Wrapping up the shortest day of the year

Wrapping up the shortest day of the year feels good. Knowing that it will be in the past very soon is uplifting. Having more daylight every day means moving towards the spring. This means to me almost like going home. Spring, summer and early fall are the seasons I live and reside in, so yes, every day which brings me closer to the new spring, is a good day and a reason to celebrate and to forget about nasty winds and colds. The weather has been extremely pleasant so far, I cannot even believe Christmas is just some 48 hours away. The sun showed her smiley face today and I think squirrels couldn’t understand what was going on. They were running and jumping and didn’t seem to be concerned about freezing in a near future at all.

Christmas cactus

My Christmas cactus was blooming just a few days ago

I love the rush before Christmas; in fact, I love it before any festivity or celebration. Since Canadian celebrations have to be arranged months ahead and even then nobody shows up, preparing some food and decorating our place is the only celebration I have.

Christmas ornaments

Beautiful decorations and lights

Decorating Christmas tree

The greens of the tree have the most attractive color

We used to invite many people, and biggest half couldn’t make it. I tried to invite those few people, who I could consider at least acquaintances, and everybody was busy and nobody could come. After a while I gave this invitation thing up because I understood, it will never be like it was in Latvia. Somebody calls 2 hours before dinner, fine, he or she is invited, or I call and ask if I can join, and they were happy to see me. If I have the tree put up 2 months ago and all gifts wrapped up a month ago, I have no Christmas spirit. I do it like this: I put on Christmas songs, boil something in 5 pots at once, whip cream, butter breads and cut vegetables for salads while meat is roasting in the oven. I run around with wrapping papers and decorations and makeup my face and do hair between finding something lost first and second floor. This is how I love it. Light up candles, as many as we have, put everything on the table and then I can dance a little bit or sing some Latvian or German Christmas song. Now it’s time to go to the table. We used to always go to the church first, but the only Protestant church which I know about is very far away, therefore I can just watch it on TV and say a prayer by myself. Blessings are very important part of Christmas and we should all have them.

Christmas gift wrapping

The gallery room

Beautiful gift wrapping ideas

Gifts are getting wrapped up

Christmas gift wrapping ideas

Paintings are easy to wrap

Decorating for Christmas

I love wrapping up gifts with colorful ribbons and I would usually add at least some small branch or shiny ornament to make my gift shine. Takes very little time, looks excellent.

Latvian Christmas song

Once you are done with the most urgent things, you could listen to one Latvian Christmas song, 2 brothers are singing it. Brothers Ziemeli. It’s title is “White snow has been falling”. The main idea is: if nobody loves you, you can still love somebody. There is always somebody who is freezing without you. They would be thankful for your warm hands.

It’s winter solstice in the Northern hemisphere. Therefore, we will be moving back to light and longer days very soon. What a great reason to be happy!

16 thoughts on “Wrapping up the shortest day of the year

    1. Inese Poga Art plus Life

      Thanks Wendy! Well, I’m a designer and decorator, too, have been all life long. I’m trying to make my pictures more like ready to publish, but my lights are not always ok, or it takes too long to make a set-up. Your pictures are always top-quality, so that’s flattering to receive such a comment. Sending Christmas hugs and blessings to you also!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Inese, I’m not surprised to hear you’re a designer and decorator. Although I’m not as enthusiastic about decorating our home as I used to be, I still love looking at home and garden magazines. Merry Christmas. xo


      2. Inese Poga Art plus Life

        Thanks Wendy! I actually don’t decorate my home also. I just do such nice set-ups and photograph them. It also depends on home, if you do something, all rooms should be somewhat matching. I don’t get to it with everything else. However, I did some small bit decorating for tonight. We took a few pictures with phone, but they are too distant. I appreciate and value all people who have the sense of beauty and who notice this beauty in nature’s and human creations. That’s what makes it worth doing. If I’ll be in mood tomorrow, I’ll probably post something. There’s still new year ahead. Merry Christmas Wendy! I hope we still chat before the new 2016 sets in.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Such lovely photos! Although I do like winter (when there is snow, which we haven’t had much of because the weather has been unseasonably warm!), and Christmas is my favorite time of year, I dislike that the evenings start so early. It’s depressing somehow. So I do like it when the days start getting longer again. Oh, and for some reason, your blog disappeared from my reader, so I had to follow you again…I’m not sure what happened. But I definitely wouldn’t want to miss any of your entries!


    1. Inese Poga Art plus Life

      Thanks! I find it depressing and energy-draining, too, when the day is just 7 hours long. Who knows why my second blog disappeared from your reader and thank you for re-following! I hope to post more useful stuff as I’m getting better with every day, and just like you’re saying, it’s great that days will become longer again.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Inese Poga Art plus Life

        Well, we had plus 15 today. I sort of like it, it’s better than freezing, but I don’t have any Christmas spirit this year. Probably because I was feeling not well for so long, cannot get back to normal. Merry Christmas!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I’m so sorry to hear about your health and that it affected your Christmas spirit. My daughter and I had that problem last year…and the year before actually. The issues going on in our lives emotionally drained us and really put a damper on Christmas. But this year we were back on track and able to truly enjoy the season. I hope next year sees you able to properly enjoy the season as well. Hoping the New Year brings you peace and health and happiness.


      3. Inese Poga Art plus Life

        Thanks so much for your nice wishes! I certainly hope so, too. Well, this is an ongoing thing which started in 1992, and my recovery has never been complete, since I suppose it’s not even possible. I can live with smaller pain and I’m so used to it I won’t notice, but when I get more serious symptoms of worsening, I just have to re-group and pick up everything where I left it. New cures become available all the time, it’s just so that with Canadian health care system, one is very unlikely to get one soon.
        I wish you and your family also everything the best in the New Year, may your dreams come true, and may you enjoy good health, lots of love and happiness!


    1. Inese Poga Art plus Life

      Thanks Carmen! Most Latvians sing, so we are tiny nation, but with very many songs and singers.
      I wish you also good health, lots of love and joy and fulfillment of your dreams in 2016!

      Liked by 1 person

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