Can gardening save your life?

I know people who have survived thanks to gardening.

So, are you the lucky one with a garden?

That could pretty much be an answer to many of your health problems and even save your life, because doing gardening will make your life so much more enjoyable and even support you financially and save money.

It just said on the news that one-third of the world’s population was obese.

That is the most recent statistics. When we imagine how many places on the Earth cannot provide people who live there with any food or clean water, it becomes very clear that so-called developed countries are the ones mostly suffering from this disaster. It’s no surprise it comes as a combo of all kinds of cancers and dementia, plus diabetes and cardio-vascular fatalities. Diseases are getting younger. We thought stroke was more likely to happen after 40-50, it’s affecting now people 16 years old and even younger.

This happens due to food production which is very distant from the way we were having food even 50-60 years ago. With every year, more newly discovered chemical combinations, supplements, taste enhancers, coloring and thickening agents, preservatives and so on and so forth, have been replacing natural food. Not to mention 90 types of artificial sweeteners which replace sugar.

When we think dairy, do we imagine pure chemicals in the container with a label organic cream? We don’t. Yet, it isn’t even a cream, but some mix of things that make this substance look and to some extent taste like cream. The whipping cream isn’t a cream, and milk that comes from powder or egg mix that doesn’t have real eggs in it: that’s all processed already. Cheese is the most affected because it’s easy to replace real ingredients with chemicals in cheese. Your breakfast flakes: they are already processed, if they were not you’d have raw grains. Natural and good fats such as organic butter have been replaced with chemically created fats for some 80 years. That refers to any margarine, oils of not organic origin and obviously all pastry includes that: bread, bread type of snacks, etc. since it really needs some fat or it goes stale the next day.

So, what difference does the produce you have grown on your own make?

Huge. If you have ever tried freshly picked cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini or peppers from the backyard, you know how much richer the taste is. At some point, it’s impossible to compare garden produce with fruits and vegetables from the grocery store. Greens and herbs such as green onion, dill, parsley, basil, thyme and sage from the grocery store wilt right away and they never feel really fresh because they soak them in water by spraying all the time at the store.

Farmer’s market is a good place, however, sometimes prices are extremely high (at least in Whitby, Ontario) and the produce does not look that great.

By growing our own vegetables and fruits we know what they contain.

I love that I know exactly how my vegetables are grown: what water I use, what soil, etc. Small gardens can be easily weeded manually; there is no need to use chemicals to conquer weeds. It’s also easier to control any pests in case they would appear with simple household supplies.

It makes an incredible difference for me: I just walk outside and choose whatever I feel like having for meal. Being in fresh air and having so much stuff for eyes to enjoy is definitely an added bonus.

Plus, one does not need any gym to stay in a good shape: thankfully garden work involves all kinds of moves, exercises and tasks.

I know that not everybody can live in a house with a decent size backyard. I live here also because we rent this place. Yet, there are millions of people who only have lawns everywhere: in the front and in the back. If we would start with lots of people growing healthy chemical-free vegetables and fruits not only for themselves, but also for a few other people, we might end the cancer, cardio-vascular, diabetes and obesity epidemic. We might just also have better mental abilities because of that; and some garden work is always useful as opposed to scrolling through screens or snoozing in front of TV.

This is how gardening will make you healthy:

You will get lots of exercise without paying fees for gym or designating specific time for it;

You will be rewarded with crops that are clean and contain many times more nutrients;

Naturally occurring minerals, vitamins and other good substances are only found in FRESH garden produce;

You will avoid harsh chemicals by using in your gardening only natural fertilizers and composted plant food;

You will have something to take care of and you’ll never feel lonely;

You will have peace of mind, place to relax and ability to clean the bad energies when being in contact with the soil;

You will save money on organic herbs, fruit and vegetables which we really need, but which are not in a good shape at grocery stores and very expensive;

Kids find gardening attractive because we can monitor the steady development and growing;

Gardening is suitable for any age or condition: we can always find ways to do things easily;

You don’t have to travel far to be surrounded by the nature;

Garden can become the most inspiring thing for writers, artists, designers and other creative folks;

By doing gardening and consuming only fresh and chemical-free produce you will literally help your body and brain fight diseases and manage easier the existing conditions.

So, gardening might save your life, especially if gardening becomes your passion.

Please enjoy the purple blossoming in my garden!

Chives in bloom

Purple iris

Lovely faces of pansies

Easy to grow, always smiley

16 thoughts on “Can gardening save your life?

  1. “At some point, it’s impossible to compare garden produce with fruits and vegetables from the grocery store.” I so agree with that statement! Having eaten tomatoes, carrots, and artichokes straight from the plants they grow on I was amazed at how flavorful they were. It’s given me a whole new perspective on fresh fruits and vegetables. Hopefully ideas for urban gardens (and urban gardens themselves) will be an expanding reality of the future.


    1. Thanks! I so much hope so, too! That is, in fact, the only solution which we have. Going towards very large agricultural production spaces and areas inevitably involves using chemicals, pesticides and other things, like promoting GMO. Only small space allows handling plants manually and, even though, it might be not the most effective way of growing fruits and vegetables, it is the cleanest and safest way. There is definitely no comparison between the taste and flavor of home-grown vegetables and fruits and the readily available ones which come from the grocery store and also farmer’s market because profit is profit. That does not always care about health.

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    1. Thanks Sue! It’s so nice to hear from you!
      Gardening was tough at some point, but I have come up with a solution to prevent damage caused by squirrels and I also figured out why some plants survive bad weather well and some others do not. I will share these observations in some post soon.

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      1. The squirrels-keep-away devices are simple, I have tested them, and they work excellently. They are safe for environment and user, easy to apply, and I would need to look into possibilities to manufacture them. I might be able to get a patent if just knew how.

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      2. I know how great it is. I could just plant anything in Latvia and no worries. Squirrels are everywhere here, they destroyed absolutely everything some years. I couldn’t figure out how to prevent that. I had tried all kinds of things: I fenced all plants in one year to the extent when I couldn’t get to them also. Sprinkled with hot peppers and used dish soap and baking soda, you name it. Nothing worked until I came up with this. Squirrels are number 1 attacker of plants in America. They dig up roots and leave the plant out of soil to die.


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