Holding my breath and looking forward to better times

In the small while between my previous post and now, the whole world has changed. Just a month ago, nobody would believe the abnormal tragedies which are happening right now. Such disrespect for human life, such absolute disregard for the rest of the world! CNN news told: nobody expected this Russian invasion to happen. Wrong: people, who have experienced Russian invasion before, were certainly convinced that it doesn’t stop with demonstration of power and capabilities of armed forces. Who were they kidding with announcements of military exercises while drawing immense numbers of troops around Ukraine? Not me, I can say that much.

The warfare also takes place close to Latvia, Latvia has a 214 km long border with Russia and approximately 173 km long border with Belarus. It runs partly along the Daugava river. It was announced that Belarus has “de facto” given up its border with Russia, meaning, willingly and “de facto” joined Russia which was to expect. The current situation isn’t about Ukraine alone. Playing with the fire is probably a good description of this moment. When you are dealing with a power-driven aggressor, who seems to pretty much lost his mind and is ready to sacrifice not only lives of other nations, but also Russians, many of whom are against the war, against totalitarianism and unfair invasions, the threat becomes global. At this point, it feels like the world has to be on one side or the other: if you are not with, you are against.

I keep exchanging information with my family in Latvia daily. They see sooner what’s happening in Ukraine and they know people who are involved directly in fighting the Russian army over there. Can one be cautiously and moderately opposing an insane powerful aggressor like Putin? Absolutely not. The input should have been faster, more urgent and more decisive. It’s too late to discuss the delays now. It is remarkable, though, how much financial restrictions can do. Cutting off the finances will have an impact, also inside Russia.

Prayers are great, but you beat power with more power since they don’t understand other language. Let’s see how the talks between Russia and Ukraine end and what happens in the next days. I’ve been thinking how 10 bucks helps a lot more than simply wishing somebody well.

We all deserve blue sky and peace

My blog is not about politics. It has never been. I became abhorred to politics during more than half of century while Latvia was occupied by Russia and within the Soviet Union. We hoped the freedom will be never again threatened by superpowers.

Back to Ontario, Canada. If you read my art blog, you know that I am packing and preparing to move my art studio and house again. That’s what happens in a greed-driven economy. Huge number of houses will be for sale this spring. Statistics show that housing prices have gone up 10 times between 1996 and now. The houses themselves are not any better, at least in this particular, previously very industrial area: bad drywall design with small windows, low ceiling and tiny rooms which honestly should be just one decent size room. We are moving to an older building which lacks some conveniences, but has character and huge backyard. It is also a commercially zoned property.

The most recent painting, and most supplies are in boxes now

It will be very problematic to find a place for everything. The biggest room goes to the art studio, and there’s hardly anything left for all other necessities. We might be suffering during the hot and humid summer days and we might feel restricted because of extremely tight space, but for now, this is the best solution in a bad situation. It takes me about 1 month to sort through and pack everything and about as long to re-arrange and unpack everything. We intend to be in the new place by mid-March, and I should be ready to start art classes in the first weeks of April.

I don’t have much time for social media or advertising, straight the opposite, in fact, but it would have been great to sell a few paintings. As you know, any moving comes with big expenses. It’s been 3 years without much interaction in the art studio. Who can see my art online? Very limited number of people. Among them, almost everybody paints and sells art. Do the math.

I live for the spring, for the moment when nature wakes up

The globe is divided. Stay on the right side! I wish for a clear spring sky over any place, any country. Will that come true? Time will show. For now, we are all in this: supporting the honest fight, supporting the freedom and future from bad intentions and actions. History has shown that the good guys frequently win at the end. The price they have to pay for that is another matter. It’s not enough to hope and pray now. This situation requires active involvement. Far as you may be, nowadays weapons and cyberattacks have immense reach. Most of us, will get through this unscathed. Ukraine is a different story, and we will stay on their side as much as possible. Great to see the support, donations, all kinds of aid.

Meanwhile, I’m going through my personal issues. Winter always makes me sick, quite literally. Therefore, I’m trying to make use of any day which allows staying pain-free or almost pain-free. It would be strange to hope that pain goes away completely after breaking and crashing practically all major bones which are in the body. I do celebrate my second birth around this time because it was quite a miracle to survive the injuries, although it’s already 30 years since that happened. I do remember mom as it’s been 3 years since her passing. Last day of February: I’m happy it’s over. I never liked winter and always lived for the wakeup in March and April.

Never without flowers, they inspire the best in us

Be well wherever you are! Thanks for reading if you did!

10 thoughts on “Holding my breath and looking forward to better times

  1. We have been watching the situation in Ukraine unfold. I have no words to add to what you have written here. I also thought of Latvia, you, and family and friends you have back there.

    Be well, Inese, look forward to spring, the time of new life and new beginnings. I saw this link on another blog site. The post is on Ukrainian flower crowns. They are things of great beauty.

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    1. Thanks Lavinia!
      It is impossible to speculate at the moment about what comes next and how things unfold, and I sort of don’t want to do that. we hope and pray and they suffer and fight. Certainly, the outcome cannot be predicted yet because we are not aware of all involved sides, parties and forces. Everybody wants this invasion to end and peace restored.
      While the devastating TV news is on, I just keep packing. That is exhausting, and I hope in a few weeks the move is complete. Well, maybe it will be possible to stay in the new place a bit longer. we moved in 2018, 2019 and now again, so, it’s been a lot. I have left (thankfully!) some boxes unpacked. Too few.
      The weather isn’t very supportive, very cold at night, not that cold during the day, sometimes warmer daytime temperature, and that results in ice. Everything becomes slippery, I mean. March is pretty much still winter here with exception of a few days.
      What needs to be done, will get done.
      Stay well and I know you’ll have your hands full with work very soon!

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    1. Thank you Tiffany!
      I’m far away geographically from all European troubles. Canada is a very peaceful country. My daughter in Latvia seems to be calm, she rarely acts on emotion. My sister in Latvia, though, is very worried. I’m here in Canada, and all the rest of my family is in Latvia. Who knows what it will come to as things change so swiftly and develop?
      I’m in the moving business, LOL, always, I mean, I have to move very frequently as renting in Ontario is tricky. With house prices so high, you get kicked out as soon as they have chance to sell the place.
      Oh, well, the next place is as I described, but I will make it better, that’s for sure. It’s just the amount of hard work which goes into every move, as well as the time lost on packing, sorting, unpacking, arranging, etc.
      All the best to you!


  2. It is terrible what is happening. We both have an experience with Russian mentality 😦
    I am happy your family is safe even so close to the border. We ordinary people in the neighborhood can do no more than help those who run away and pray. The coming spring will hopefully bring light and warmth not only to your bones.

    Inese, I send you a huge hug and wish you to be healthy! I hope you are moving to a place where you will be happy and your art will find admirers and buyers! 🙂 Ivana

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    1. Thank you Ivana!
      Everybody has joined pretty much supporting Ukraine. Let’s see if global powers can do more with stopping the aggression. From what I have read, the support which comes regular, simple people is quite impressive.
      I hope the other place will help selling art, maybe, because it’s better located and it will be easier to get people to walk in. That will take work, too. All signs which I have to draw and create again, flyers and materials and so forth.
      I’m alone packing packing very many rooms, and I’m already tired of it. Maybe the weather will cooperate and become warmer which is quite unlikely. I’m being not realistic here. If they allow, I will come back in April to retrieve plants from the backyard, if not – I will start all over again.
      Health is what it is. Some damage cannot be repaired, so I’ve learned to live with pain.
      All the best to you! I enjoy reading your posts and it’s a pleasure to have you among my blog friends!


    1. I am better healthwise.
      Other things need to improve, especially income. As you know I haven’t had a job since long time, and freelancing doesn’t work any longer. Everybody is tight and nobody wants to spend anything. And they might not have what to spend.
      It was a beautiful November so far, but we are getting the first frosts and cold and chilling breezes now. Getting down to fairly big minuses already. That’s Celsius. I’ve never used Fahrenheit, so I don’t bother.
      I believe your are doesn’t get cold weather, right? But there must be some other weather issues. Maybe not, maybe it’s great and calm and sonny. Which I wish you: a good week, full of sun.

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  3. theburningheart

    Not really cold for Canadian standars, but chilly for the people we live here 8C during the night, sunny and bright blue during the day about 18, or 20C, I just had my hourly morning walk, I live at the edge of the Town.

    On this video I live near the hills at the far left of the screen, beyond the marshes, on the video the town it’s not seeing clear.

    Iam glad to hear from you Inese, I have stop writing my blog since I bought a new computer, and need to install the appplications I had on my old computer.
    Unfortunately a computer professional needs to do it and I have to take the computer to his workshop, and leave it there, for at least a day, and since I need it and procrastinate, I haven’t done it.🤷‍♂️

    I am gald to hear from you, dear.😊

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