Doing nothing or nothing much

Here is what our family does this Easter: Nothing!

It’s such a cool thing to do nothing for a change. We are just two of us here at the moment, no kids, no other relatives coming over. It wouldn’t be advisable anyway even if my relatives were not across the Atlantic Ocean. Therefore, we can take our time and just stretch it out over the long and lazy weekend. I used to cook all kinds of food just for the sake of cooking some years. The question I later asked myself was: how much can actually two people eat? We are not big eaters; we do not bother often with 3-course meals. If I go for big cooking, the largest part has to be discarded before we get around to consuming it all.

How about eggs?

I boil a few eggs, they contain good nutrients, and when you have organic eggs, it’s really food which makes us feel better. Eggs are one of those products which cannot be too much modified or enhanced with extra chemicals, I mean shouldn’t be via feed. Somehow any advice on diets misses the part that everything close to its most natural state is good, not chemically improved, at lab fortified or grown through tubes under artificial light. Organic eggs fit excellent nutritional value demands. I’ve never experienced any raises in cholesterol levels or any weight increase due to eating eggs with butter and salt. We eat eggs a few times a week, not only at Easter.

Keeping decorations at minimum

I don’t bother with that because for decorations I can use the artificial colored eggs which I bout maybe some 7 or more years ago. I have numerous room plants all year round. They create nice background and add a bright touch of green to our settings.

Our Easter menu is very simple: oats for breakfast (I have them every morning), eggs for lunch and pancakes with strawberries for dinner, that’s all we can handle, I might add something more as the day gets older.

I can use some of my own illustrations as decorations

Doing nothing

Doing nothing does not really mean one sleeps for 24 hours. For me, that means doing nothing important, urgent, mandatory or otherwise demanding. My husband plays guitar and sings when he has free time, he just went for a long bike ride, too. I usually spend a few hours outdoors or read. Sometimes, I look at old photos, the real ones, not on computer. Doing nothing means relaxing and lazy sitting in the backyard, listening to silence or birds and watching spring walk around and take over. In the overachievers’ society doing nothing is a sin, but who cares? I’m past that. Hopefully, our weather gets warmer soon, that would be much appreciated by everybody in Ontario.

All comes together nicely: we do love simplicity

If you have kids and big family

If you have kids and a big family, you have your hands full. I’ve been through that, too, just many years ago. You also have more fun, more tiredness in the evening and plenty more to think about. However, you still have to make some time for doing nothing. Depending on the area you’re located, it might be warm, cold, sunny, stormy, who knows, but doing nothing with and in the nature is the best. The most inspirationally killed time. We should always add something rewarding to the day, so it might be a relaxed walk or just staring out there.

I hope you have nice start of April and happy Easter to those who celebrate!

17 thoughts on “Doing nothing or nothing much

    1. Thank you Sue!
      Like I said, these eggs last forever, so, yes, easy to set up. 1 minute. LOL. I have always around some drawings, these were for my girls with autism spectrum disorder classes, they love such things. We did these more than a year ago.
      I believe the weather is ok at your place. We had sunshine today and approx. plus 15 around midday. It’s cool again in the evening.
      I hope you also have nice Easter! I will visit your site some time, too. I know you, too, love spring and garden, probably lots of work already. All the best and blessings to you!

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      1. yes lots of work in the allotment Inese, all good…. And loved those drawings….. Such a great way to stimulate Autism…. I used to work with adults who had Autism and Downs Syndrome and Asperger’s syndrome, So I appreciate what you do… ❤ ❤ ,3 Love right back ❤

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  1. Rick and I have days with “nothing” here, only things important to ourselves. Life here, and at our age, enforces that.

    Eggs got such the bad rap from the medical establishment. So many things like that, it is hard to say much more. I have not eaten them of late, not because of the cholesterol, but because of allergies and growth factors. I may add them back in now that I have been off them for a while.

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    1. Thanks Lavinia!
      It’s pure BS about eggs being bad and one of the worst products. It’s certainly safer to use the organic ones where chicken feed isn’t modified and doesn’t contain unnatural and chemical boosters. I always used them and keep using, just as I live on good potatoes, butter, organic when possible, etc. What they want you to consume is powders, capsules and all kinds of modified stuff.
      In face of people being so sick, we have to blame something, but we should never blame clean, natural food. The problem is that there hardly is any of it available.
      I’ve seen many times these “scientifically” based dietary suggestions, and they must be taken with grain of salt or with lots of doubt. They’re also saying that so-called plant-based meats are oh-so-great, but that’s the most processed product ever, and completely lab-based. It’s engineered, 100%, and, yet, that’s called a good option.
      Strictly taking, clean food is extremely hard to find.
      Most people do not even have allergies, but sensitivity reactions and sometimes pseudoallergies, especially to chemical ingredients in food. The number of people who have tested and clinically proven allergies is way smaller than some try to convince us. They come generally not from natural food, but because there are so many replacement, surrogate, engineered and enhanced, free-of or added- foods. All powders and capsules, as well as liquid supplements can contribute to person experiencing sensitivity reaction. The younger they are when they start on artificial and modified food, the more allergic and sensitivity reactions they experience as adults.
      After years of comparative research, I can say that I am almost 100% in disagreement with dietary guidelines, especially the ones in the US and Canada. The food is so totally modified that it’s no good at all. I mentioned the tube vegetables, and, yes, they are on our tables if we buy at the grocery store.

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    2. Anonymous

      Hi Inese
      I really enjoyed reading your post today
      I found that ever since we went to experience the new word Covid and the restrictions lots changes happened not only family gatherings but as well how we utilize our time
      For me was a quite busy weekend I worked and today my husband and I went for dinner to my dougthier place
      Every the year I usually have friends and family over during the long Easter weekend this year is different….
      Stay safe beautiful
      Enjoy the rest of the weekend

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  2. Interesting so see your Easter-decorations – so different to ours.
    Yeah I must also say I am absolutely stunned to see how fake and bad food is in CN and the US and even more surprised that people accept it and buy the crap.
    Also over here people want more and more ready made trash, just to save time and because they are too lazy to make food themselves.
    In my own family we have gone totally the opposite way: we’re going more and more natural and have almost stopped buying things all together.

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    1. Thanks! These pictures I took a year ago when we couldn’t get any real eggs because it was long standing in lines due to complete lockdown, just like we have right now again. This year, I didn’t do even that much, and ended up not even boiling any eggs.
      When I had just arrived, I tried to recreate the Latvian type of Easter. It took me a few years to realize there was no point. I used onion skins and new leaves for eggs, green sprouts and first blossoms, etc. We just couldn’t manage to consume all foods, as you know I have no family here, except my husband.
      I suppose when it comes to food, everything is so modified and as if improved here, with all kinds of added things. Diary is 100% unnatural. Lots of veggies and herbs grow on shelves and are fed through tubes. It’s very hard to buy clean food, and it is very expensive.
      I sure grow whatever I can, but, obviously, I’m limited to a tiny space in the backyard. It is small, but I’m using it efficiently, still, no place for potatoes or similar things which require deep soil. Having even our own herbs is a big advantage. Well, and since we rent I never know when I have to leave this garden which is really nice now and start a new one in another location.
      I’m busy with trying to book vaccine appointment, it takes very much time, no such luck yet, but we’ve been eligible for a while already.
      I hope you had a good weekend!

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