Lilac, poem, and giving my blog a new direction



Lilac blossoms blending with twilight:

Purple passionate scent of eternal,

Feeling of everything fading away.


Being beautiful without a purpose.


Lilac scent melts in the night air,

Twilight calm will fall down very soon

To end this moment with a period mark.


The day is so tired, too, time to rest.


The night sky uses blush, a lot of it

And the purple scent becomes a shadow.

It is always twilight in some places.


It is so complete with the lilac scent.


Morning finds birds sipping the morning dew

From tiny cups filled with sunlight pearls.

I paste this moment in my good memories folder.


Scents will evaporate, just like us.


My personal recovery experience

People, who read my posts, know that my health issues have been resolved completely thanks to my new skills and change of dominance in my mind..

I have learned a lot from my past experiences, and I intend to move on very healthy, with good reasons, not allowing anything to offend or disrupt my intentions.

I am doing much better because I rely on myself and I have learned that by becoming a much better person I am helping not only myself, but also people around me.

I will explore a wide variety of topics that relate to staying young, fit, healthy, stress-free, active and satisfied with my new life.

I am 60 this summer. Apart from the bad accident in 1992 and chronic pain because of that, I have been very fine so far. I took the previous experience as an important lesson. I realize that something in my behaviour, thoughts and intentions was causing it. I will use my experience as a stepping stone in order to bring more light in this life.

I have learned that being kind, nice and good to others and oneself is the most  important thing in our life as we attract the same attitude, the same type of people and the same type of response.

I pay special attention to these 5 most important aspects:

  • healthy weight and ability to be active and pain-free;
  • effective metabolism and well-performing digestive system;
  • daily and hourly stress relief and efficient coping mechanism;
  • natural, simple and rich nutrition that takes minimum time;
  • excellent memory and powerful cognitive function.

How nature is always our best advisor and supporter

Whenever something goes wrong, the easiest way to fix this problem is turning to the nature.

I have written already about that and I will be writing even more.

Gardening is a huge part of it. People sometimes say, they do not have enough space, yet, all the backyard and front yard consists only of grass and a few flower pots. Every vegetable and herb one grows in their own garden is about 100 times better than we can buy at a grocery store. Even with organic produce, we get vegetables, fruit and herbs which have been sitting on a shelf for a while. You will always know what your vegetable is consuming if you grow it. Tiny and small gardening does not require any weed killers and pesticides. We can live extremely well using just some natural things to get rid of bugs. However, they rarely happen in a small garden because you can prevent bad things from happening quite easily.

Nature is always on standby for our mental comfort and stress relief

No gym can ever compare to gardening and walking in fresh air. Many people take exercising way too far and cause premature wear and tear of their joints, tendons, muscles and ligaments. Our heart is also a very specific muscle that takes loads with its own attitude.

Upset mood and over-excited brain can be always fixed with breathing in fresh air and simply walking amidst the beautiful natural surroundings. Your brain loves bird songs instead of loud music; your thoughts get organized and are easy to sort out when the brain has enough oxygen.

How we look and how we dress

Aging does not mean one gives up the good looks they had when they were younger. Daily facial and body routine is a must. I am naturally blonde, so I have been using make-up from its early days, for about 45 years now. I do use some make-up even if I am alone at home. I do that to keep myself satisfied with the way I look.

Make-up helps to prevent skin diseases nowadays. There are wide choices and huge selection out there.

I learned sewing when I was 12. I did so because I always wanted to wear clothes that suit me, fit me and make me stand out. There have been periods when I have been sewing a new outfit every day, and there have been times when I have sewn something just a few times a year.

I am returning to more sewing and dressmaking again because the things one can buy at a store do not satisfy my demands and they are generally very low quality. It is also much more practical. We can recycle everything, but fast and cheap fashion is one of the biggest polluters on the Earth.

Artistic living for brain health and pleasurable life

If you read and follow my art website, you know that I have been a passionate art instructor for about 40 years, and I am as passionate about my own creativity. I started drawing at a very young age, and gradually added to that watercolor, acrylic and pastels. I became sensitive to oils, so, I had to forget about painting with oils. Drawing is a part of my excellent memory maintenance process. Having very well-performing visual memory definitely makes life easier. It always has: studying was easy, learning was easy and starting any new thing was easy.

Art, writing, journaling, outdoor drawing and painting: that is a daily feast for our soul. One can always find a suitable artistic way of self-expression. Art gives one the time for self-care. We forget about any problems while drawing and painting. We immerse ourselves into eternal and limitless.

Lilac, how to stay young

My Angel’s Day was a few days ago. The Angel my mom gave me is always watching over me.

Apple blossoms, how to stay young

The short spring brought us intense blossoming, the beauty was almost touchable.

How to stay young, nature, blossoming apple trees

I will definitely miss this old apple tree after we move to another place, it always greets spring with clouds of wonderful blossoms.

These are the themes I will be mainly focusing on.  Please follow me on Facebook

I will start a new artistic community page soon. This page will be primarily devoted to keeping our brain young and flexible with daily artistic challenges.

Please also check out my art website:  It offers my own art and also numerous articles about how to start and keep drawing and painting.

I will miss the old lilac tree, as well, it has been my inspiration numerous times!

Lilac, poem, giving blog new direction

My plans are huge. I hope  everything goes according to plan, especially because we have to move soon to another place and that involves reorganizing life to be happy with the new beginning.

25 thoughts on “Lilac, poem, and giving my blog a new direction

    1. Thank you! I do take a good care of myself.
      Every time I go through a recovery, I learn something new about medications, interactions and wound healing boosting herbal and medical remedies. When I was leaving the operating room, the surgeon told: Inese, you know what to do. Well, I do, but it is good to have a second opinion sometimes. Yet, I am trying to figure it all out.
      People who work in labs and develop new medications have a huge advantage.
      I go through trial and error every time when applying something new.
      I believe this time I can recover completely.

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      1. Thanks! I have been through a lot, this was 11th surgery in total. It is getting better, however, I will always have to deal with pain. It might be not that severe, but that’s what happens when one has all bones broken and put back together. My daughter once asked: is there any day when you have no pain at all? The answer is: no, there hasn’t been one single day since 1992 when I got into the accident. It is quite a miracle how I survived, therefore, I must try to make out something good of my life. I’m doing just that, although, it can be very difficult. I have spent years on crutches, learning to walk, etc. I managed to even dance up to 2013 when this all restarted. Well, I hope, it will be improving, yet, nobody knows how exactly this condition is going to progress or not. It is very rare, and most doctors never have dealt with that. There is practically no experience with such issues, so, every treatment or attempt to treat is like a trial or exploration.

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    1. That is true. However, mechanical damage is simply damage. You cannot make in many parts broken bone act like a new one, unless it’s replaced. I have too many affected spots, it is unrealistic to replace them all. Three-dimensional printing actually looks hopeful. They already print in Europe missing tissue, skin, bone parts, and it is all compliant with patient’s DNA. It is very expensive at this point, not affordable for everybody, but as time passes by there might appear less expensive options. There is hope for lots of bionic parts for people who have type I diabetes, kidney failure or some other glandular or hormonal problems. Just waiting it to become a daily reality for more patients. With genetic editing everything can be fixed. It is just so that this still needs to be widely available for everybody, not only a few people.


  1. theburningheart

    Hope you are fine, and recovering well, you touched many issues like healthcare, nutrition, planting a garden, sewing your own clothes, your passion for art, and your moving, same issues I am well aware, except for sewing, never did.
    Remember my Grandmothers as a child and how we helped them in their not so small gardens, however can attest witnessing my ex. planting many vegetables in a wooden box no larger than a single bed, wishing you success in your recovery, moving, and multiple occupations, just last night listen a conference about how important is to keep yourself young by being active, and passionate about what you do.

    Best wishes Inese! 🙂

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    1. Thanks! Recovery usually takes some time. I am ok with that, nothing new, Like I said, it was 11th surgery. The first one in 1992 was more than 8 hours, yes, that was bad. I was in coma after that. I went every two weeks to a surgery for a while. They put me back together and fixed to the extent that I was able to start learning walking. Going to work on crutches was painful, that was in Latvia, no wheelchairs. Walking up to the fifth floor on crutches was a crazy thing to do, and I had falls sometimes, there was no elevator.
      Can you believe that to that accident I was only once at hospital: when I gave birth to my daughter? This recovery is a piece of cake compared to how hard it was. Thanks for wishing me well!
      People age differently. Big part of that is genetics, and big part is how we manage our life and what and how we do.
      My mom still does not have grey hair at 87. She still works in the garden, loves sewing, does all home chores. Dad was in Syberia and that caused him terrible damage. However, he was the strongest man I have ever seen, both physically and mentally. He could outwork any younger person still at age of 75. Then I went to Canada, and he passed away.
      I come from a background where work was something one could not say: I don’t want to do it. Even as a young kid, I was responsible for washing floors at one side of house, sister did the other. Parents worked, we did not have kindergartens or nursery schools. I was watching my sister since I was 5. So, we grew up working a lot. I could never justify laziness with: I have to study for school and not help with wood, garden (it was huge, like in hectares) , house or cooking. That’s why I am a very good cook: I cook since age of 10. Everybody does that in Latvia, well, they did up to this century.
      I am perfectionist in many areas: I need organized space, extra clean; or I cannot work. I do first cleaning and then everything else.
      Work ethics is at much higher level in places like Latvia. We work, we are used to work and to move.
      Basically, I mean, judging by genetics I will look young even in old age, just like my mom does. People joke that she has added some 15 years. That is good. I do not know anybody with mental diseases in the close or distant family. Nobody so far has had bad health issues, just the regular stuff.
      I hope to live for quite a while yet, my palm said: 94, let us see if this comes true. If I want to walk at older age with my numerous fractures, I cannot rest or sit all day. I cry, but I walk, in order to keep joints flexible. I will get there, I mean back to normal. Other than that: my weight never changed after 21. I can wear all the same clothes after 40 years. Do I want to? Some. I was very aware of how a woman must look. I decided how I want to look when I was 12. So I do.
      I mean, I compare life styles here in Canada and back there in Latvia. Over there in Latvia wins. In many regards. I have done a lot of medical research, so I can also compare many health aspects. Over there in Latvia wins again.
      The aspects I listed are the most important ones. That is why I would love people to stop taking synthetic supplements, artificial vitamins and eat also fat foods, natural foods, straight from the garden foods.
      It came out so long! That is because I haven’t spoken to anybody except my husband and nurse for some 3 weeks. People do not drop in just to see what is going on in the gallery that will be closed soon. what a pity! Therefore, I talk to people like you over the internet.
      Thanks for commenting, thanks for stopping by!

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      1. theburningheart

        Quite a story, of your life, it shows you have a resilient , and fighting Spirit, I am sure you will recover well, and you will face any challenge life may throw in your way, I am thankful you open yourself to me in this way, over here people rarely do that, I attribute that to the fact they do not feel good about themselves, and therefore they are not proud of who they are and what they have accomplish, in my view showing our scars it’s nothing to be shameful, we all face different challenges in life, that we need to overcome.
        They say having a life’s long line in your palm it’s a good indication of how many years you would live, I hope you reach 94 dear Inese. 🙂
        And continue your work, and passions without fear, or doubts, we come to this life to show our mettle, and find out who we truly are.

        Wishing you well, and blessings. 🙂

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      2. Thanks! I think you really understood it. I have inherited a fighting spirit, sometimes it is too strong.
        In fact, there are lots of blogs describing only how somebody deals with their illnesses and health problems. I always thought it was a bit much because, in my case, no health problem is what identifies me.
        That’s exactly it: how we do overcome any challenges.
        One must love him or herself. I do. I think if one does not love themselves, nobody else wants to love them. I take it like this: one life, so, yes, be proud of it whatever way it goes.
        We have always choices. I have made some wrong choices along the way, too, just like most of us.
        Your comment is very much encouraging.
        I know also where the strength comes from: there were so many times when I had absolutely nobody else to ask something or to rely on. Therefore, first and utmost, I always rely on myself. That way I have nobody to blame, nothing to regret.
        Quite honestly, when I hear: you cannot do this or that on your own, you need help, I feel it is wrong. Every person is born to be able to do everything on their own. I think, if somebody else was able to do that, why wouldn’t I?
        We are having less strong people nowadays, and maybe you are right, maybe they do not feel good about themselves.
        The value of a person is in what they do and what they have done, not in what they say or what they think or believe they should be.
        Thanks a lot! I am feeling better this morning, I hope this feeling continues!

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      3. theburningheart

        I guess those of us who have gone alone through loss, pain, and tribulation and had to dig themselves out of a hole, can appreciate your words, it always remind me of the big crisis I had to face at middle age, and how it brings to mind Dante’s opening lines from it’s Inferno:

        “Midway upon the journey of our life
        I found myself within a forest dark,
        For the straightforward pathway had been lost.
        Ah me! how hard a thing it is to say
        What was this forest savage, rough, and stern,
        Which in the very thought renews the fear.
        So bitter is it, death is little more;
        But of the good to treat, which there I found,
        Speak will I of the other things I saw there.”

        I learnt that tribulation, and despair, are necessary things to forge our character, and find out again our course in life, now with the knowledge, and wisdom, we acquired by the things we went through.
        Of course some people may disagree, specially now days lots of people believe in fairy tales, as that misfortune, and loss, will never touch them, to which I reply: Wait and see.
        Best regards to you Inese. 🙂

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      4. Thanks! So wise, so deep, so true! I absolutely agree that if we have gone through disasters we have become stronger, with more perseverance and we can be sure sure that it is not that easy to kick us around or convince about something that is not true. It is so that all the fairy tales are promoted, and I believe they drive some people in depression. When I read how somebody 16 years old tries to teach us what life is and what way we should live it, that literally makes me laugh. I am not saying we have to get old to understand this life and the world, I am saying exactly what you told: wait and see for yourself and you shouldn’t praise the day before the night or as Latvians say: don’t say hop until you have jumped over the ditch. There is no one correct single way to live. One size never fits all. I know how it feels when we are young: all roads are open and waiting for us, everybody owes us respect and love and the world actually exists only to admire, love and praise us. The reality is not like that. It is amazing how always when I planned things absolutely nothing came out as planned. I do allow way more space for accidental flaws or unexpected luck to come my way, and I know that the regulations we impose do not really work. They do not. They work in favor of one or another, but never for all.
        Where did Dante get all his knowledge? Even translation is very good. I never studied Italian, but I had to study Latin, I was quite good at it. It still helps because it is very easy to learn a new language knowing Latin, not to mention recreating medical terms.. We had to mandatory learn Russian since age 6, so, that helps understanding slavic languages.
        You know what: the only thing one never regrets is learning something new, getting more skill and knowledge.
        My pleasure to talk with such a wise person like you!

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      5. theburningheart

        In my experience, when young souls we have all kinds of opinions, and ideas based on very little, life proves to be the best teacher!

        Well Dante had a life full of activity, and suffered war, misfortunes, and defeat at the hand of his enemies, experiencing the loss of property, and exile, and given his high education, and his knowledge of the classics like Virgil, well, he was a remarkable gifted individual, and let’s not forget he claimed to be a disciple of Brunetto Latini, Dante’s guardian after the death of Dante’s father. although some scholars now day undervalue their relationship, in canto XV of the Inferno he thanks Brunetto for his teaching, and bows his head to him.

        Thank you Inese for your kindness, and nice thoughts about me, I may not deserve it. 🙂

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      6. Amazing! I do not know Dante very well, but you seem to have explored him deeply. There is absolutely no doubt about his huge mind power and very respectable wisdom. It seems he has had a good teacher, because teaching is to open the door, not to teach to stick the well-known.
        I experienced this myself when I assumed that after reading through libraries and going through University like a wind because I had developed an extremely good visual memory ( I attribute this to drawing), I know absolutely everything.
        I believed I knew a lot more than parents did. I did not listen to their advice. Therefore, I suffered for 19 years a terrible life which I did not feel like exiting because I was the perfectionist who also believed that we can change any person, that we can make any person better without losing our own decency and dignity.
        I can say clearly: listen to your parents, listen to your teachers, listen to old and wise people because they have the experience and life skill that no book can teach, regardless of how smart it is.
        I still want to post an article about the psychological aspects of imaginative knowledge we assume we have. Or we believe we have and that makes us superior to anybody else. What a mistake that is! I will do it sometimes, it requires illustrations, they are not done yet.

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      7. theburningheart

        Life it’s a long lesson, and we all have to live through, before graduation.

        In my blog many of my posts I talk about the creative Imagination, a precise World that exist in our archetypes, and live within ourselves as a subjective way to find ourselves, as a precise order of reality corresponding to a particular mode of perception, this is the imaginable World we create within us that enable us to access this Spiritual topography as a place of Theophanies, and Revelations, not less real, because they are subjective. but nevertheless they provide a rich source of Wisdom. 🙂

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      8. We do need so much more of the rich and ancient wisdom! I find that regardless of insane opportunities to learn every minute, the society is getting less educated. That is a phenomenon that I cannot explain. Superficiality, ignorance, drive for only entertainment, not discoveries, pretending, being two-faced, hiding behind the screens and attacking any fresh ideas that do not match the narrow-minded perception; oh well, I suppose there are two ways: try to fight or ignore this completely and do what you are saying: study ancient wisdom, immerse oneself in creativity and create your own space, your own world. I think I am doing just that. I have to admit I am defeated. Money wins, dumbness wins, those who scream louder, win, not those who are better. Everything is evaluated by what it seems and what it is presented as, but not what it is in reality, hence, lies, corruption, faking, cheating, etc.


  2. Such a beautifully penned post… and so much wisdom… I completely agree with you as to the healing power of Nature. ❤ … And Art… Two ways to reconnect with ourselves and others…. and to trascend… Much love & best wishes, dear Inese.

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