The soothing Sunday thoughts: absolute calm

The sun is quite low

No wind swirls a leaf

Clouds have flown away and taken

Storms somewhere else

Thoughtfulness in each stem of the grass

Everything is at rest

Including my usually racing thoughts

Rabbit in the evening sun

Lazy and satisfied with the green grass meal

Chipmunk runs along the fence

And disappears in the soft shadows

Squirrel sneaks up on my plants

Bird on the fence, staring onto the sky

Sparrows chatting about a piece of bread

And otherwise it is silence

Too deep to realize

This is also a life

Life at rest

Such absolute undisturbed calm

Soft purple

Dreamy pink andThe happy rabbit

To illustrate the absolute calm, I took a few pictures. Rabbit was the most patient model, and obviously plants were not moving. I later deleted rabbit because of space pressure on WordPress. Chipmunk disappeared before I got my camera, squirrels usually run somewhere and the bird took off.

10 thoughts on “The soothing Sunday thoughts: absolute calm

    1. Thanks Sue!
      It was incredible and exactly as I am describing. Basically, the rabbit was the most inspiration. It looked so absurdly satisfied with everything. It doesn’t run away, I have almost stepped on it couple of times. Chipmunk is very speedy, it disappears in a blink of an eye, and I have very many birds, like all kinds of them. Yes, it was a wonderful weather, and it feels it will be gorgeous today.

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      1. And time if the weather is not cooperating. I was thinking about quick pickles. That is something I never skip or miss as soon as I have small cucumbers. They are ready the next day. Taste is fantastic. This is Latvian style recipe. Adorable!


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