There is no good way to move easy, and bye-bye Whitby!

The only good way is if you have enough courage, money and opportunity to trust the packing and moving somebody else. I am such a person who cannot trust sorting out my art and belongings to another somebody and especially to pack it.

We did that before: only one time the moving was acceptable, but all other times it was a disaster. I could find nothing for many months; the packing was done without any common sense and logical approach. It was simply bad, and it cost a lot.

I decided to pack everything mostly by myself, and so I did. It took me 3 weeks so far, and, unfortunately I am not completely done.

The limiting issue is pain, and when it gets too bad, I have to stop. I have to also stop every time when blood glucose gets low, and it takes a while to be back on track again.

I have been doing this quite slowly and meticulously, however, when I pack things, there is absolutely no problem finding and locating anything.

Well, the move is tomorrow, I am really tired of seeing boxes all over, as well as mess. That is mentally painful!

I will be very much relieved once we are finally out of here. We will have helpers tomorrow, and I am a bit worried about the weather, but it is what it is.

moving house

I have not disappeared from WordPress, I was just totally tied up with packing endless things, paintings are close 1500, all prepared canvasses, papers, drawings, sketches, templates and so on make another pile, not to mention all paints, extremely many brushes, pencils and pastels. I have abnormal amounts of clothes because I am also a fashion designer and I have been sewing since age of 12. Therefore, I have lots of fabrics, lots of books, lots of shoes, many purses, lots of smaller things and my husband has music room with numerous speakers, instruments and other musical and recording stuff.

It could not be easy, and it is not.

moving house

I was not happy in Whitby, Ontario. I arrived with huge hopes and great expectations, and nothing came true. It is a snobbish and ignorant place. Most people who walk or drive by every single day have never been here, not even once within 8 years. They most likely though what possibly could such a gallery offer? I had so many free events, but not much interest from the local community. Well, my immobility might be to blame, too, but that does not justify the cold and ignorance. I don’t really care now; I know that I will be better off in some more human and more engaging neighbourhood. I believe South Ajax will be fine. It is a great location, and I will have a garden.


I am taking off to Latvia next week, so, I most likely won’t be blogging much until I am back in Canada, in the middle of September.

moving studio

However, in the light of so much stress and work still ahead, I would love to wish everybody good time until the fall sets in and drop me a line!

18 thoughts on “There is no good way to move easy, and bye-bye Whitby!

    1. Thanks! I’m not returning to Latvia! I’m moving to another town in Ontario and going on a trip to visit my family in Latvia since my mom is 88 this year and she really wants to see me. Moving was unexpected because the landlord got a terminal illness. I used to be and have my art studio and gallery in Whitby, and I will have my studio in Ajax, Ontario now. it is very difficult because after moving I have to quickly pack for my trip. Thanks for the good wishes!

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  1. theburningheart

    Well, at least you are in the move, I still do not find a suitable place yet…

    Hope everything goes alright for you Inese, best wishes on your move and future trip. 🙂


    1. No worries, I have not been able to do anything recently. Move was the worst ever. I left that pile of mess and rushed to the airport. The trip was fine until Warsaw. Warsaw to Riga had 7 hour delay and they managed to lose my luggage. Well, I am better now, I think I have recovered from the jet lag, just very tired. Ajax has a very beautiful garden, but everything else is a mess, I do not really know since I immediately had to leave for Europe because the trip was booked first and then I received the notification about the move. I also had a surgery in the middle of all of this. I’ll be fine eventually, it will just take huge efforts this time. Thanks for stopping by! I will follow up on your blog, too, just not right away.

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      1. Oh that has been quite an eventful time for you. I have a feeling that you will be happy in Ajax. And why wouldn’t you? 🙂 The garden sounds promising, and the mess is only a matter of sorting it out 🙂 Best of luck, we will keep in touch.

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    1. Thanks, Cynthia! I know that change is challenging, but it might improve our life. It is a bit difficult to start over and over at 60 now, but I am managing it more or less. I have moved in total for more than 20 times, with the biggest move in 2004 when I arrived in Canada with 1 suitcase. I like everything in South Ajax so far, the only uncertainty is I do not know how long we will be staying at this place. The studio is almost done, but I have lots of unpacked things yet. I will see how it goes.

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