Importance of accepting errors and moving on

Universe does not call them errors

For universal mind and for that matter, for universe, there is no such a thing as error. It is what you do or don’t do, what you have put in motion, what you desire or do not want and who you meet or never get in touch with, although you should have. Every action and every word cause small ripples in the universal space and, thus, trigger the next events, they could be even impossible to observe, or they could be global. It really does not matter. We usually are how we see ourselves because we act in accordance to that and our thoughts are our own reflection.

The deeply implanted fear of making a mistake

From early childhood on, we are told not to make any mistakes, not to act in a way that would be viewed by others as erroneous. The fear of not making a mistake or causing an error is deeply implanted in our conscious mind. In fact, that is the way we learn. We make a mistake and we do not repeat it the next time. That would be if we consciously try to better ourselves. Many times, we won’t start doing something because of fear getting it done wrong, because we are so scarred of making a mistake even with simple things. However, taking risks cannot be avoided even when they result in an error.

Errors come in wide range

Whether we can accept the past errors and move on or not, will greatly depend on what we define as a mistake or error. Was it a ruined dinner, missed deadline, damaged relationship? We cannot generalize any failures or mistakes because somebody will refer to them as their daily small-task-execution failures and some other person will mean an event that turned their life upside down and caused an avalanche of sequences. Errors range from just a small error, like when writing a text or doing a test to fatal errors with very disastrous sequences.

Leaving past in the past

Regardless the error and mistake, we have to leave what happened in the past. That is tough, but we can manage. Never feeling as a victim helps. Taking responsibility for what one has done helps also. Forgiving oneself for the intentional or unintentional actions, is the absolutely best we can do. You cannot go back and straighten out things from today’s’ perspective; therefore, we deal with sequences and live on.

Regrets lead to depression

This is our only life. Letting some mistakes and failures eat us up from the inside is a terrible thing. Deep regrets are even worse. Some people like talking about their mistakes, and some do not. The counselling usually focuses on talking and doing assessments with help of person’s disclosure and observation. Does it always help? Apparently not because we have numerous people who are dwelling on their past wrongdoings and who get more and more depressed every day.

We should learn, but do we?

We could find ourselves in the same situation again and again if we do not learn from our previous experience.  It is usually suggested that you change your behavior, get rid of bad habits and avoid things that trigger you making the same errors again. Here is how Universe sees it. Everything happens according to you. The sequence of events and people you meet literally depend on you. We get what we wish for, and the events in our life are what create and shape our future.

Keeping worries at bay

Small example: people, who see themselves as victims, sooner or later become victims again. If you are constantly worried about something and definitely do want that to happen, it will. It will happen because you are preoccupied with that. It repeats in different scenarios and runs as a movie on the back of your mind. Not getting sick does not mean taking flu epidemic lightly, for instance. Normal precautions, observing personal hygiene and using decent nutrition and exercising is fine. However, being afraid of flue and obsessed with it all the time will bring it on.

No enemies, but people who teach us

Seeing everybody as enemy will certainly put you in a situation where you meet them face to face. Therefore, we do not identify ourselves with diseases, disasters, troubles and problems. We deal with them, but we do not have to make these unfortunate things the only content of our life. Nobody is their disease or condition, nobody is their damaged past or their errors. That is why it is important to become free: to free our mind and make space for something better. Learning from the past allows us to develop ourselves, refusing to learn causes stagnation.

Universe does not call them errors

The plan of universe for you

Universe wants you to learn and become a better person, friend, parent, employee, boss, manager, teacher, student, kid and so on. However, it is always as you wish. It will always be actually on your terms whatever they are. Bad habits come from wrong assumptions and decisions. We are most often aware of what is bad and what is not, but we just refuse to take responsibility, see the true situation for what it is.

Stepping on the same rake

Stepping on the same rake again and again is a very common thing. It happens as long as we won’t change not our behavior and reactions, but the way we see the world around us and our place in it. That means changing our thinking at all levels, down to the most hidden thoughts we might have. It is also very common that people would do anything not to face truth and the true circumstances. We shouldn’t say we are fine when we are absolutely not. Our subconscious mind remembers more than we are aware of, therefore, we can prevent future mistakes if we listen to our physical body, to our conscious emotions and to the gut feeling. However, the most important thing is to take everything as a learning experience, pay attention and move on to a better outcome.

26 thoughts on “Importance of accepting errors and moving on

  1. theburningheart

    The purpose of life its to learn, and as you say we fail at almost every step of life’s way, but from it we gain wisdom, there is more quotes on gaining profit through failure, as we gain wisdom, and correct our mistakes, and therefore becoming a better person.

    Great advice Inese. 🙂

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    1. I am simply seeing at every class how somebody is scared of literally nothing. It’s hard to explain why somebody just jumps on a new adventure and others cannot ever get ready to start something. I also hear that all the time and at every class: I do not want to make mistakes. The question is: you will make mistakes because like you mentioned: going through errors makes us wise.
      It is also very hard to help such person. Fear of errors keeps a tight grip on their mind and many give up rather than face some not-that perfect outcome. I am talking about matters which are not even crucial or high risk, or something. The biggest disaster would be damaged paper or starting over on cleaned up canvas. I think this comes from family and childhood, and these habits seem to be quite unbreakable.

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  2. theburningheart

    Well, the fear its ignorance since ancient times our forefathers knew it, the ancient Latins coined the common phrase: Errare humanum est…

    But I guess each particular individual in all ages has to discover that by himself.

    Greetings Inese. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. It is very human and that is a very human attitude, as well. I just wish people would distinguish between a fatal error and a normal, common mistake. I know it’s hard to imagine if you haven’t seen how paralyzed somebody can be before drawing a line. It’s hilarious, but it happens a lot, more often than we would expect, at least I did not think about this before I started giving classes in Canada.
      It’s also perfectionism in a wrong place. When somebody tells me: I am a perfectionist, they don’t mean to work and learn harder to achieve perfect outcome; they often mean to get everything perfect right away which simply cannot happen with new things. It is kind of wide-spread wrong assumption, and I don’t think I am getting any results in fixing such attitude.

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      1. theburningheart

        Yes, Inese, I am teacher too, and can tell you so many anecdotes about it, you can laugh your head off.
        Being a teacher require lot of patience, I am afraid.

        Blessings . 🙂

        Liked by 2 people

      1. theburningheart

        Thank you Inese, I really don’t celebrate anything, or do anything special, but thank you for the best wishes. 🙂


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