I declare war to trends

Trends limit my choices

Trends are making me sick. Trends are everywhere and they want to manage each step of us.

After I moved my art blog to a self-hosted website, I got into a three months long night mare. I could not find a theme which more or less suits what I want. I worked hard and paid money for some themes which (how silly from me!) I believed are what the advertising page says.

It’s all beautiful until you start to edit the elements and try to adjust them to your taste.

I basically run into 2 major problems because of the stupid trends: you can get something like one-page-minimalist grey theme, extremely basic theme (I even paid for one!) which will never work for my art or you have a choice of expensive, totally supercharged, overloaded with hundreds of effects themes. That is because of trends. Every site mentions that: very trendy, very creative, very artistic. I didn’t see any of that.

2 themes practically crashed my art site. So, I worked as a slave and returned to the basic twenty seventeen which was there as a base anyway. Just widened the content area with additional css slightly. Does it suit my requirements, taste or standards? Absolutely not. I tried adding more css, and basically there was a moments when I lost all text in all my blog posts.

I didn’t mind paying for a theme, but I mind that they are never what it says, shows in the demo, and these themes were actually never what I PREFER. They are just TRENDY. TREND is a big things nowadays.

I go the store and look for pants. Just something comfortable to wear while teaching classes. I could sew them, I am a very good fashion designer and I can craft anything. Why didn’t I just do that? I was feeling not well for the last 3 years, and that is actually an understatement. I was off for 3 years. So, I’m going easy with everything at the moment. Guess what? I go to one store: there are only trends. Something which I don’t like, don’t want and am not willing to associate with “comfortable and decently looking”. There are only trends which somebody thought will suit all trillions of people on the Earth. There are lots and lots of stuff, but absolutely nothing for ME.

I am different. My art is different.

My background is different.

My taste is different.

My DNA is unique, and so I am.

So, why am I endlessly facing the pressure of TREND? It isn’t logical. Is it? The answer is very simple: the global market has to point out trends in order all sheep-like people would religiously follow the recommended whatever which is called TREND. It is way easier to make everything trendy color, trendy style, trendy content because if the offer would be individualized it would cover tiny market. That would big time decrease the profit. Profit goes closely hand in hand with trend. It seems that 95% of populations believe they have to follow trend.

Who sets the trend?

You are made believe it is some celebrity or somebody one person. Oh well, the global engineer, the global profit-taking, the master-entrepreneur and owner of everything decides that. The 1% who has it all. The owner of the entire available and unimaginable capital which constitutes 1% of population.

Why do we need trends? Trend isn’t style, and even less it is your personal style or taste.

I often hear: I hate this trend, but I still got the dress or outfit, or purse, or furniture, or whatever.

We need to announce trends in order you would throw out your previous year’s accessories and had to the store to get something new.  You need to have trendy color in order you’d start to hate your not-bad-at-all couch. Or car.

Trend is made so big because it enables fooling so many people. One feels so great when they have trendy everything. Or do they? Putting it simple: trend facilitates your spending.

What does the trend mean for me? It means that I cannot get what I want, plain and simple. The stuff I want might be not trending right now. It actually isn’t.

Why do they make it so difficult for me?

For an individual with a personal taste, style, preferences? I feel like I have to do everything on my own: I have to grow and cook my own food, I have to design and make my own outfits, I have to create my own environment, I have to even write my own WordPress theme for which I don’t have time or resources if I want it to be as I like.

TREND is neglecting me as individual or personality.

TREND is dictating me what to like, what to read, what to watch, what to think, what to believe, who to trust, and eventually we get to the point that it is managing things that are available to me.

TREND is actually putting me in a box while trying to make me think that I am oh-so-awesome trendy lady. The fact of the matter is: I never wanted to be trendy. TREND practically excludes a personal style because people who have a personal style do not stick with a trend or change everything when the trend changes. I always had my own head, my personal opinion and my personal attitude. TREND is directly opposite to an independent way of life.

These are the reasons why I have to declare war to trends.

If the global population was less like sheep, the trend would not have gotten so big. Media facilitates the trend. Profit taking is huge with trend. Financial gains for trend-setters are insane. I don’t want to support it. Instead, I want my choices back. I want access to things that are not trendy, or don’t seem to be, but I like them. It prefer them.

The only thing the TREND does not do is: it does not suit me. It does not fit me. I am somebody who has my own brain. I am somebody who has a strong personal style. I am somebody who thinks and lives independently.

26 thoughts on “I declare war to trends

  1. Woohoo. That’s telling it like it is, Inese. Bravo. I have rebelled against trends for most of my life. I refuse to be told what I should wear, eat, listen to, watch, spend my money, and, most importantly, think. It’s all programming. Sorry to hear about your theme woes.


    1. Thanks! Well, I usually do not depend that much on trends, but I recently didn’t have much time for sewing and also felt not well for a long time, so I wanted some new wearable things. I didn’t get any. There wasn’t anything what I would like.
      The bread I liked (dark rye) was discontinued. They told it wasn’t trendy.
      The flavor of one particular thing I am using was discontinued: they said marketers thought it wasn’t trendy. But that was the flavor I loved!!!
      The themes were either overboard or totally flat. The worst is you sometimes do not get refunds if it doesn’t work. I was hit by trends, or actually the fact that I want not-trending things quite hard recently. I don’t know how to end this. The message: now trending once you open your whatever site, the TV trending, trending. So tired of it, and meanwhile, I cannot get anywhere what I want. Ridiculous!


  2. Good point. Unfortunately it is not easy to find many people to fight against the trend. Most of the time people have the tendency to obey what the “popular” dictates. I can see that people are afraid of being the odd man out or different


    1. I know, and I am insanely angry about that. Globalization requires everybody to be the same, and if I have my own style and I want to have not trendy things I have to make, create, grow and produce them myself. Media works really hard to promote trends, so people like me are left with no choice.

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      1. I totally agree with. I blame dominant ideologies and cultures that shapes not only our lives but also our souls. It is a pity but that’s what it is. Sonetimes I feel sorry to see kids eating, wearing, playing, listening the same things.


      2. Exactly! That’s what it ends with: everybody wants the same. It’s globalization of mind. Well, it’s actually not everywhere this way. This feels at its strongest in Americas. European part, especially, countries that are rather newer EU members, is a bit less attracted to all wear the same, all eat the same. I think it’s because people also love to create things more. But, basically, the world is lead by money and in order to make a lot of money creating trends is absolutely necessary.

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      3. So, the question is “why people or societies do not want to see this obvious picture and trend”. Are we not intelligent enough to figure out what is happening to us? Or do we choose the easiest way and comply with what the “capital” ask us to do…. Many questions stands out… When I was a student at university one of our American lecturers asked us what type movies we liked and most answers are about social issues, psyshological games, roots of political problems etc. She was so surprised and said “we Americans watch movie just for fun and action”. I agree that American society has affected by the popular culture and trends if we compare with Europe.


      4. I think it has been affected a lot. The celebrity and admiration cult is also much more noticeable here. If I go to Latvia I get a nice break because I don’t need to hear for a while: everybody is watching, everybody is reading, celebrity this and celebrity that. I think people need to somehow return to the Earth. I like the new way of younger people investing more in experiences than, apparel, for instance. Still, the main trend is so big. Just remember at Christmas how people are storming the door of some store for some doll and if they don’t get it they are ready to pay tenfold the initial amount. It’s like: my kid isn’t worse, if everybody’s kid is having this, my must, too. This ideology to feel equal because having equal look or the same belongings, outfits, gadgets, devices, toys is delusive. One doesn’t become a better, richer or more respected person just having the same material things. I find also that talent and ability should be emphasized more and praised more than: looks so wonderful at 50 or 60 when we all know it’s achieved with surgeries and treatments and has nothing to do with looks. That way. Presenting oneself and being somebody is not the same. Trend is for those who do not have style. Hence, if you have style, you choose for yourself, not because some celebrity likes it.

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    1. I believe one has to resist an opinion that doesn’t match their own values. I don’t care if it’s public. The pressure is there, but the reason trends are accepted and blindly followed is the insane advertising, promotion and celebrity idolization. In fact, it’s not even opinion, it is marketing of products that are made and now need to be sold. Therefore, trend is helpful. I am against any globalization because that leaves less and less space for something personal, individual and unique. We don’t want to end up wearing all the same and eating all the same, but when you look around, it’s already happening. However, it becomes really visible on the internet.

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  3. Hi Inese, good to come across your post today.. 🙂 And I agree with you, I am with you on this too..
    Which is why I tweaked my own theme till its unrecognisable from the original one.. And my own is a free one..

    And I am liking the look of your new theme here.. Wishing you well and hope you are enjoying Summer ❤


    1. Thanks! I had to write about this because that’s what happened: whatever I wanted wasn’t available. About 4 times in a week I had to hear that it’s not trendy and, therefore, it isn’t manufactured or produced, and it made me feel really disappointed and angry. People who have their own taste cannot get anything.

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    1. Thanks Christy! I am really not following the art trends, in fact, I’m trying look at other artists works as little as possible because I don’t want to dilute the style and be influenced. Initially, when I arrived to Canada, I sort of lost my fresh painting style since I used to check out too much what other artists do.
      Unfortunately, real life trends do limit. I wrote about a theme: everything is trendy, and that’s why I couldn’t find and adjust nothing yet, I couldn’t get something new to wear because it’s all trendy, but not what I want, I couldn’t find a purse for trip since once again, it’s just trending stuff, and so on. It includes foods and outfits, and furniture and lots of things which do not always need to be trendy, but suit the purpose. For a very long time, I could not buy any other pants than very tight ones. I hate them, I also think they make most people look bad and way bigger than they are, not to mention I’m 59 tomorrow and I want something not tight, but comfortable. I am slim, but tall, and I cannot find anything for me. So, I have to get back to sewing machine. I decided I will make my own bread, too, because I never can find bread what I love: dark rye. This is endless.
      When I am seeing something like: trending now and then articles that do not relate to me one small bit, I immediately close that site. I am not among those when it says: everybody was watching, everybody is wearing or everybody likes.
      I would love people not to be trendy, but have a lot of brain and style.


    1. Thanks! It’s a very realistic attitude, however, I do not exclude miracles from my daily life. I strictly believe that everything we need: inspiration, healing, health improvement, good looks and great mood can be found within ourselves. Therefore, I cannot accept that trends dictate me continuously what I should do, eat, wear, visit, read and watch. I mean, it’s something (mostly social media, TV, magazines and news) controlling my life while the only one in charge is and should be me.


  4. theburningheart

    I guess trends are for followers, with no imagination of their own, not for free spirits, who are trailblazers, and not interested on imitate trends, based on other people ideas, that become Cliché. 🙂

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    1. Total cliche. It annoys me a lot that I cannot get anything at any store that is not a “hot trend”. Thankfully, I can sew my own clothes, but I am just short of time sometimes.
      It is extra annoying how these only for profit trends seem to be exciting so many people.
      I was watching the Earthship community documentary the other day: that is sustainable. They reuse garbage: old tires, old bottles, jars and similar, literally, to build wonderful self-sufficient homes that do not require anything from the outside. In the desert of New Mexico. That is a trend we should follow. Who wants that to be promoted? Nobody because it makes no profits for any corporation.
      I cannot even understand how dumb all this system is when one keeps buying more and more cheap stuff that is trash and has nothing to do with either fashion or style. When will we realize that our style does not go hand-in hand with hot seasonal color or celebrity makeup?
      How much more of natural disasters we need to get that economy is destroying us?
      We are seeing all big trees cut out and all greens removed to build large boxes that instead of cleaning air and recycling water which trees do for free for us, will cause more pollution and more garbage. We are living in garbage, there is no way to get rid of it. Cheap textiles made of artificial fibers are one the worst pollutants because they do not biodegrade, not in even 1000 years. Burning that stuff causes toxic fumes.
      I don’t know. It does not seem we want to wake up. We just want to be as-per-trend and to make more profits for companies which do not deserve that one small bit.

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      1. theburningheart

        Well, unfortunately the activity of a salesman it’s to convince you that what he is selling you, it’s exactly the thing you are in need of, and that’s what line his pockets, with your money.
        Merchants of dreams had caught too well on that, and now they train their salesmen on unending seminars to update them on new selling techniques, and keeping them sharp, to use on their next victim, our whole economy it’s based in consumerism, and as a matter of fact they speak of us no longer as persons, but as consumers!
        And unfortunately this brainwashing job is the norm now day.
        I guess we need to build a conscience of objection, to these practices, and be aware of the many maladies of it. 🙂

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      2. That is true: clients and consumers. In my opinion, big portion of these products is what one never ever will need. If you look at lots of stuff, you can clearly see that you can live all your life not knowing they exist because there is no actual need, they only have convinced their potential client that if you do not have an outfit in this color this season, you are going to be somewhat worse person, less attractive, old-fashioned, etc., and you are big time missing out on something. In fact, nobody is missing out on anything.
        I believe that positivism and happiness is cultivated so widely with one intention in mind: people who are always seeing things better than they are easy to convince to make bad and doubtful investments or useless and pointless purchases. If one’s evaluation scale is realistic, they will not go for things that are too good to be true. Let’s just say: the insane fraud exists only because there are so many potential “customers” out there who allow to be cheated and scammed.
        North America is number 1 consumer of bad and useless stuff, and internet sales are flourishing here more than internet sales in any other place. Why? Too less education, too much sheep behavior, too less self-awareness and too much following the crowd. Nobody wants to be left outside of the “smart customer circle” who get great deals on useless things, sometimes harmful things (think synthetic supplements of all kinds, synthetic boosters of all kinds and lots of medications, drugs, cosmetic and beauty products, as well as food itself). Greed is much worse in North America than anywhere else because it is the base of the economy. Nobody thinks about that person who is consumer. It is just seeming interestedness in people and it only goes as far as it brings in profits. We are seeing more and more honest businesses closing down because you cannot win being honest. There are no profits coming out of honesty.


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