The waiting game


Real life, unlike virtual displays of it, frequently requires waiting. Waiting for something or looking forward to it, takes time which can be considerable. If you have been around for many decades, you already know that the period of expectations can turn out to be more pleasurable and more amazing than the event or occasion itself. The wonderful thrills of expectations and the anticipation of whatever you desire can be illusive and lead one to disappointment. That is when we overvalue the potential result or our role in it. We frequently do just that.


I believe patience is a virtue, and in times like right now when waiting is inevitable and it lasts for extremely long period, patience and understanding that some things cannot be rushed, makes life easier if you are used to wait for something and if you have acquired, learned along the way or simply got naturally the ability to be patient. You won’t go mad, get frustrated, angry, upset and depressed because you have to wait. Wait in line for vaccine, wait to book a vaccination appointment, wait to meet your relatives and friends, wait for normalcy to return.


Nobody gives us back the time we have wasted. Protesting lockdowns, closures, vaccines, masks and stay-at-home orders is pretty much wasted efforts and time. The reality has shown that the best way to avoid any troubles is not being around anybody else. That’s the worst part of airborne respiratory viruses: they are everywhere where there is air, and as humans we cannot stop inhaling air or exist without it. We’ve been in lockdown in Ontario for a very long time, we still are. I read somewhere, it’s the longest lockdown among the developed countries. I noticed, however, that people are taking this fairly lightly. It is spring finally here, as well, the second warm week is happening, it’s 18-23 Celsius, and this warmth feels excellent compared to what it was just a while ago. So, people have visitors, no masks obviously, there’s partying, too.

The blooming

Once the gates are open, we are flooded with waves of blooming. Almost all trees and spring flowers are in bloom. They, too, have waited impatiently when the weather will turn mild and allow them to come up with their beauty. I don’t think there can be anything more relaxing and enjoyable than quietly watching a garden or trees. For my Angel’s day, lilac is always in bloom. I’m not sure how that can happen, but it does, year after year. Birds are busy, their shadows shoot across the lawn and their voices make one listen in awe how the nature beats it all. If you ask me, that’s the best party ever. Everybody is invited, no preparations required. This time I’m sharing pictures of my giant tulips.


We sleep away and spend in waiting big part of our life. Unfortunately, there isn’t a chance avoiding that. Waiting might drive somebody crazy and angry, but the truth is we have probably learned something during the last one and a half years. If we haven’t, then we are failing to manage the biggest challenge the globe is currently facing. The other interesting aspect of the global pandemic is that every single person is involved. The outcome is the sum of collective human actions, inactivity and reactions. It makes one also wonder how greed and wars never stop.

Whatever your personal situation, I hope you are in the driver’s seat. More than ever, one needs to be in charge of their own life and their own decisions. Enjoy the blooming and thanks for reading!

33 thoughts on “The waiting game

  1. Those tulips are beautiful, Inese! We are in the time of irises here now. This year they are blooming more than ever, perhaps due to a long, cool spring.

    For me the time has flown so quickly, and at times I feel I am being washed downstream. I suppose the pandemic, losses, last year’s fires and drought have had that effect on me. I have also learned that there is nothing to be gained by fretting. I can do what I can do, the rest will have to wait until I can get to it. You are right, it is more important than ever we are in the driver’s seat.

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    1. Thanks Lavinia!
      I don’t have irises in this place, also no apple trees, but still I managed to plant over lots of things, including redcurrant and gooseberries (first berries this year), hyacinths, roses, horseradish (oh so good your own!), ferns, peonies and hydrangea. The rest I seed and plant every year. It is interesting how some perennials have lots of blooms some years, it is most likely because of how they winter over and how pleasant the environment is at time of blooming.
      I can only agree, time has flown away and not that much to show for it, mostly regular things. We probably should be fine with that taking into account the whole virus situation.
      The same here: not pushing myself too hard. You know, when the time is right, everything gets done.
      I wish you a great season on the beautiful farm (oh, lots work), hopefully, the farm animals and pets will be fine, and music for yourself! I suppose singing and playing guitar is for you what painting is for me. Take good care of yourself!

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  2. cheers to living with intention and being in the driver’s seat
    and Inese, I love how you said “If you ask me, that’s the best party ever. Everybody is invited, no preparations required. ”
    I agree

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    1. I do feel that many things can be managed and adjusted to one’s best options.
      I read once that the universe will always give us the best scenario (even if it doesn’t look like that) for a particular situation.
      At some point, it is good we never know what would have been if ….
      We believe we missed something, but it’s not always so.
      Half a minute one or another direction and things are different at that same intersection, something like that.
      I hope you’re fine and take care!

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      1. I know exactly what you mean — “Half a minute one or another direction and things are different at that same intersection,”

        and just so you know – the beauty of the flower photos froths post stayed with me long after I left 🙂

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      2. This year, tulips are very large and very colorful. I loved them a lot, they are almost over now. This beauty lasts for a very short moment.
        I think I have some excellent photos, not only these ones. I do look at them sometimes and think they could fit well in the nature/floral photography theme. I always have something either blooming or growing, and it is impossible not to capture at least a few views. Magnolias are in bloom, lilac is, even forget-me-not plants have numerous bright sky-blue blooms behind larger plants.
        Thanks very much for your nice comment.

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      1. Here it actually comes as a wave, nothing, and then – everything. We frequently get from almost winter into heat of summer, this year, probably again. It’s already very hot.
        I lived in Europe, Latvia before I relocated to Canada. The weather in Poland used to be warmer than in Latvia. My sister said it was not nice there at the moment, but, hopefully, that will change and they get some spring warmth, too.


      2. How wouldn’t I? I lived for almost 50 years in Latvia. At first, it was soviet republic of Latvia, and in 1991, it became independent Latvian Republic again. We used to actually drive to Germany when the borders were open and we were free to travel. The route went through Lithuania, then Poland, and then we were in Germany. We have stopped in Poland many times, seen around a little bit, that type of thing. I lived for a while in Germany, Berlin, so we travelled always through Poland.


    1. Thank you Tiffany! I think we all are in this uncertain situation.
      In Canada, we have to wait for very long time to get the second dose, the soonest could be July or end of it. It was very difficult to get the first one, too, I spent numerous hours trying to book the appointment, that’s daily.
      It is hard to predict anything. Only time will show how long the vaccines work, whether we can beat the variants, etc. You know, I’m so much out of many things, but online is out of questions not only because of slow deliveries, but I just cannot buy shoes without trying on. We are in a complete lockdown, still.
      We will get over this, it’s just hard to say when.
      Thanks and take good care of yourself!


  3. Sheri Dye

    Wow, you weren’t kidding.. These tare gorgeous!
    And you’re absolutely correct. Remembering to be patient can be difficult when everyone is so ready for this to end, but it effects us all, and if we’re all determined for it to end and life to start it’s long journey towards a new ‘normal’.. we should do what we can to protect ourselves and one another by staying safe and taking care. I don’t consider(and this is just my opinion) the temporary discomfort of right now to be more inconvenient than what we’ll experience should it get worse.
    Take care!

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    1. These tulips were gorgeous.
      Right now, lilac is blooming insanely everywhere. That fragrance, it makes one want to stay around all the time.
      The discomfort is temporary. I feel sorry for all families which have lost somebody, too, and there are so many. That is probably the most horrible part. The never-ending threats wear us down also. I was thinking the other day; I think I will wear mask for a long time. I have also the medical grade masks which I use when entering the most dreadful hotspot areas.
      Thankfully, we can go outdoors, at least during spring summer and the warm part of the fall, that’s a blessing.
      I wish you all the best and enjoy the nature and its beauty!


    1. Everything was blooming at once, yes, it was gorgeous. It looks like now we have entered summer already.
      Garden plants are tiny, just start sprouting out.
      The show is still on, I’m going to bother my readers of art blog with more promotion again. No traction this far.
      Life goes on. We are still in a total lockdown, I believe the reopening, step 1 of it, will start on June 14. We got the first doses of vaccine a while ago. We will have to wait a lot for the second dose. Health Canada (or should you say damage to Canadian health) has made such decision.
      Everything is quiet, calm, health is ok. I’m not sure what is Whitsun.
      I believe Europe is way ahead of us, not to mention the States. I simply forgot to answer any messages, I was really busy with outdoors and everything, still am.
      Take good care of yourself! Thanks for your comment!

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  4. Devorah Garland

    You speak with wisdom and clarity. Your words are calming and reassuring, which is what our world desperately needs. And I really love your photography!

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    1. Thanks very much Deborah!
      I suppose experience matters, and one just keeps their mind open in order to notice everything that happens and what rules govern our planet and the universe.
      I’m a researcher by nature and love learning. With age, that just becomes a deeper understanding because there is distance in time between my perception and the events which took place many decades ago.
      Have a good week!

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