Universe wishes us well, how we go with or against this plan

We, universe, nature and other people

We all create our own reality, and while doing so, we are interconnected with all other parts of the universe: the other people, nature, God and the highest power whichever one believes in. When you look at the brain activity chart, you can see numerous flashes which occur practically simultaneously. That is also how we as a tiny molecule of the universe are creating such flashes. People have tried everything: living mindfully, positively and using the law of attraction, as well as all kinds of significant rules we have invented so far. What works and what is just our illusion about living a full, balanced and abundant, life?

Our personal world we recreate every day

It is our world which we enter as soon as we wake up every morning. We do that as long as we live. We start out anew, fresh and on clean slate if we allow for that. When life is good, everything falls in place easily. We feel grateful, we feel that we are on the right path and we are sure the future is bright. The real problems start when life gives us tests and we have to overcome all kinds of obstacles.

The plan is always good

The purpose of a universal plan for us is always good and probably the best for the current situation. Can we see and understand it? Moreover, are willing to go along with it? Sometimes, one will understand the purpose of a situation only after many years and even decades. Sometimes, we will see what and why needed to happen sooner. This pandemic shows how vulnerable we are, and it really doesn’t matter what social class, financial wealth level, nationality, race or country one belongs to. This pandemic is to prove that as a human one is equal in the eye of the universe. One means no less and no more, but just the same.

Warning signs

We could argue that the current situation has nothing to do with a lesson from the universe, but it is simply the result of human negligence, error and mishandling of facts. As always, we get warnings and signs at first. Everything in the nature has been warning us for many decades. Deterioration of human health which is the result of attempts to achieve higher profits has been really alarming. Pollution and overcrowded cities, famine in some areas and wasting insane amounts of money for useless luxury items in some social groups, wrong values and mass production of cheap entertainment to keep humans in tight control, and so on and so forth. There have been many signs that the human race is on the wrong path.

Harsh lesson, but the choice is ours

Universe usually teaches us just like students at a regular school: at first, it is a general warning not to engage in some activity or process, then it is more targeted requirement to change the behavior, after that, we will receive strong corrective event which people, who feel like victims of situation, others or destiny, will call a punishment. In fact, the universe will try to stop you from destroying yourself while it is still possible with all kinds of means from mild warning to strong event that will change the route. Meaning, if you do not get the lesson with kind and mild suggestion, there is a need for strong means of correction.

Victim versus creator

If you see and perceive your personal world as a place where outside impacts every thought and step of yours and you have no say in the chain of events unfolding before your eyes, you are most likely feeling and acting as a victim: I cannot do anything about this. They have decided everything for me and I just have to comply and go with the stream. Now, if you are somebody who does not assume yourself as a victim, but rather somebody, who is in control of your own life and its events and who takes on the responsibility for results of your own actions, spoken words and thoughts, you will see that you can change and influence the chain of events. You can do that since you are the one, who understands that any current situation is created by you with your activity or inactivity, with steps you take or skip, with thoughts you pronounce or discard.

Patience is a virtue

Patience is something we seem not to have any more. When I hear people saying what a sacrifice that is to wear a mask, I’d like to ask them to think again. It is a preventive measure which helps us control the spread of virus and disease. From the first days we were advised no to travel, not to go anywhere, especially, not to fly and go abroad. Including March break, everybody was behaving as if nothing has happened. We heard that it’s not that scary as it sounds and there is no point in cancelling trip if one had paid for it in advance.

We are all connected

Now in the summer, people feel they cannot put off or cancel their parties and vacation travel. It’s vacation time and nothing will stop them from enjoying it. Well, we normally get what we ask for. It’s just so that this time adventure easily turns into trouble. This situation more than ever shows how connected the entire humanity is and how swiftly one person’s neglect and lack of judgement can affect other person’s life and health. You do not even know these people, but they will either work towards a better outcome or make bad outcome hit one harder.

Universe and we: the plan is always the best in current situation

True values

I’m not surprised big luxury brands are going out of business because this global situation reveals how unimportant it actually is for the global health to wear, drive or use a specific luxury item which is meant for show-off. Under mask, make-up becomes pointless. In the situation of social distancing, nobody really cares about one’s shoes, pants or dress. Hence, there are so many things which are of real value.

Blaming as lack of responsible approach

We might see this situation as a punishment for humanity if we feel like a victim. We might start blaming everybody and everything from government to food manufacturers, from lawmakers to neighbours and friends. That’s what a victim does: they blame something because they do not take responsibility for what they do and have done. In fact, your own health is in your own hands. That is very literary because you have to keep them in gloves and disinfect and sanitize frequently which I assume some people will also call a sacrifice. In fact, there is no punishment in the mind of the universe. There is no guilt or fault. That is an invention of the human mind to control victims and their behaviour. It’s easy to keep in control people, who fault themselves or feel guilty.

Universe wishes us well

The universe wishes us well. It will always try to work out the best scenario which meets your personal wishes and desires. I think you know that we have to be cautious about what we wish for. There is also a thing about negative sentences and the universal mind. It cannot hear what we say as a negative sentence. The same goes for small children. If you say: do not, they will only hear “do”. Therefore, sentences such as “I will not get sick” send out only one word “sick”, ‘I do not feel tired” means “feel tired” and so on. We have to use the affirmative form.

We have created every situation in our life

We have arrived at this day because of everything we have done, thought or said. That includes things we didn’t want to do or things we didn’t say out loud, or things we believed were unimportant. That includes signs and warnings we ignored. Blame is big nowadays. That means most people feel like victims, and social media and also TV strongly support that: blaming something or somebody and not being responsible for what we personally do. It is obviously a wrong way to approach any situation. It’s finally only us personally, who choose the fate of the globe. Every single person participates, and we either facilitate good outcome or cause harm for people we love most and eventually for everybody else. It’s in our hands to make things right.

14 thoughts on “Universe wishes us well, how we go with or against this plan

    1. Thank you very much!
      There are quite a few articles I’ve written about this subject. I think I started this theme a couple of years ago after my trip to Latvia which is the country I’m originally from. When I returned to Canada, I started summarizing my experience and all new things I had learned during this trip. The theme has many parts, and the goal is to achieve our personal best self and our most meaningful life. When I was young, I couldn’t even see the interaction between universe, me, God, other people, fate and everything else. From perspective of many decades, I can understand how these simple rules have played out, and unbelievably, it’s been always to the better and always in my favor.

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  1. krish

    Beautifully explained…nature always gives subtle warnings before it hits…humans have always refused to see or read these warnings…lessons are forgotten…

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    1. Thanks Krish!
      It is one article from “Universe and us” series, there are more published in previous years and there will be more new ones.
      We shouldn’t say always because people were watching nature closely thousand and more years ago and up to the middle of 20th century, but, yes, with all the technological advancements, we are now very detached from natural processes. It’s also so that we are way too busy checking out social media and missing our personal warning and encouraging signs.
      Receiving a gift or seeing somebody in our surrounding environment doing very well is a good sign. For instance, if a coworker has gotten promotion, we should be very happy because that means good changes are also coming our way. If we are rather angry and envious promotion missed us, the universe translates that as somebody against the promotion.

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  2. Yes, in our modern day society, we are quite detached from life’s natural processes. Beautifully written post, Inese. A friend of mine likes to say, “wherever you go, there you are.” I like to pray for peaceful resolution for all things.

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  3. theburningheart

    And keeping with the ancient wisdom, and the phrases in Latin, the Romans already said:

    Faber est suae quisque fortunae

    In a book by Claudius the blind 340-273 BC.

    “We have arrived at this day because of everything we have done, thought or said. That includes things we didn’t want to do or things we didn’t say out loud, or things we believed were unimportant. That includes signs and warnings we ignored. Blame is big nowadays.”

    You nailed it, Inese. 🙂

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    1. Definitely!
      I’ve written before how we make and shape our life and future, too.
      Blaming is the opposite of taking responsibility.
      Creating future is the opposite of slaving for this current day and being afraid, feeling guilty and upset. I think we must act more and talk less about things we need to do.
      Have you noticed how, for instance, news isn’t anymore news? It’s somebody’s opinion about something that’s happening. Why their opinion? Because they suit the biassed message best. Otherwise, they’d just leave news as simple facts. I see that as something very annoying when so-called expert talks nonsense. And there are sooooo many of them!
      Thanks very much, have a great week!


  4. Anonymous

    Lots of really specific and true aspects of your message – great life skills information !
    Everyone has good times and challenging times – we must learn to handle them and move ahead with the lessons our experiences taught us – as we mature throughout our lives

    Great information !

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  5. You speak such truth in this article, Inese. I used to live like a victim. And then I found a better way…I found that I truly do create…and ATTRACT to myself the things that I see in my world. It is easy to forget and fall into old habits, but then I just get back on track. It is a very powerful understanding once you really GET IT! We create our world…we are treated the way we are resonating. Energy is everything. And like attracts like. I hear so many people complain about wearing a mask or like you said that their vacation plans have been interrupted due to Covid…I just don’t understand all that is happening at this time…but rest assured that I not only wear my mask….but I learned how to make them so I could make them match my outfits!!!! 🙂

    Stay well…and keep creating a wonderful life!!

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    1. Thanks very much Lorrie!
      I started this series a few years ago. Most of us at some point in our life want to feel like a victim and blame everything and everyone. We know how the world of tyrants and slaves functions and, therefore, it becomes a vicious circle from which seems to be no way out.
      Since you are saying you’ve overcome that desire to feel sorry for yourself and got rid of feeling there’s nothing you can do , it’s a whole new space which you inhabit.
      We learn that from early childhood that there’s always something or somebody to blame and so it just goes on.
      Basically, we meet what we expect and how we perceive these people around us. If we think that everybody is evil, it will be done as we wish and all evil people come along. If we think we are smart and worth somebody’s equal admiration we most likely will get that.
      I think also we have to be happy every time when something good happens in other peoples’ lives. However, the never-ending competition and need to prove that we are the best doesn’t allow that. Lots of things harm us.
      I know what a nice person you are and it’s really a good time to expect better things and picture how the tiredness turns into energy.
      What scares me about masks is that many people do not change them, put in pocket or purse and take out when necessary. I use every time another one and throw out the current one. I also wear medical grade mask when situation is scary, the 95 one, I have still some new ones left.
      It’s great you can make your own mask and make it look more attractive and most likely better. I’m good with sewing, have good sewing machine, too, but I won’t bother this time, it’s so much to do.
      Similar articles are some year ago and I think before that, quite a few of them. I learned and studied that all to get out of health troubles and I did. So, thought to share time to time.

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      1. You said something so profoundly simple and yet so true…”Basically, we meet what we expect”…wow, Inese…most people don’t understand the law of attraction but this snippet of words is a clear…succinct explanation that makes it easy for people to understand!
        Yesterday I forgot to bring a masknwhen I went out but I have some individually wrapped in my car. I put it on and it was SO UNCOMFORTABLE!! I remember being so thankful that the homemade masks are comfortable because if I had started to wear the other kind first I, too, would have hated them! I also agree that people most probably mismanage them…
        Either way, I believe it is an important component to stay well.
        Thanks for your wisdom and caring heart!💜

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      2. Thanks Lorrie!
        Mask-uncomfortable is most likely way more comfortable than being sick.
        A friend from SF, the US, told she felt so bad when the virus hit her that she wanted to die. She overcame the disease, but it’s been about 3 months and she told it was still not completely great condition she had. I think wearing a mask is inconvenience but still way more tolerable than the disease itself.
        We will have a renovation because the landlord didn’t know they were not complying with the fire code and that is something which has to be treated with huge caution. I will stay out of everybody’s way until it’s over and start cleaning then. Thankfully, the weather is still good and I can stay outside and do something either in the garden or on the veranda.
        I’m not referring only to the law of attraction because the universal interactions go way beyond that, but the whole concept includes attracting the things that bother us or make happy. Here is more about the same theme: https://inesepogalifeschool.com/2019/10/18/how-to-get-ahead-with-your-life-encouraging-and-warning-signs/ and https://inesepogalifeschool.com/2019/01/17/we-start-with-changing-ourselves/ and quite a few more, I believe they’d appear under Related posts.
        Have a great day and blessings to you!


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