgeries (I had too many surgeries to survive after the accident), I am somebody who wants to look their best, feel their best and act their best.
      I know that memory does not worsen at all if we treat the brain right and give it a truckload of brain food every day. Brain food is intense thinking, decision making, memorizing and challenging oneself. Sometimes my medical writing tasks are so abnormally complex that I literally have to study new subjects within a few hours and days. Sometimes one term in a 100 page text can take a n entire day to find its equivalent in some other language.
      Being busy is most likely one of the best aspects in life. Boredom causes people to do bad things. I think we are too entertainment oriented. Not everything has to be fun, it is great to simply work and enjoy the result. I’ve seen how disappointed people are when painting or drawing does not do itself. It is work, it is sometimes extremely intense work and lots of thinking and experimenting.
      Thanks so much for your comment!

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  1. theburningheart

    This it’s a great post Inese, I always tell people our learning it’s never finish, and do not to be complacent with yourself, and give up reading, or any other activity that promotes creativity, and looking at the world with new eyes.

    Hope that you are well. 🙂


    1. Life requires ongoing learning. Life also requires flexible brain and good efficient cognitive function. I am for these.
      The surgery was ok, and I am in a recovery mode. It is the first day I looked at my blog and website.
      I am on heavy medications still and most likely will be for a few more weeks.
      I would not call me the most energetic person at the moment, but it is way better than after the previous surgery in 2016.
      The dreadful moving is getting closer. I have not started packing yet. I will try to respond to all likes and comments as fast as I can. Well, I have to publish on art blog about the art sales. I need to raise $2200 for a flight ticket. I believe I can do that if I will have enough energy.
      I hope you are enjoying summer! I will be too after a while!


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