Patched up with hope: life during pandemic

If we are lucky enough to live in some country like Canada where we have social security, fairly affordable health care and chances to get a job, some job, not always what we wish for, we stop believing in our own mortality. We know we cannot avoid passing away and it will happen sometimes, but that is a far-away event. We first enjoy, savor and are happy. After some very long time or possibly eternity, that might happen. That might happen after a great life which we have filled up with all kinds of achievements. We have fulfilled our dreams and everything is sunny in our peaceful valley of joy and pleasure-rich entertaining space. Slightly utopic, but internet says we all can do that. This doesn’t apply to time of COVID-19 pandemic, unfortunately, with everything being turned upside down and inside out.

The generations before cancer treatments, diabetes cures, artificial joints, artery stenting and transplanted organs, as well as efficient antibiotics, chemotherapy, fast and slow acting insulin, NSAIDs and steroids, blood pressure and cholesterol adjusting medications and antidepressants had to be more down to the Earth. Any health issue could have resulted in bad sequences and premature passing away. Therefore, people relied more on afterlife. If we didn’t have enough time to enjoy this life, we were quite sure that the best possible life awaits in a space which we had been told about depending on religion and personal belief. The shift nowadays is that we all want to experience the best possible life right now and here. We are not going to put up with anything less than paradise. This isn’t possible during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic has put extra pressure on most people. We hear often they cannot afford to wait; they cannot afford to buy one essential thing or another, they definitely cannot live as they used to. We also find out that virus has destroyed many lives, caused family conflicts, domestic violence and many people have succumbed to it. This might be the first time for somebody to realize that they are not bulletproof, I mean, that they, too, can become infected and have to undergo harsh treatment or even worse. The reality which threatens practically everybody, who slightly slips and stops observing the strict protocols of hygiene and physical distancing, has caused a gigantic wave of mental disorders.

While TV, social media and numerous internet sites remind us that we are not alone, that help is within easy reach, it can quite frequently remain only nice and cheering call without any follow-up action. We have to take into account that person, who is completely depressed (I am talking about clinically severe depression episode, not upset mood for a few days in a row), will take no steps to improve their condition. That is the nature of this condition: a complete ignorance of oneself, surroundings, situation and advice. They cannot do anything because they are unable to and they need some major break to become alive again.

The worst thing in pre-depressive state is analyzing everything: every word one hears, every glance, every message, every move and every reaction to what somebody else does or says. This leads to overwhelmingly negative self-assessment. The second worse thing is scrolling through social media and seeing how well everybody else is which leads to comparing one’s condition, situation and overall wellbeing to somebody else. If you do this for half a day or even longer, it is going to cause some reaction. There are usually only two types of social media messages which rise to the top: extremely attractive, extremely inspiring, extremely positive or plain bad and tragic. People will always look at a disastrous outcome. By numbers of statistics, that will be even more often than at something great and good. Have you seen how all traffic stops when there is a car accident on the road side? That’s exactly the same reason: it’s good to know that’s not our car and not us in it.

The best thing to do in a pre-depressive state is make oneself tired with physical work. Physical work with readily visible results beats physical exercise. Physical work which shows that we have achieved something immediately brings pleasant tiredness. We can look at spotless floor, bright and fresh laundry, planted flower bed, weeded garden, organized and clean room or house, sparklingly shiny windows. It’s good to split wood, dig soil and submerge hands in it. The only problem is to make that happen and start doing, overcome resistance and sometimes simple laziness.

Living in never-ending rush people forget about the energy which everything has, gives or takes. Let’s look at TV, computer, laptop or similar devices. While we believe we have got good energy watching something inspiring, uplifting and calling to activity, the radiation and energetic waves of devices actually deplete energy. The contemporary English version of ancient religious text says: “We are made from earth, and we return to earth.” I do interpret it so that also during our presence on the Earth we can draw all energy we need from the Earth. That is literary making our hands dirty with soil, walking barefoot on the grass and along the garden path, hugging tree which speaks to us and planting seeds in order to enjoy the harvest.

Patch up live, live nice during pandemic

Hug a tree, kiss a flower

The tiredness which comes from working at computer is completely different from tiredness which originates in working outdoors or indoors. More than ever, we need to clean our mind, decrease pollution in our head and let our brain enjoy fresh air. That decreases chance of shifting from upset mood days into severe and clinically treatable depression. Acting on it early, might help a lot, tremendously, in fact. Instead of scrolling through daily data and death reports, instead of spending hours reviewing progress of medical treatments and vaccines (it is a slow process anyway), one has to turn their mind to completely unrelated things.

While we might not be living the best life, we deserve, we cannot start feeling like a victim of circumstances, global or local events, pandemic and virus. Victim’s mind uses destructive energy and suffering since they believe it is inevitable and unavoidable. The reverse chain sets in, and we literally start causing what we would prefer to never happen to us. Whatever path we apply to our current situation, it will help, although, not permanently. That is fine, too.

We do have a choice: to work or refuse to work with all sequences that this decision causes, stay alone or go out, use caution or show off how brave we are, take unnecessary risks or avoid being childish. It is good to be recognized as a hero, and some people will embrace it. Most of us for different reasons will not because we are not willing to pay the price. One choice is not worse than the other. The outcome is different, and we might or might not like it. Choice always stays with us. We can call it whatever we want but it’s in our hands to manage our only life.

Patch up life, live nice during pandemic

This is a path which takes to better times

Stay well, be firm in your decisions and do not follow any doubtful trends which threaten your safety or safety of people around you!

25 thoughts on “Patched up with hope: life during pandemic

  1. Your post is a good analysis of the times, Inese.

    Here is an article sent to me by a friend living on an olive farm in Sicily. She is also an avid gardener. Soil microbes encountered while gardening play a large role in our mental health.

    Here is a quote from he article: “Did you know that there’s a natural antidepressant in soil? It’s true. Mycobacterium vaccae is the substance under study and has indeed been found to mirror the effect on neurons that drugs like Prozac provide. The bacterium is found in soil and may stimulate serotonin production, which makes you relaxed and happier. Studies were conducted on cancer patients and they reported a better quality of life and less stress.”

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    1. Thanks Lavinia!
      I did know that, however, I couldn’t prove it by chemical and biological testing. I can confirm that after almost 60 years digging and working the soil. As you may know, I’ve done a lot of medical research and analysis of health data, and this type of living has been always important factor in maintaining physical and mental health.
      I think, you just ask any gardeneer or any person, who does a lot of gardening, and will all tell how much better they feel after spending some time with the soil.
      I love painting flowers and plants, and they are endless inspiration.
      I know that you are also very much in gardening and farming, so, there you go. Look no further for better life.

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  2. Good advice here. I find it hard to know where people are at, on earth and on the internet, which can be quite an illusion. More than ever now, it’s filled with fervent believers of every kind. I tend to oscillate in mood; as you say we have a choice, although we may not recognize it from the darkness, and the simple truth of existence reiterated by the natural world is a wonderful thing.

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    1. Thanks Steve!
      I hope it’s not too much like teaching somebody since I’m trying not to teach anybody, but rather slightly push towards their own conclusions.
      I would say changing moods is normal behavior when we do not have a clear understanding of what’s coming towards us in the future. People tend to avoid uncertainty whenever possible, and this time, we just cannot be sure about anything.
      I also think we will have to stick with this uncertainty and potential danger, threats and misleading information, as well as lost hope and sometimes friends or relatives for a long time. We need to reinforce our internal resources. It is easy to win a quick fight, but we never know what it will take to come out alive of a long battle.
      I appreciate your comment.
      Stay well if you are and safe also!

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      1. Meanwhile, America is really not in a good shape. It’s kind of understandable that people want to take out all their anger and frustration. On the other hand, we shouldn’t make unpleasant situation even worse.
        I’m just detaching myself from everything for a moment. Summer is so short in Ontario. It would be sinful to spend it indoors.
        I hope you are fine, thanks for response.

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    1. I think so, too. Having an easy accessible green space is definitely a privilege. It’s hard to imagine how difficult it is to be tied up in a small apartment. Here in Canada, high-rise apartments are also very expensive. Everything about that is really causing troubles right now: elevators, stairs, public transportation. We are getting more bicycle lines and some areas in the city are closed up for Saturday and Sunday to give more space people, who would like to walk or do some jogging.


  3. You have explained really well what we all are going through in these times. Hope you and your loved ones are doing fine ❤
    I have written an article over what this lockdown has taught us ! Do read and drop your views on other blogs as well. Thank you 🙂

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  4. theburningheart

    One of the reason for many ailments is the change to a sedentary life, in the past before modernity, most people had to work very hard physically, and now we have to replace that by doing cardio work outs, but many people just become couch potatoes, and a reason for all kind of problems, from overeating, eating all sort of junk, drinking, smoking, and all sort of bad habits, not to say lot of people living on crowded cities, far from nature, with not even a garden at home, at least I have most of my life living in small, utilitarian apartments, without even a garden, on some if one, is managed by the company who owns the building.

    Yesterday by chance I was showing my son pictures how I grew up, in a very different sort of environment, old big houses, with big yards full of trees, and flowers, in some even with aviary, and fairly big chicken coops, were daily chores were good enough to keep you fit.

    I just sigh thinking about it…

    Great post Inese, best regards. 🙂

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    1. That is absolutely true. Useful activity is replaced by mostly sitting. We have gained a lot by implementing technologies, but we are losing probably more.
      Just look at the numbers of people who report having mental illness or depression.
      The worst part is that people get sick very early in life.
      I know what you mean with old houses and huge backyards and gardens around them.
      It is really a refuge right now for me. I kind of feel lazy and could stay out there much longer, but I managed to write a new post for this blog, I will publish it as soon as I find some picture in my photo folders which are really many.
      Have a great week!


  5. I agree with you, Inese! Nature is a great way to reconnect with oneself and feel energized. For me, being creative, exploring, learning, working in my jewelry studio is another way to reconnect to myself and keep my faith and hope. Wishing you a beautiful day and lots of inspiration for your amazing artworks!

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